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From the moment you walk into our office, you will know you are in the right place.  At the Maida Law Firm our top priority is always YOU.  We have over 26 years of proven success, and, we believe that our success is the result of spending the time necessary from the very beginning to get to know each of our client’s needs and then by asserting our experience, preparation, aggressiveness and talents when it comes to fighting for what you seek and deserve.

We focus our legal services at the Maida Law Firm in the area of Personal Injury law. By limiting our practice to Personal Injury Law, we are able to achieve the best possible results for our clients.  The Maida Law firm is committed to seeking justice in every case and seeing that each of our client’s legal rights are properly protected.  With over 26 years of handling Personal Injury cases, we have represented people in almost every type of circumstance and have addressed almost every type of issue.

We Know How To Deal With Every “Trick” That Trucking Companies Use To Avoid Paying Accident Claims.


Have You Been Injured In A Trucking Accident In Texas?

After you’ve been hit by a semi-truck, 18-wheeler or large commercial truck, the last thing you want to think about is dealing with the insurance company to protect your injury claims. You want to focus on receiving medical help and getting back on the road to recovery.

However, there are a few things it is in your best interest to know about being in a trucking accident in Texas:

While you are still recovering from what happened to you, the trucking company might have already sent their investigators to the crash scene to look for any evidence that will protect them – the trucking company – against any lawsuits. The trucking companies’ attorneys & investigators are instructed to do whatever it takes to protect them.

Unfortunately for you, the trucking company’s #1 objective is to minimize any injury claims they have to pay. In short, they will do anything they can to not have to pay you. Some “tricks” that they might use are 1) Try to get a recorded statement from you. (TIP: Do NOT agree to speak to any insurance adjuster before talking with an experienced trucking accident attorney) 2) Offer you a very low amount to settle out of court. Without the threat of lawsuit, the insurance companies will only offer you the lowest settlement they think you will accept. Never accept the first settlement the trucking company’s insurance company offers you! 3) Delay Tactics. Trucking companies will often try every excuse in the book to keep pushing back the date of your trial. With an experienced attorney who knows how to handle all of these “bogus” delay tactics, you will be treated fairly. With the Maida Law Firm you have lawyers who know how to battle the trucking companies and push for your case to be tried fairly in a reasonable amount of time.

Despite their efforts to avoid any claims against them, there are in fact many laws and regulations their drivers MUST follow, and if found breaking any of these laws, you have the advantage to get the compensation you deserve.  That is why it is so important the attorney you hire is extremely familiar with these laws, because they will know how ensure that these laws protect the person they are intended to protect: YOU.

In short, the trucking companies are used to their drivers getting in accidents and they have a finely oiled machine that immediately goes to work with their scare tactics, delays, low-ball offers, and other tricks to minimize what they have to pay. Trying to face this alone can be frightening. Luckily, you don’t have to because the Maida Law Firm is here to stand up to the trucking company & protect YOUR rights.

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

Were You the Victim of an Auto Accident in the Houston Area?

Traffic is a notorious beast here in Houston.

Car crashes, unfortunately, come with the territory.

If you frequent the streets of Houston, you know it too: Houston’s roads are the nation’s most dangerous and deadly. When you’ve been in a road accident, lawyers can help you know your rights – and protect them. As a Houston car accident lawyer with over 20 years of experience, we’re here for you.

After a car accident, you might find yourself in pain… and in debt. It can be tough to decide what to do, and the choices can be overwhelming. You and your loved ones deserve the best car accident lawyer on your side during this stressful time. Contact us now to be connected with a dedicated car accident lawyer near you. We are proud to offer FREE consultations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so don’t wait any longer to know your rights. Get the help you deserve. Reach out now to be connected to lawyers near you. Call us at 713-785-9484

There is absolutely NO cost to get a free consultation right now. Plus, if you partner with us, you’ll pay nothing upfront, and nothing at all unless we win your case.

A car accident is a complex situation for anyone to deal with. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not on your side.

Get advice. Get allies. Get the advocates at Maida Law Firm – Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston

You might not know your rights and your options after a car accident, but it’s our job to! The right car crash lawyer can make all the difference in your case, and in your recovery.

And don’t worry: if you are uninsured, or cannot afford health insurance deductibles or co-pays, we may be able to help you obtain the medical treatment you need at no upfront out of pocket cost to you.


Why Hire a Houston Car Accident Lawyer?

Many people think lawyers are expensive and complicated. Victims might think they’re capable of handling their car accident claim on their own. What they don’t realize is they could end up with much less than they really deserve, thanks to ignorance or improperly handled claims. This is especially true in cases that involve serious injuries or questions about liability.

Don’t get taken advantage of by inadequate settlement offers from manipulative insurance companies. Equip yourself with the expertise only an auto accident attorney can provide. Contact the experienced car wreck lawyers at The Maida Law Firm - Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston, where we will work to get you the offer you truly deserve.

Our car accident lawyers help with every aspect of your claim, including:

  • Determining the parties who might be liable for your injuries
  • Calculating the value of your claim
  • Preparing and filing your claim
  • Presenting all necessary supporting evidence and documentation
  • Proving personal injury damages
  • Communicating with and negotiating with adjusters
  • Fighting for the settlement offer you deserve
  • Filing a legal claim against an unreasonable insurer

Once you hire our law firm, your attorney will take it from there, and you can focus on what’s most important, which is your medical treatment and physical recovery. We’ve seen many people accept settlement offers that are too low simply because they don’t have the time, energy, or resources to fight for more. We have the time, energy, and resources needed to stand up for accident victims, so please contact our office to learn more about how our car accident lawyers can help in your specific case!

