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Accidents at work

Just because they have been injured in the workplace does not mean that they are limited to employer’s unsatisfactory work injury insurance. Workplace accidents can come in many forms.

Defective injury products may contain a product manufacturing company responsible for any resulting injuries and damage

If your employer acted negligently, abusively, intentionally or intentionally and has resulted in your injury, you may be able to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the employer

If an external user caused the damage, you can sue in a personal injury case

A toxic substance or dangerous environment can leave your employer open to a lawful illicit cause

Compensation workers can give money and benefits to a damaged worker, but payments are generally low and never compensate for damages such as pain and suffering. Accidents, however, always take a toll on a worker’s life. Medical expenses, time lost from work, and other forms of damage can stack up quickly. That is why it is very important for injured workers to understand their rights and the ability to claim compensation outside the workers compensation scheme. If you are hurt and have to lose the job at any rate, it is always in your interest to ask for the opinion of a personal injury and compensation of attorney workers.

Houston lawyer at work injury

If you are injured in the workplace, you are entitled to compensation for workers’ wages. For decades, Maida has represented families with legal advice and guidance to work when they need a lawyer more. We have a team of workers compensation lawyers who work tirelessly to protect the rights of injured workers. Rights are important. Maida and Associates also provide services in construction accidents, industrial accidents, and acts of professional negligence. We provide free advice to inform you of your rights and obligations under the law and strongly advise us to call us today, if you’ve been injured in the workplace. We are proud to serve the largest area of ??Houston and Texas.

Texas Accidents at Work Law Center

Unfortunately, job accidents are very common. It goes from simple slip and falls to major plant explosions. Even though they are sometimes inevitable, everyone seems to cause serious problems in your life. The injuries result in time from work. Absence from work is lost money. Then there are medical expenses that can accrue quickly. Maida’s accident lawyer will be working to understand how job accidents can turn your life upside down. We are here to help take the burden from his shoulders and put him on the defense. In Texas your employer has the responsibility to keep your job safe and free from accidental injuries. They also have a close duty to ensure that they provide the ‘ equipment and the right safety-equipment for your job to be done safely. The state regulations on occupational accidents, federal organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration impose rules on the employer to provide a safe work environment for employees. All these laws and regulations must be taken into account when looking at the liability of the employer for work-related injuries in Texas.


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