If you’ve filed a personal injury suit, you might think that you don’t have to do anything but just wait for the verdict to be made in your favor. You might also think that you can’t possibly lose. However, both trains of thought can put your case in jeopardy. These are four major mistakes to avoid if you don’t want to sabotage your personal injury case.

Lack of Evidence

It’s not enough to just come to court with a cast and expect a big payout. There needs to be hard evidence that your injuries have greatly affected your livelihood. You need to have documentation from law enforcement and medical experts that show what you’ve gone through. This needs to match up with your claim, as exaggerating the extent of your trauma can make you seem untrustworthy.

Social Media

Approximately 81% of households are using some type of social media. With so many people connected, there needs to be a far greater understanding of the consequences of our words. Filing a personal injury suit but making posts on social media that indicate nothing is wrong could put you in serious trouble. Too many people are unaware of how easily their social media posts can come back to haunt them or that they can be used as evidence. Before you post anything, think about whether or not it could have an impact on your case.

Personal Negligence

The less responsibility you have for your injuries, the greater of a chance you’ll have of winning your case. If it’s ruled that you’re at fault for your injuries, such as getting hurt because you ran a red light, then a court isn’t going to side with you. Not all cases are completely cut-and-dry, but you should be aware of just how realistic your chances of winning are.

Poor Legal Counsel

Any legal case you’re involved in requires the hiring of a lawyer. You should also make sure to hire someone with experience with personal injury cases. Ask any lawyer you consider to sell you on why you should hire them. They should also have a history of fighting and winning cases similar to yours. Without strong legal counsel, a case that should’ve been easily won can be lost.

Our legal system is able to stay in good shape because of people respecting the law. Whether you’re a plaintiff or defendant, you have to maximum honor towards the legal process. If you make a miscalculated public statement or cast doubts about your credibility, a judge or jury may have no choice but to side with the opposition.

Never feel apprehensive about asking questions of your lawyer. You are the one paying for him/her and he/she is there to work for you! OUR LAW FIRM TAKES NO FEES UNLESS WE WIN!

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