All of our consultations are completely free, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by discussing your options with a member of our team today.

Speak with a Houston Car Accident Attorney Now

Traffic accidents can present complex problems, especially when multiple vehicles are involved. These upsetting, complicated, stressful, and expensive situations require a compassionate, honest, and experienced legal team with real strength of character and decades of experience. Our team will make this entire process as pain-free as possible and ensure you get the best result for you and your loved ones.

Maida Law Firm and his team believe in respect, integrity, and family values. We are a “client first” law firm with decades of experience, and we will work tirelessly to recover as much as possible on your claim. And you don’t pay us anything unless and until we win your case!


Dealing with car insurance companies can cause nightmares. Remember that the insurance company’s goal is to DENY a car accident claim, NOT TO PAY IT!

If they can’t avoid paying it, believe me, they will do EVERYTHING they can to pay as LITTLE as possible—that is how they make their profit. Do not sign anything until you speak with one of our team members, because you risk losing some or all of the compensation that is due to you.

Even if you THINK you’re ready to settle—call us first! We are proud to offer case evaluations for free. Car accident lawyers are a resource you need – and deserve – in this trying time. Don’t hesitate. Please submit your claim for our FREE evaluation by contacting us HERE!

Or, if you want to talk to one of our team members RIGHT NOW, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, pick up the phone right now and call 713-785-9484. Remember, your consultation is FREE, and you pay NOTHING unless we win your case!

Why Take Chances? Let Us Help You!

Steps to Take After a Houston Auto Collision

There is no doubt that even a minor accident can shake you up. The aftermath of a crash may involve several damaged vehicles and multiple people with injuries, including yourself. Before the authorities arrive, everyone involved may wonder what to do. While you don’t need any additional stress in this situation, there are certain things you can do to help any future claims.

In some situations, serious injuries may prevent you from taking any action after an accident. You should always put your physical health first, as you don’t want to make any injuries worse than they already are. However, if at all possible, remember to protect your rights and your health by taking the following steps.

Safety: If the collision was relatively minor and the cars are moveable, consider driving your vehicle over to a safe location on the side of the road to get it out of the path of traffic. If you or anyone at the scene was injured, or if it is dangerous to move your car, exit the vehicle as carefully and quickly as possible and move to a safe distance away from the road and accident scene.

Call 911: Even after minor traffic incidents, the police can help to redirect traffic, if necessary, and prepare accident reports. You always want the officer to write down your side of the story so it goes in the report. However, make sure you don’t apologize or make offhand comments (such as “I only looked down for a moment”), since this may lead the insurance company to challenge liability for the crash. In addition, those involved in the crash may need immediate medical attention—no matter how you feel, get checked out just in case, because symptoms of some  injuries, like concussions and whiplash, may take time to emerge. If the first responders tell you that you need an ambulance transport, don’t fight them.

Exchange information: Exchange your name and insurance information with any other drivers in the collision. You will also want the license plate numbers of any other vehicles. It is not necessary for you to provide any further personal information, such as your home address or your injuries.

Take photos: If you are safely able to do so, use your phone to try to take pictures of the individual cars as well as one of the entire scene. Photographs of the damage caused to your vehicle as well as any road debris may help prove your claims for damage. Also, take photos of the stretch of road, weather conditions, tire marks, and any other conditions that may be remotely relevant to a crash investigation.

Go to the ER: Even if the emergency medical personnel on the scene don’t think you need transportation in an ambulance, it’s still always a wise idea to head straight to the emergency room or your doctor’s office as soon as possible. A medical professional can diagnose any injuries and make a record that the crash caused those injuries. In addition, diagnostic tests can identify injuries that you didn’t even know you had. Many accident victims write off stiffness, soreness, or pain as “normal” after a crash when, in reality, they have soft tissue injuries, a concussion, whiplash, or other conditions that require treatment. Having a proper and timely diagnosis of all injuries is not only necessary for receiving the right treatment, but it is also critical for any future car accident claims.

Call us: After you have received any needed medical treatment, contact the legal team at Maida Law Firm, Attorney at Law, for help with making a claim, whether with the insurance company of the other driver(s), or with your own insurance company, or both. Our legal team will help you provide any insurance companies with the necessary details regarding the collision.

Investigating and Gathering Evidence of Car Accident Liability

Sometimes, a fairly obvious cause of a crash will present itself, such as when a driver updates social media right before hitting your car or if a driver stumbles out of a car, clearly intoxicated. However, identifying the cause can often present many difficulties. This is why we have investigators and experts who work with our lawyers to help determine who was to blame and why the crash took place. Then we can gather evidence of liability for the crash and begin working to obtain the compensation you deserve for your losses. The sooner we get started, the quicker we can begin protecting your rights and recovering all of the compensation to which you are entitled.

Car accident investigations can include many steps, such as:

Examining the scene – We have investigators who work with our law firm who can visit the scene of the crash and examine any photos you or anyone else took of the crash scene. Often, there are many tell-tale signs of liability that a lesser-skilled investigator may not even notice! The damage to the cars, the angle of the collision, the tire tracks, and the road conditions can all help decipher what caused the crash to happen.

Video surveillance – In this day and age, there are cameras everywhere. They are in parking lots, outside stores and businesses, on apartment complexes, and even on some stoplights or street lights. People can also capture video evidence on their smartphones if they suspect something bad is about to happen. Our team will thoroughly investigate whether your accident was caught on video, and we will review the video carefully to gather any evidence of liability.

