Most drivers misunderstand the meaning of acceptable overspeeding. According to them, going few miles here and there at more than the limitation of speed set by law is acceptable or makes no difference. But that is not true as the speed limits are set legally for one main reason – for the protection of every pedestrian or vehicle on the road. In this write-up legal problems about speed limits and acceptable overspeeding in Texas are briefly discussed for your information.

Laws of speed limit in Texas

Though the limits of speed posted on the sign is considered as the legal speed limit in many states. Anyone exceeding that limit is considered as the violator of the law. But as per speed limits law of Texas the drivers are given some flexibility on the limit of their speed. They can increase their speed limit as far as they are driving safely in appropriate driving conditions. According to the speeding laws of Texas you should reduce your speed in the following conditions:

  • While approaching railroad crossing or intersection of roads
  • While approaching crest of a hill
  • While driving around a curve
  • When facing a particular traffic problem due to rough weather, dangerous condition of road or pedestrian
  • While travelling on a winding or narrow road

If you do not control your speed in any of these conditions then you can be liable for breach of overspeeding law and have to face legal implications.

Legal speed limits in Texas

Basically speed limits for specific locations in Texas speed limit laws include:

  • On the lanes of urban districts 15 mph
  • On beach roads or the roads of counties adjacent to a beach 15 mph
  • On roads of urban districts 30 mph
  • On unmarked highways out of urban districts 60mph
  • On marked highways out of urban districts 70 mph

Whenever you cross the speed limits posted on the sign then you can be dangerous for everyone including vehicles and pedestrians on the road. When you break these limits then you will be driving your vehicle at the speed which is not acceptable by that road and will be dangerous for them also along with the travellers on them. As per the reports of NHTSA or National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, the length of your breaking distance and the time to react decreases, as you cross the speed limit, which can be dangerous for everyone.

When you increase the speed of your vehicle you 

  • Lose your control on it,
  • Reduce the effectiveness of the protection devices of the car
  • Increase the chances of severe injuries and economic loses

Usually people overspeed due to getting late to reach their destination, inexperienced driving or traffic congestions. In such conditions one must stay cool and breathe deeply while behind the wheel as everyone is precious including you. Nothing is important than you. You may be having very busy schedule but overspeeding is not the right solution for every delay. You should either plan in advance or stay cool while driving, even if you are delayed due to any reason.

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