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There is nothing more frightening than being involved in an accident. Not only may you have serious

injuries but the trauma involved tends not to appear until a few days later. While the other insurance company may contact you, it is not wise to speak with anyone until you have consulted with a Houston injury lawyer concerning your injuries. Our team of professionals at Maida Law Firm has been around the block and is not fooled by the tactics used by the other party’s lawyer.

Our qualified personal injury lawyers from Houston can help with many cases such as:

• Car Accidents: The insurance company’s lawyers are on their payroll and benefit by settling for a lesser amount than what the insurance company is willing to pay. An experienced personal injury lawyer had worked with insurance company lawyers before and knew the process very well. Without a Houston injury lawyer, you will not obtain the desired outcome.

Wrongful Deaths: A wrongful death is when one individual is killed or dies due to the misconduct of another individual or individuals. All fifty states in the country have laws regarding wrongful death, and they can most often occur as a result of In the case that the death was caused by the malfunction of a defective product, the manufacturer of the vehicle may be held liable instead. However, filing a lawsuit for wrongful death won’t be any good to you if you don’t first hire a good and experienced personal injury lawyer Houston Wrongful Death lawyer first. When looking for a lawyer, you need to find one who is both experienced and reputable.

•18 wheeler accidents: 18 wheeler accidents occur where the driver loses control of the trailer causing it to fold forward like a pocketknife until the vehicle skids to a stop, used to be more common. Thankfully, the advent of advanced safety technologies, such as anti-lock brakes and electronic vehicle stabilizers, has made these kinds of accidents less common. However, when they do occur, they can still be deadly, and driver error is often to blame. An accident, because the trailer swings forward across several lanes of traffic, has the potential to cause major traffic congestion. Perhaps more importantly, however, the suddenness with which the vehicle comes to a stop presents an immediate risk to any drivers behind the 18 wheelers; unable to get around the crashed trailer, other vehicles are forced to make a sudden stop that may be beyond their capabilities. You need to fill out a report where the injury was sustained and then speak with anyone who witnessed the accident. Once you have left the scene of the accident, you need to immediately call a Houston injury lawyer to get the case started.

• Medical Malpractice: This is the hardest case to prove since you are accusing someone of sheer negligence and disregard for your interests. This type case requires a personal injury lawyer Houston with years of experience as the lawyer will need to include all parties from the medical staff to the hospital in the petition. The lawyer knows that even if some of the parties can prove they were not negligent by their lawyers, not everyone will be so lucky. These type cases can take a long time to settle and often end up at trial.


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