Digital evidence – Other digital evidence can be useful in proving negligence, especially distracted or drunk driving. If a person sent a text message or posted on a social media account just before they crashed into you, this can be highly persuasive evidence that they were looking at their phones instead of the road! Additionally, credit card statements can show that someone was at a bar or restaurant having too many drinks shortly before getting behind the wheel.

Witness interviews – If someone witnessed your crash occur, our attorneys and investigators may want to interview them. Witnesses can see accidents happen from another perspective, which can give additional insight into what caused the collision. For example, you may have been driving along when you suddenly felt the crash happen without any prior warning or explanation. A driver in the next lane, however, may have seen the other driver texting or making mistakes that led to the crash. Witnesses can also support your side of the story.

Citations or convictions – When police respond to the scene of an accident, they should try to determine whether a driver broke the law and caused the crash. This can include drunk driving, speeding, tailgating, running red lights, aggressive driving, distracted driving, and other violations of traffic laws. Police may issue a citation or arrest the driver at the scene. The driver may then be convicted of the violation, which we can use as important evidence of negligence in your car accident case.

Other expert analysis – When we suspect that a defective auto part or road hazard caused a crash, we may employ experts to evaluate the situation. We can get auto experts to determine whether a manufacturer sold a defective vehicle that led to your crash. We can hire road design and maintenance experts to testify whether the road was unreasonably dangerous for drivers. All of these experts can help prove your claim of liability.
Not only does a car accident investigation help us prove WHAT caused your accident, but it tells us with whom we should file an insurance claim. Sometimes, parties can include individual drivers, corporations, government entities, or more than one party.

One important factor we need to determine is whether a negligent driver was working for a company at the time they caused the crash. If they were within the scope of their job duties while they drove, their employer may also be held liable for the negligence of the employee under a legal concept called “respondeat superior.” In these situations, employers are strictly liable even if the company did not engage in any negligent behavior itself.

Identifying when a company may be liable can be very helpful to a car accident claim. This is because companies should have much larger insurance policies than individual drivers might have. If your injuries are particularly serious and you incurred substantial losses, the company’s policy has a much better chance of covering those losses than an individual consumer auto policy.

Once we identify the liable parties and collect necessary evidence, our lawyers then know how to skillfully present the evidence to prove your claim. We will also gather evidence of your damages, which can include:

Medical bills for past treatment

Testimony of medical professionals regarding future treatment you will need:

  • Paystubs or timesheets showing missed work and lost income
  • Testimony of occupational experts regarding your inability to work for a period of time (or ever again)
  • Testimony of medical experts regarding the pain, suffering, and effects of your injuries and any permanent impairments, disfigurements, or disabilities
  • Testimony of mental health experts regarding any mental trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) you experienced
  • We gather full evidence of your damages to ensure you receive FULL compensation.

Key Questions After a Houston Car Accident

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

Car Accident Lawyer Houston – The Maida Law Firm

Even if you take all of the right steps after your crash, you will want or need to answer many questions. You will seek out some of these answers right away, while other questions may arise in the days and weeks after the accident. If you’re wondering whether to call a Houston car accident law firm, think about the following:

Are there injuries or fatalities?
If you or someone close to you suffered injuries in a crash, the first order of business is to get the medical help you or your loved one needs. If you required medical care or if a loved one didn’t survive, always speak with our law firm as soon as possible to determine the full cost of those injuries.

Are vehicles damaged?
Car crashes can cause serious damage to your car, and accidents can often completely total a car. You rely on your vehicle to get you around to work, school, or your family obligations. You should not pay for the costs of repairs or replacing your car if someone else caused your crash. You also don’t want to go weeks or months without a vehicle. You deserve full compensation for the damage from the responsible party’s insurance company, and our law firm can help.

Are the police involved?
Houston law enforcement officers regularly arrive at the scene of crashes. An officer should always try to identify if one or more drivers violated the law, such as intoxication. The police should arrest and charge a drunk driver for DWI. Officers can also issue citations for speeding, running red lights, and other traffic violations. If this happens, it can help you prove who was at fault in your future insurance claim.

Are there medical and insurance costs to pay?
If you don’t have any financial losses, you can’t collect compensation from the insurance company. However, even if you have relatively minor medical bills or only paid a little out of pocket, you have the right to recover payment for those costs. Your health insurance company might not cover injuries if they happened in a car crash, as it expects the other driver’s insurance to cover them. Medical bills from car accidents can range from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars and, in either case, you should call our law firm right away.

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

What are the legal rights and responsibilities of the drivers?
If any property damage or injuries occurred in a crash, Texas law requires all drivers involved to stop and remain at the scene until they have rendered necessary aid and exchanged information. In the time following a crash, each driver’s rights and responsibilities will depend on who caused the crash. Any drivers or motorists who didn’t act negligently have the right to file insurance claims against the negligent driver. Drivers who cause a crash will need to contact their own insurance companies, which have the responsibility of reimbursing victims for their losses. In many cases, more than one person may bear some fault. Have our law firm determine liability in your situation.

What kind of settlement should you expect?
If another driver was negligent and you file an insurance claim, the amount of your settlement payment will depend on many factors. These include:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • The total cost of your medical bills
  • Whether you need ongoing medical care in the future
  • How much work you missed and income you lost
  • Whether you’re able to go back to work in the future
  • Whether you have lasting impairments, disfigurement, or disabilities
  • The pain and suffering you experienced
  • Calculating the total amount of your losses can prove challenging, as many people don’t know their full rights when it comes to compensation. You need the help of a skilled car accident law firm to ensure you request and receive the full amount you need to cover your past and future losses.

You will likely have many other questions as you begin medical treatments and start wondering about your legal options.

