When you find yourself in a dilemma on whether to go and file for bankruptcy in Westbury, Texas or not, then you really must be at crossroads. It’s likely that you have a lot of questions ringing in your head, so much worry and uncertainty. However, here at Maida Law Firm, we want you to know that you can never run short of options and there are a good number of benefits to reap from the process.

Some of the likely benefits that you as a business owner or individual can successfully acquire from filing for bankruptcy include foreclosures and putting an end to imminent repossession. While at the moment, the situation might not favor you, but when you are successfully done filing for bankruptcy, it can just open the door for another opportunity for you to regain financial stability. Maida Law Firm in Westbury, Texas has attorneys that have been representing many clients who want to file for bankruptcy, and we have great experience in handling such cases no matter how stressful and involved the proceedings might look. They all do this so that to help safeguard your best interests.

Mainly focused on giving guidance and helping people out through bankruptcy, we serve clients in the whole of Westbury, Texas. Each of our Attorney commands a long-term experience in dealing with issues related to Chapter 7 and 13 of bankruptcies. The attorneys take their time to explain to client options elaborately they have for a debt relief and also explain what every legal action implies.

If you are going through a financial grief, the best person you need is an attorney that you trust. And that is what you get when you visit the Maida Law firm located in Westbury, Tx. Certified by the Texas Board of legal specialization in the field of consumer bankruptcy. Also, the attorneys involve themselves in organizations that help improve their ability to discharge their roles and responsibility excellently. Every time they hold memberships with the State Bar of Texas, American Bankruptcy Institute, and the American Bar Association. Therefore, this helps them to stay on par with the latest changes in bankruptcy and hence enhance their service to clients.

Even while you do your research for options for filing bankruptcy, you will realize that there are various choices available depending on the type of consumer, situation or business professional filing bankruptcy. Maida Law firm gives you services in the following areas:

• Chapter 7 bankruptcy

• Chapter 13 bankruptcy

• Release of credit cards, property settlements, taxes and car loans


• IRS collection

Something to let you know about Chapter 7 is that it provides for one to remove all unsecured debts in just a few months in return for all “non-exempt” property if you have one. However, a lot of people who file for Chapter 7, don’t have any non-exempt equity. Whatever they own at the time they file is protected by exemption laws or is held as collateral for a debt, and therefore it can’t be used to pay off unsecured creditors. On the other hand, people who file Chapter 13 are the ones who are behind on secured debts such as mortgages and would like to lay down a plan on how they can pay it over time.

Whether you are looking forward to filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Maida Law firm in Westbury, Texas is the best for you to achieve all your outcomes under the current situation.


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