Determining whether you have a case can be tricky and often depends on what steps you take immediately after a car accident. First, you must have sustained pain or injury as a result of the car accident. This means seeing a doctor right away. Often, pain and/or injuries don’t appear until a couple or even several days after a car accident. How significant your injuries are and how you go about treating them is a critical factor. The goal in every car accident case should be to do everything possible to get as well as possible and to also go about it in a way that helps maximize the amount of recovery in your case.

An experienced car or truck accident attorney can help arrange medical treatment at no out of pocket expenses to you to help you diagnose and treat any possible injuries. Other factors that are important in determining if you have a case are who was legally responsible for the car accident, how well you secure the evidence necessary to prove liability and what type of insurance coverages apply and/or whether there is any commercial liability. Finally, it is important that you do not speak with an insurance adjuster, defense lawyer or other representative of the person who hit you without a lawyer to protect your rights. The insurance companies and their representatives are experienced at handling claims and are not looking out for your interests. They can and will do everything possible to avoid or minimize your claim.

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