The law office of Maida Law Firm offers COMPLETELY FREE consultations at ANY time.
Call Us Today for Free Consultation 713-785-9484

We are here day and night to take your call and start giving you some of the answers you’re looking for. Don’t wait any longer to call and learn about your rights!

Compensation for Your Car Accident Claim

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

What is the average settlement for a car accident?

any people contact our law firm with the same question: How much will I receive for my car accident settlement? There is never a single (or simple) answer to this question, as the answer depends directly on your individual circumstances. Many people have no idea what their claim is worth until they have an experienced attorney fully evaluate their situation.

What we DO know is that medical care in the U.S. is expensive! This is true no matter how serious your injuries may be. The following are some average costs of medical treatment you may need for your car accident injuries:

  • An ambulance ride can be around $1,000
  • A visit to the emergency room regularly costs $1,000 to $20,000, depending on the services
  • Hospitals stays in Texas can be around $2,750 per night or more
  • Surgeries can cost tens of thousands of dollars
  • Physical therapy can cost as much as $350 per session
  • Some people suffer injuries that require additional care, including time in the intensive care unit (ICU), home health care, assisted living, medical equipment, and more.

Every client we help will have different costs and losses. Whether your losses are $1,000 or $1 million, you still deserve to receive compensation from the liable party. If someone else caused your crash, you should never have to cover your own costs. Call us today to get a personalized evaluation for free.

How much do you get for pain and suffering in a car accident?
When it comes to calculating your car accident damages, you need a dedicated car accident attorney. We can review your medical bills, pay statements, and other documents showing expenses. However, the law in Texas also allows many car accident victims to recover for pain and suffering they experienced as a result of their injuries. So, how do you put a number on your intangible pain and suffering?

Pain and suffering can involve the physical pain you feel, as well as the mental trauma resulting from the accident or your injuries. Dealing with serious injuries is hard work, and you deserve to recover for the experience of it all. Many people don’t know where to begin when considering pain and suffering, and that’s where our attorneys come in.

First, you may want to consider how many days you dealt with our injury. For example, if your injury took 60 days to heal and you think your pain and suffering was worth a certain amount per day, you could ask for compensation based on that total. You can also take the amount of your overall economic damages and compare it to your request for pain and suffering. For instance, if your economic damages are $200,000 you could make an argument based on the amount of those damages.

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

The appropriate calculation will depend on the details of your case, and there is a great variation based on a number of important factors. For example, because of the “jury pool,” the average verdicts for similar incidents may vary from county to county. This means that the settlement value of a car accident in one county may be worth a different amount than the exact same accident just one county away! There is no way for us to know how much you deserve for pain and suffering until we learn about your car accident and injuries from you! Call today to learn about what you deserve as a car accident victim.

It won’t take much time after a car accident for the negligent driver’s insurance company to reach out to you. Its goal is to get you talking, hoping that you will unintentionally make comments it can use to limit your compensation. For example, saying something as simple as, “I feel fine,” can hurt your claim. While you were just trying to be polite, the adjuster may interpret the statement as, “You don’t have any pain and your injuries aren’t that serious.” In reality, people say they are doing “fine” when they are struggling on a regular basis.

To best protect your rights from insurance companies and their questionable tactics, always seek help from our Houston law office. We can help with every stage of your case, from filing an insurance claim to the final resolution, including the following.

The Insurance Process
As mentioned, insurance adjusters are looking for ways to limit payments to accident victims. Some insurance companies even give adjusters incentives and benefits if they successfully avoid certain payouts. The adjuster may claim they’re on your side—but TRUST US, they are NOT.

Adjusters know that most victims don’t understand the insurance process, and they take advantage of victims by making insultingly low settlement offers. Too many people unknowingly accept these offers and can’t ever recover more in the future. You ALWAYS want an aggressive car accident law firm handling your insurance claim. This includes dealing with adjusters, reviewing offers, and negotiating higher offers whenever possible.

Filing the Claim
The insurance process begins when you make a claim that seeks payment for your losses. Before you file a claim, you want to understand the full extent of your losses, including past and future medical bills, past and future lost income, pain and suffering, and more. Many people grossly underestimate their damages and receive much less than they deserve as a result. Our law firm works to make sure you claim accounts for EVERY DOLLAR of your losses, so you request the full amount you need and deserve. We also know how to provide persuasive evidence to support your claim.

Dealing With Adjusters
After you file a claim—or sometimes, even before—you can be sure the claims adjuster will be calling. The adjuster will act sympathetic and tell you they are there to help you. ALWAYS remember that the adjuster is helping the insurance company and NOT you! The adjuster will probably ask you to give a recorded statement, and they may even tell you that a recorded statement is necessary to get a settlement. This is also NOT true. Insurance companies in a third party claim don’t have the right to a recorded statement by you unless litigation is in process.

Giving the other side’s insurance adjuster a recorded statement can be a major mistake. As mentioned, it is all too easy to make an offhand comment that you believe is harmless but that the adjuster uses to hurt your case. Trust us—they are listening for ANYTHING to use against you to either challenge liability or question the extent of your injuries or losses. While you can give the adjuster basic information such as your name and contact information, you should politely decline to give a recorded statement and let our team handle ALL communications with the insurance company for here on!

Reviewing Settlement Offers
Finally, the insurance adjuster tells you what you’ve been waiting to hear—the company is making a settlement offer. You’ve likely been stressed over medical bills piling up and unpaid bills due to missing work, so you are anxious to receive your insurance check. However, immediately accepting the first settlement offer just to get paid is often a HUGE mistake.

