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All the countries these days have tightened their traffic laws and regulations when it comes to driving while being drunk. Statistics almost a decade ago have shown that the accident rate shots up like a rocket flare if any of the traffic laws are brought down or taken leniently. This is why the government and the traffic officials order not to drive while you are drunk in order to avoid road accidents which might be injurious and harmful to both you and the other party mostly resulting in the loss of life. Driving while being drunk is considered as a very serious offense and hence everyone is advised to either call for a cab or arrange for you to be picked up in case you plan to share a few drinks with friends or family. A drunk person’s mid is addled and hence they are in no position to take charge let alone be responsible for other people’s losses too. A lot of cases are still reported every year related to drunk driving in many countries worldwide and the only method to cut them down is to tighten the driving and traffic rules.

There are ways by which the local police can detect whether the driver is drunk or not. Some on the spot tests like breather etc can help them detect it from your breath whether you are under the influence of alcohol or not. This test gives quick and spontaneous results. This is enough for them to take you to the side for questioning and issue you a ticket or warning or fine or both. However, if you cause an accident, you are further liable to questioning and then even blood tests to prove in the court of law that you were drunk. Once if this is proven, there is no way out for you. The punishments can be severe ranging from your license being taken away to fine and imprisonment depending upon the severity of the damage. To avoid all this, it is always better to stay on the right side of the law and follow the rules strictly. Drunk driving is a serious punishable offence.

If you are arrested because of drunk driving you are entitles to an attorney that can file your case and take charge of the legal proceedings on your side however, it is rare that in such cases you will be considered as not guilty. Since the court and the judicial system too take these matters very seriously it is a good idea to have the best legal representation so that you do not end up paying a large chunk of money. A good lawyer will make sure you walk out with minimal losses and not a big dent to your reputation. After being arrested for drunk driving there are certain formalities and legal proceedings that needs to be taken care of and the right person to do that is your legal attorney who can represent you the best in the court of law. It is easy to control your drunken behavior only if you are a morally ethical person and that is how you can make sure you never cross your limits.

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