Truck drivers and trucking companies have a much higher standard of care that they are expected to follow than other drivers on the road. Although the laws governing truck accident claims are very similar to people who are driving cars, there are many state and federal guidelines that they must follow. Truck drivers and trucking companies must follow much stricter guidelines and safety protocols. Truck drivers are regulated by what is called the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  One of the biggest things is to show is that the truck driver and trucking company failed to strictly follow state and federal regulations. For example, if you can establish that the driver’s driving experience and history was not adequately investigated during the hiring process,  was not properly trained or didn’t get adequate rest or the vehicle was not properly maintained.

These are just a few of the types of things the trucking companies are required to do before they put their vehicles out on the road. Some other things that cause these truck accidents are the tires are in bad shape, underinflated, or other issues with the tires. They may also have air brakes that are not properly maintained and need to be replaced. One of the biggest problems is these vehicles need a great deal of distance compared to a normal automobile to stop and get under control. The visibility on these vehicles are also extremely difficult and dangerous for the public. An experienced trucking accident lawyer knows what to look for and how to uncover dangerous and irresponsible truck drivers and trucking companies.

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