Insurers want to lower payouts to increase their own bottom lines. For this reason, they usually try to get claimants to accept a lowball offer right out of the gate. Once someone accepts an offer, they generally waive the right to seek additional compensation, no matter how insultingly low the settlement was! You ALWAYS should have an experienced car accident lawyer review ANY offers from the insurance company before you accept anything.

Our attorneys will review an offer and inform you whether it is fair or not (it usually isn’t). We can then negotiate with the insurance company and work to convince them to make a higher offer that will cover your losses. Insurance companies know that our law firm means business and that we will NOT back down. This often gives us the upper hand in negotiations and we are able to resolve many cases during the insurance process.

While you may think the insurance process should be simple and that you don’t need a lawyer, remember that these companies try to take advantage of unrepresented claimants. Once they know you have an attorney handling your claim, their tune often changes quickly! We will work for you during every step of your claim, and we will never collect any payment unless we get compensation for you!

Personal Injury Lawsuits

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

While many car accident claims settle during the insurance process, some insurance companies simply refuse to make the right offer. This is especially true in cases involving particularly catastrophic injuries and long-term disabilities. We will never push you to accept an offer that won’t cover all of your losses. Instead, we will play hardball with the insurance company by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Most people have never filed a lawsuit or had involvement with the civil court system before. Because of this, it’s understandable to be intimidated or nervous about filing a lawsuit. Going to court can seem daunting, and many people fear they will have to take the witness stand and testify in open court and in front of the person who hurt them.

With the right legal representation, a lawsuit is nothing to fear. Our lawyers will explain each and every aspect of the legal process to you and will handle all steps of the personal injury litigation.

Starting the Lawsuit
First, the injured person who files the lawsuit is called the “plaintiff,” and the party you file a lawsuit against is known as the “defendant.” The plaintiff’s lawyer will prepare a petition using all of the facts of the accident, as well as the law that applies to the situation at hand. There are specific requirements for the petition, so it is important to have an experienced litigator initiating your case for you.

Once you file a petition, the petition and a summons will need to be properly served on the defendant in line with the rules of civil procedure. Once the defendant has been served with the lawsuit, they will generally have about three weeks to file an answer to your petition. Almost always, the lawyer for the insurance company of the defendant will file an answer of “general denial.” This is just a standard legal answer and doesn’t mean that the defendant and the insurance company claims that your allegations are false. It does mean the defendant requires proof of your claims of liability and/or of the damages you seek. The defendant may also file motions with the court, such as a motion to dismiss the case, and your attorney will need to properly respond to those motions to request a denial by the court.

The Discovery Phase
After attorneys for both sides file all necessary and appropriate answers and motions, and if the court refuses to dismiss the case, the litigation will proceed to the “discovery” phase. This is an often lengthy phase of the case during which both sides must adhere to strict procedural rules.

During discovery, each attorney will try to learn as much as possible about the other side’s claims and the evidence and information they have to support their claims. Such evidence can include physical evidence, witness interviews and testimony, digital evidence, expert analysis and testimony, and more. There are different methods of seeking such evidence and information, including:

  • Interrogatories = These are written questions requesting answers about your claims, defenses, and the names of your witnesses.
  • Requests for production = These are written requests seeking copies of pertinent documents and other items of physical evidence.
  • Requests for admissions = These are written requests asking a party to admit or deny certain propositions or statements.
  • All of the above can be highly useful to your case. However, the other side will certainly issue the same requests of you. If you or your lawyer fails to respond to requests in time, there can be serious consequences for your case. For example, if no one responds to requests for admissions by the stated deadline, the court will assume that side admits the truth of the statements, which can mean you admit away your claim or defense. You want to ensure you have a lawyer who will always meet deadlines and properly respond to any questions regarding complex matters, such as your medical history, medical diagnosis and treatment, an account of the accident, and more.

During the discovery period, both sides will also likely take depositions. A deposition involves a lawyer questioning a party or witness while they are under oath while a court reporter is present and records the testimony. While these interviews happen out of court (usually at law offices), parties can use the testimony at trial and it has the same effect as if the person being deposed testified live in front of the judge or jury. Deposition questions can be about a broad range of subjects relevant to the lawsuit, including a person’s background, education, work history, medical history, family history, and much more. Lawyers may ask you about all of the facts you remember leading up the injury. It is important to have your attorney present at all depositions so they can protect your rights and provide advice.

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

Motions for Summary Judgment
After both parties complete most or all of their discovery, including written requests and depositions, one or both sides may file motions for summary judgment. This is a request that the court decides in their favor as a matter of law based on either claims or defenses. Summary judgment means there are no facts in dispute for a jury to decide, so the court can rule on the matter without proceeding any further in the case.

For example, if the driver who hit you received a conviction for drunk driving or violating another safety law stemming from your accident, that can be proof the driver was “negligent per se” and you should not need to provide any additional evidence of negligence. In this case, the judge can grant your motion of summary judgment since there is no further question of liability. Often, a judge will grant summary judgment regarding liability, but then still leave open the issue of damages for the jury to decide. Our attorneys know how to file persuasive motions for summary judgment to resolve cases as early in the process as possible whenever we can.

Mediation and Settlement Negotiations
At some point during litigation but before trial, the parties may participate in an alternative dispute resolution method called mediation. Mediation is a settlement conference overseen by an experienced third-party mediator. Mediators are attorneys, often former judges, that have special training in facilitating cooperation and negotiation between the parties.

The mediation process usually starts with both sides and their lawyers together in the room with the mediator. Each side makes an opening statement and gives an overview of their claims or defenses. The mediator then goes back and forth between the parties trying to help them reach an agreement regarding how to resolve the case. If the case settles, the lawsuit is over. If the parties cannot reach a settlement, the parties cannot use anything said during the mediation proceedings against the other party, and any information from the unsuccessful mediation session remains confidential.

