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Personal Injury Case…WON!


Ali Cormier

Patience, something I was never gifted with. 😜 Sam has got your back.

By Ali Cormier -
Thank you

So as I watch Christopher putting back the pieces of his life, I have you on the front of my brain. The guy that fought for my family even when I was fighting him.

I just want you to know that this victory has eased so much stress, tension and worry from our family. I’m not sure if you have kids or not, but when your children suffer it’s you as a parent who suffers. And then you add Cuban woman/mom to that and you have an explosion of emotions. 😬 I am sorry.
My Son is paying people back, working on reducing damage done to his credit, meanwhile deciding how to make the most of what will be left of the settlement to ensure he and his daughter rebound.
He paid me back. Every dime. Now Jerry and I are back to debt free and can buy back our RV to get a little r&r after two years of hell. I’m sure you can appreciate that relief.
The gifts I bought you are just a thing. But nothing can express my gratitude for fighting for my Son Sam. I promise you, whatever you think I’m feeling in gratitude, multiply that by 100.
You and your team are quite special. You are welcome to have future clients or Moms just going into this journey with you as the lead to call me.
I will tell them, you have to wait. Patience, something I was never gifted with. 😜 Sam has got your back.
Here are the pics of the RV we are looking to buy! We are gonna blow this joint as soon as we get it! 😄
Stay safe and may God Bless your Family! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Tasha B.

Satisfied Customer - Read Full Review Here

By Tasha B. -

The Maida Law firm was terrific in handling my vehicle accident case! I was very upset upon my accident, called the office, they took me in and it was very good after the initial start. Mrs. Maggie was my attorney and I have to say she was VERY good to me! Mr. Maida was also very helpful in other aspects of my case. The law firm is very nice office, staff is terrific, they help with EVERYTHING! I was always kept up to date on my case and just let them handle it. They are a SUPER law firm and I would recommend to anyone needing assistance. They are in a nice office space off 59 with plentiful parking. Thanks to the Maida Law Firm, I am the most happiest with my outcome and the way I was treated was #1

Heather Vela

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By Heather Vela -

My experience with Maida Law Firm was an overall positive one. The staff answered all of my questions in an easy to understand and prompt manner. They were good about explaining the steps of the process to me. In the end, they were able to negotiate with the insurance company and the medical providers so that I ended up with a better settlement than expected. I would recommend this law firm to anyone with an injury case. They really care and do a professional job.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Sam, You did as good a job on this case as I have ever seen by a plaintiff’s lawyer…You did a great job for your clients. I hope I am always on your side, and if I ever have a case to refer (fingers crossed) you are on the top of my list.

Jeff • Insurance Attorney, See Full Review

I was involved in a car accident for the first time. I did not know what to expect or what I needed to do. My paralegal and attorney were knowledgeable, attentive and responsive regarding all my concerns and questions about the process whether it was via phone or email. They partner with physicians all over the city and almost all were close to home or work which was extremely convenient. I was very pleased with the manner in which they handled my case. I hope I am not involved in another accident again but if so I’m confident in Maida’s ability to represent me.

JayVee • Insurance Attorney, See Full Review

They are very skilled law firm. Worked hard to ensure the highest level of service to me as a client and as a person. First class service. I would use their service again if needed and recommend to others

CC Caldwell • Insurance Attorney, See Full Review

I definitely recommend the Maida Law Firm for anyone who’s been injured in a car accident. Maggie and her team made sure I was able to fix my car quickly and then they worked tirelessly to represent me. I moved to the UK to pursue my master’s halfway through the year and despite the time difference Maggie kept in touch and was able to get everything done for me quickly and efficiently. The process was very easy and everyone was friendly, helpful, and kind. I feel very lucky to have come across the Maida Law Firm when my accident happened. Thanks again for all of your help!

Wendy Toscano, See Full Review

Sam and his team are amazing! They were there for me and my family during one of the most difficult times of our lives. They worked very hard to get us the compensation we deserved. They were by our side every step of the way and never at any point did we feel lost or in the dark about the case. We were treated like friends, not like clients. We highly recommend The Maida Law Firm!

Chastain Cox, See Full Review

I hired the Maida Law Firm after I was injured in an accident. They have one of the most professional staffs I have ever worked with. They are always there to answer questions and make sure that their clients are taken care of every step of the way. I would recommend them to anyone looking for representation for a personal injury claim.

Teniqua Williams, See Full Review

Sam and his entire staff work very hard to settle my case and was able to get me a sustancial settlement . He is very personal and caring attorney who is always looking out for the best interests of his client ! I would definitely recommend The Maida law firm to all my friends and family !

Pedro Melo, See Full Review

My situation with The Maida Law Firm was handled in a professional, efficient, and shrewd manner. I highly recommend their services, as they manage everything in a friendly and well organized way.

Donaldo Zarate, See Full Review

I was a client at Maida Law Firm. The process was simple and the results were outstanding. I would definitely refer this firm to anybody needing legal help for personal injury.

Metal Head, See Full Review

I was involved in an 18 wheeler accident in West Texas in January of 2015 while off duty working Oil Rigs, I went back to work after and shook it off thinking everything was ok, I was wrong! After days of pain and discomfort I went back home to get checked out and after lots of test and dr. visits they found I had multiple cervical dislocations.I was floored.I couldn’t return to work and was now on medical leave. I wound up in Sam Maida’s office by pure divine intervention! Had no clue what I was doing and what I needed to do!Sam was really helpful and sympathetic to my needs.

Justin Handley, See Full Review

I was a client at the maida law firm. Excellent service and very caring staff.

Kathryn Hippe, See Full Review

Sam worked on a wrongful death suit for my family, and he was amazing. We were always in the know with the progress of the case, and he went over and beyond while handling our case. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone.

Recia Donaldson, See Full Review

Thank you Sam, Maggie, Christina and the rest of the firm. You handled our situation in a professional and timely manner. Without your help, we couldn’t have received the medical attention needed to get us back on track. Thanks again.

Dimitry Payavla, See Full Review

I just want to say that my experience with the lawyer and his staff were excellent friendly service and good work thank you very much recommend it for its fine and pleasant attention. I congratulate you!

Solo quiero decir que mi experiencia con el abogado y su personal fue excelente cordial atención y buen trabajo los recomiendo muchas gracias por su fina y agradable atención. Los felicito!

Adela Rojas, See Full Review