According to several truck drivers the situation of road rage is getting worse all over the world as most of the incidents are cause due to the fault of other drivers. Most of the truck drivers drive on highways with a mentality that the situation can be improved if the commuters understand their circumstances.

If people understand the challenges faced by the truck drivers then there will be less cases of road rage on the roads. Most of the cases of road rage between the truck drivers and other drivers occur while merging or changing the lanes. They have to pull brakes abruptly especially when a car comes in front of another vehicle on the road.

They do not understand that trucks are not as light as a car and they cannot be stopped quickly unless its brakes are hit hardly. This hard hitting of the truck brakes is the main cause of road rage as it disturbs its braking system as well as balance of its load. And such situations can sometimes end in the killing of passing by commuters as well as killing of the truck driver after road rage. Another reason of such killing can be the equivalent aggressive nature of both drivers, driver of the truck as well as the commuter vehicle.

According to various drivers, there can be two more reasons for the worsening condition of truck driver road rage, texting while driving and increasing traffic on the roads. Most of the time truck driver either drive slowly or glide o the entire road with a Smartphone in their hands.

Some of the commuters also have a mentality of obscurity when they sit behind the wheel and try to get away quickly. They get entangled with truck drivers in road rage with a view that they may never meet again in their lifetime.

How to deal with truck driver road rage?

According to certain trucking safety professionals dangerous and aggressive truck drivers can be educated tactfully to avoid road rage conditions. They handle lots of aggressive and dangerous truck drivers in daily routine

The driving practice that includes over speeding, tailgating, improper use of horn or lights, changing lanes unsafely, intimidating others on the road and unsuitable gestures can be termed as aggressive driving. Such driving can increase the risk of collision and fatal deaths in accidents.

This aggressive driving can be avoided with the help of following tips:

Instead of taking the things personally one should be polite even if other driver is rude

Avoid provoking other drivers through your improper gestures and keep your eyes on the road

Always try to drive safely and be courteous with others

Contact local police to report about someone driving aggressively and increasing risks for others

Last but not the least tip is to drive defensively especially by driving at right speed and keeping enough distance while following others. In this way truck driver can avoid untoward situations.

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