Even if mediation sessions are unsuccessful, your attorney can still continue to engage in settlement negotiations with the other party up until the end of a trial. Discovery can provide plenty of information that helps our legal team present a highly persuasive case in our clients’ favor. We are skilled negotiators who will continually fight for a settlement agreement that covers your losses. The large majority of personal injury lawsuits end with settlement agreements, though you want to ensure your settlement is a fair one because you cannot go back and ask for more compensation once you agree to an amount.

The Trial Process
While most car accident cases never make it into the courtroom, our attorneys always prepare as if we are going to trial. This is because if the insurance company won’t make a fair offer, we won’t hesitate to protect your rights in front of the jury!

The first part of a car accident jury trial is jury selection, which is also known in the legal world as voir dire. During this phase of the trial, both lawyers and the judge may ask questions of potential jurors in the courtroom, called the “jury pool.” Selecting the right jury is essential to any personal injury lawsuit, though the jury selection process can be complex—even for attorneys! Our lawyers know how to use necessary strikes (which can be peremptory strikes or strikes for cause) to make sure you have a strong jury that is most likely to be sympathetic to your injuries and rule in your favor.

Once the lawyers and judge agree on a selected jury, each side gives an opening statement. Opening statements are an opportunity for each attorney to inform the jury what they can expect the evidence will show and prove during the trial. Lawyers are technically not supposed to make arguments or discuss specific evidence or law at this stage of the trial, but these statements are more like an introduction to the case.

After opening statements, each side will get to present its evidence to the jury, as well as challenge the evidence of the other side. The plaintiff’s attorney will go first and call the witnesses who will testify to prove their case. The lawyer asks questions of the witness during a “direct examination.” The lawyer for the insurance company then gets to question the witness in cross-examination. After the plaintiff’s attorney is done presenting testimony and evidence, they will “rest” their case and the defendant’s attorney will present their evidence in the same manner.

During both direct and cross-examination, the lawyers may introduce exhibits of physical evidence and ask the witness questions about evidence. Both sides must present all testimony and evidence in accordance with the Rules of Evidence, and each lawyer should quickly object to any evidence or testimony that violates these rules. Thinking quickly during trial is ESSENTIAL to keep out any harmful evidence.

After the jury hears all the evidence, the judge will read the jury instructions, which informs the jury of the law relating to the case. This includes the burden of proof of the plaintiff, which is proving liability and damages by a preponderance of the evidence. This means the jury must think it is more likely than not that the plaintiff’s claims are true. Each lawyer can then make a closing argument to the jury before the jury retires to the jury room to begin their deliberations. When the jury reaches a verdict, they will read the decision in court. This decision is out of your hands, so you need to make sure you have the RIGHT representation during your trial!

While the litigation process can include many other motions and hearings, the above is a basic overview of some of the procedures that occur in most personal injury cases. As you can see, there are many complicated rules for a personal injury lawsuit. But with our team on your side, you won’t have to worry about them. Let US do all the work for YOU!

All litigation is complex, and car accident cases are no exception. While the large majority of car accident lawsuits will not ever make it to trial, you need a skilled litigator to handle discovery and settlement negotiations. With the right law firm in your corner, the insurance company will often agree to a fair settlement to avoid the need for further litigation.

The best way to learn about the many ways our law firm can help is to call and discuss your individual circumstances with a member of our team.

Causes and Types of Car Collisions

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

Every car crash is different and involves different types of collisions and different drivers and victims. Often, the type of crash that occurred can help authorities and our investigators decipher what happened leading up to the accident. It can take skilled professionals to examine the scene of a crash, witness information, the damage to vehicles, and other factors to determine what—and who—was responsible.

Causes of Car Accidents in HoustonWhile car crashes can happen for many different reasons, the following are some of the most common culprits of accidents and injuries in the greater Houston area:

Drunk Driving
While authorities try to spread awareness and enforce drunk driving laws in Houston, the number of impaired driving accidents keeps going up—with more than 3,400 in one recent year. It seems like people care less and less about whom they hurt, and more about saving money or time by trying to drive home. The number of drunk driving injuries and deaths increased, too, showing that drunk drivers keep affecting more and more people around Houston.

Distracted Driving
Close to 20,000 distracted drivers caused accidents in Houston in a single year! It seems like drivers simply don’t want to put down their cell phones, no matter what the cost. Even the texting and driving ban in Texas cannot keep people from using their phones and engaging in other distracting activities.

Many drivers may think that exceeding the speed limit to get where they’re going faster is not a big deal. After all, speed limits can seem unnecessarily low when you’re in a hurry. However, the safety report shows that speeding causes more than 51,000 accidents each year in the Houston area! This should make you think twice before you decide to speed, but you can’t ever control whether other drivers speed or not.

People living and working in Houston know that some sections of the roadway are more dangerous than others. Maybe you get to a certain intersection and use greater caution because you always witness people failing to yield or running red lights. Maybe you avoid certain roads altogether whenever possible.

Maida Law Firm has partnered with KPRC news in Houston to provide a Houston Accident Hotspot Map in order to help make our city a safer place to drive. Here is Stewart being interviewed by KPRC about his map:

The following are some of Houston’s most dangerous intersections based on accident frequency:

  • Sam Houston Parkway at Westheimer Road
  • Main Street at South Loop
  • Beechnut Street at Sam Houston Parkway
  • Bissonnet Street at West Sam Houston Parkway
  • Hardy Road at Sam Houston Parkway
  • Westpark Tollway at Sam Houston Parkway
  • Bammel Road at Sam Houston Parkway
  • I-45 at Sam Houston Parkway
  • Greens Road at I-45
  • NASA Parkway and I-45
  • Beltway 8 at I-45 North
  • 610 East at I-10

These are only the most dangerous intersections for motorists. Others are even more treacherous when it comes to cars hitting pedestrians. People can make many errors at intersections, and if you’re in any of the above locations, the chances of a crash increase.

