Wrongful Death Suits Attorneys Houston


Death caused due to the negligence of the other party falls under the wrongful death lawsuit category.

The second party is held responsible in this case if they fail to provide a reasonable attempt and care to prevent the death of the person in question. Based on the Texas law on this matter, the beneficiaries of the deceased person have the right to file a lawsuit against this second party/culprit to seek justice and compensation.

We at Maida Law Firm, for a long time now, have been helping those who have lost a loved one due to recklessness or negligence of another.


    According to Texas law, it is allowed to file a claim only if the death was caused by any one of the following types and causes:

    • Motor vehicle crashes.
    • Motorcycle accidents.
    • Death caused by a distracted second party.
    • Death caused by a driver who was under the influence.
    • Death caused by any faulty or defective parts of the vehicle like bad repairing/maintenance service and installation of faulty tires or vehicle parts
    • Commercial vehicle accidents, including 18-wheeler trucks.
    • Death caused by construction accidents (for example: heavy equipment accidents, fall objects and falls).
    • Death caused by an accident that took place in an unsafe workplace, including workplace injury which leads to death and electrocution.
    • Death caused due to industrial accidents like chemical exposure/releases and explosions.
    • Dangerous drugs.
    • Criminal acts.

    At Maida Law Firm, we have highly qualified and experienced individuals who specialize in each one of these types and causes mentioned. We know what are the legal requirements to approach a claim of a specific cause, and we follow it accordingly to make sure that each one of our clients gets the rightful compensation.

    The people who are left behind after the wrongful passing of their loved one have to face some of these damages (accepted by the Texas law):

    Pecuniary losses (the loss of service, support, care, maintenance and other such contribution that the beneficiaries are facing due to the death)
    Metal anguish (emotional suffering and pain experienced due to the death)
    Loss of society and companionship (loss of comfort, love and togetherness that a family member or spouse is facing due to the death).

    Besides these, Maida Law Firm takes on the many other wrongful death damages (for example loss of inheritance) so that our clients receive the deserved compensation. In this kind of lawsuit, besides the compensation for the loss of guidance, love and the pain and suffering of the beneficiaries, we can help our clients to receive compensation for the medical bills in connection to the death and funeral expenses as well.

    In Houston; children, spouses and parents of the deceased are entitled to the claim. It is important for the beneficiaries to act quick and seek help of an expert lawyer/law firm. With the right help, the parties involved can fully understand the case and at the same time get the idea of the standard they need to meet in order to establish liability.

    The beneficiaries need to prove that the second party’s negligence was the cause of the death of their loved one, and it is our job at Maida Law Firm to prove this. So, if you have lost someone or if you have any queries regarding this type of lawsuit, we urge you to contact us as we are here to provide the needed help!

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