Every crash is different and the type of collision that occurred can be a good starting point for identifying liability. Our experienced car accident lawyers regularly investigate all types of crashes, including:

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

Rear-End Crashes
When the front of one vehicle crashes into the back of another vehicle, it is known as a “rear-end crash.” In some situations, these accidents may be relatively minor, as the vehicles may have been traveling at slow rates of speed. Many people call these crashes “fender-benders,” as relatively minor property damage and injuries result. However, do NOT be mistaken—not every rear-end collision affects only the fender! Some can be VERY serious, and victims can sustain many traumatic injuries.

When a rear-end accident happens, it is often the fault of the rear driver. For example,Texas has a law that requires drivers to follow at “an assured clear distance between the two vehicles so that, considering the speed of the vehicles, traffic, and the conditions of the highway, the operator can safely stop without colliding with the preceding vehicle or veering into another vehicle, object, or person on or near the highway.” If the rear driver couldn’t prevent the crash, the law presumes they were following too closely. This does NOT mean that the rear driver can’t challenge liability in a crash, however, so you should NEVER assume you are automatically at fault if you were the rear driver.

Common causes of rear-end accidents include distracted driving, failed brakes, drunk driving, aggressive driving and tailgating, cutting off other drivers, dangerous lane changes, failure to yield, and much more.

Common causes of rear-end accidents include distracted driving, failed brakes, drunk driving, aggressive driving and tailgating, cutting off other drivers, dangerous lane changes, failure to yield, and much more.

Head-on Collisions
A head-on collision happens when the front of one vehicle crashes directly into the front of another vehicle. As you can imagine, the impact of two moving cars suddenly colliding head-on regularly causes life-threatening injuries and fatalities, even with all the safety features of modern vehicles. People in both vehicles often require emergency medical treatment and may suffer permanent disabilities and injuries. Head-on collisions are particularly deadly if one or more motorists are not wearing a seat belt.

These accidents commonly occur when a driver crosses over a double yellow line into oncoming traffic or drives the wrong way on a one-way street or highway. Often, a driver will head the wrong way or will swerve into oncoming lanes because they are intoxicated or distracted.

Surprisingly, many head-on crashes happen on rural roads, such as the back roads of Texas. These two-lane highways are often narrow and curvy with poor visibility. Since there are fewer police cars patrolling these roads, drivers often speed, which can cause them to depart their lanes on turns. Additionally, many drivers take a risk and engage in dangerous passing on these roads when there is a double yellow line. This is in violation of Texas law, which states a driver may “not drive on the left side of the roadway in a no-passing zone or on the left side of any pavement striping designed to mark a no-passing zone.” Unfortunately, violations of this law lead to many severe head-on collisions.


Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

Rollover crashes can be some of the most frightening experiences motorists can have. The crash doesn’t happen in a single instant but instead, continues for several seconds and a person’s life often flashes before their eyes as the car rolls over once or several times. While certain vehicles, such as Jeeps and SUVs with a high center of gravity, have a higher chance of rolling over, ANY type of car can roll over in certain situations.

Rollovers can happen due to different circumstances that lead a driver to lose control of a car. These can include:

  • Another driver runs you off the road
  • Hitting a curb, pothole, or something else that “triggers” a tire to pop off the ground
  • Driving too fast on curves or turns
  • Another vehicle crashes into a tire or the side of your car
  • These are only some reasons why a vehicle may rollover. Some rollovers involve multiple vehicles, while others only involve one car. Don’t assume you’re to blame if only your vehicle crashed, however, as another party still may be liable for road hazards or dangerous driving.

While modern cars should have proper roll bars and reinforcements to prevent the vehicle’s roof from collapsing, rollovers can still cause serious physical injuries, as well as extensive property damage and mental trauma.

Single-vehicle Crashes
As just mentioned, single-vehicle crashes don’t necessarily mean the driver who crashed was to blame. In many cases, only one car will crash but other parties will contribute to or cause the accident. The following are some scenarios that may lead to a single-car crash that was beyond your control:

Another car suddenly comes into your lane, causing you to swerve and run off the road, hitting a guardrail or rolling over.
You are driving at highway speeds when you suddenly hit a large crack in the pavement, which causes you to lose control and depart from the road.
While your car is in motion, part of the vehicle suddenly malfunctions and causes you to lose control, such as a brake failure, tire blowout, steering system failure, ignition switch failure, or even airbag deployment.

Of course, there are many other causes of single-vehicle accidents where it may be possible that another party is responsible. If another driver ran you off the road, all too often, that driver may keep going, unaware they even caused a crash. If there was any contact between the vehicles, this can result in a complex uninsured motorist insurance claim with your own policy, and you should have a skilled car insurance claim attorney’s help as soon as possible.

Also, of course, passengers in a single-vehicle crash may have a claim against the driver of the vehicle. Even if the driver is a spouse or family member, injured passengers are generally able to make a liability claim against the family’s automobile insurance policy. (This is actually quite a common occurrence.)

Accidents Involving Bicyclists, Motorcyclists, or Pedestrians
Not all traffic accidents involve two passenger cars. The law expects drivers to “share the road” with others who have the right to travel on certain streets or highways, which include bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians. All of these people have much less protection than motorists—and sometimes, NO protection at all! When a negligent driver hits a bicyclist, motorcyclist, or pedestrian, the accident victims often sustain catastrophic injuries.

Many drivers hit these people because they are simply not paying enough attention. While people on smaller vehicles or on foot are more difficult to see, this does NOT give drivers an excuse to be distracted. Every driver should be FULLY aware of their surroundings, which includes motorcyclists on the highway, bicyclists in bike lanes, pedestrians in crosswalks, and more.

Rear-end crashes can be particularly dangerous when one party is riding a bicycle or motorcycle. This type of crash can cause a bicyclist or motorcyclist to go flying forward, often crashing directly into the ground, into another vehicle, or into an object. Because bikes and motorcycles have no metal frames, airbags, or seat belts to protect a rider, their bodies are almost completely vulnerable to a traumatic impact, and they often suffer multiple injuries. Even helmets cannot totally prevent head and brain injuries, so these crashes can be particularly severe. Pedestrians also (usually) wear no helmets at all, so they are COMPLETELY at risk of injuries to every part of the body in a crash.

Accidents Involving Commercial Tractor-Trailer Trucks
Texas has some of the most commercial truck registrations of any state in the U.S. Drivers in smaller passenger vehicles must share the highways with these over-sized and heavy semi-trucks every day. While commercial drivers must have special training and special licenses to operate big rigs and other commercial vehicles, they can make mistakes and poor judgment decisions like anyone else. Unfortunately, when a commercial truck crashes, it can cause particularly devastating damage and injuries to others.

When an 80,000-pound truck collides with a 5,000-pound car, it’s not hard to believe that the aftermath can be overwhelming. Motorists can sustain catastrophic injuries and regularly need transportation in an ambulance or even a medevac helicopter. To make matters worse, large trucks can often hit many vehicles at once or experience cargo spills, which can then cause a chain reaction crash. The scene of a crash often takes a long time to clean up and may shut down roads for hours while emergency crews help victims and clear the highway.


There are many potential causes of commercial truck accidents, including:

  • Truck driver error
  • Violations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) or Texas commercial vehicle laws
  • Negligent hiring or negligent retention of dangerous or unqualified drivers by the trucking company
  • Improper cargo loading or securement
  • Inadequate truck maintenance or inspection
  • Defective truck parts
  • Car accidents involving big rig trucks can be highly complex, as many parties may be liable for the losses of victims. You need a lawyer who knows how to identify which insurance claims need to be filed, such as with the trucking company’s policy or other parties.

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

Crashes Caused by Dangerous Road Hazards
Sometimes, a crash is not the fault of any drivers at all. A driver can crash because of circumstances completely beyond their control, such as a dangerous road hazard or condition. When you drive on public roads, you should be able to trust that the roads are in a safe condition for traffic use, though this is not always the case. Many conditions can exist that can cause drivers to crash, such as:

  • Potholes
  • Large cracks in the pavement
  • Eroding pavement or shoulders
  • Faded lane markers
  • Traffic signals that are poorly timed or not working
  • Traffic warning signs that fell down and were never replaced
  • Construction crews who do not adequately repair a road, who don’t provide proper traffic direction or warnings, or who leave items in the road
  • Weak or broken guardrails
  • Speed limits that are too high for road conditions
  • When a road hazard causes a crash, the party responsible may be a municipality, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), a private construction company, or other third parties. While there are usually serious challenges bringing such a claim against a governmental agency, there are sometimes third parties or other Defendants which may share the blame. The procedures and rules for bringing a claim will vary depending on the responsible party, so it’s VITAL that you have the right law firm handling your case.

Crashes Caused by Defective Vehicles
Another third party that may cause a serious car accident is a vehicle manufacturer. These manufacturers produce large numbers of cars and auto parts each day, and the companies have the legal duty to ensure that all products are safe for consumer use. However, the sheer number of vehicle recalls that happen on a regular basis is enough to demonstrate that cars aren’t always safe!

Many cars make it onto the roads with defective parts that can malfunction and cause serious crashes. In addition, some safety features may not adequately protect motorists in the event of a crash and may even cause unnecessary injuries! One example of this is the Takata airbag debacle in recent years, during which metal shards shooting from deployed airbags caused hundreds of injuries and numerous deaths.

When your car malfunctions and causes you to lose control, the manufacturer that produced the vehicle or the defective part may be responsible. Taking on large auto corporations is no simple task, however. You need an aggressive car accident lawyer with the resources and experience to protect your rights against negligent corporations.

We Handle ALL Types of Car Accident Cases!
Stewart Guss and his team of attorneys have seen it all when it comes to car accidents! We know there are many different types of collisions, causes of crashes, liable parties, injuries and losses, and other factors. Sometimes, our clients are drivers hit by other cars. Some clients are passengers who were in the car with a dangerous driver. We also represent pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, and anyone else who gets hurt because someone else was careless. If you’re injured, don’t wait ANY longer to call us right now at 713-785-9484, or CLICK HERE to contact us and get more information.

Common Houston Auto Collision Injuries

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

Depending on the type of crash and the severity of the impact, auto collisions can cause injuries to almost every part of the body. When your car is stopped and another car hits you, the impact will cause your body to move within the vehicle. This movement can cause traumatic injuries despite safety protections like seat belts and airbags. In fact, the sudden jerk against a seat belt or the deployment of an airbag may actually cause certain injuries while preventing others.

If a vehicle is in motion when it collides with something, the impact will suddenly stop the motion of the car while your body keeps moving. This can cause you to hit multiple parts of your body on the inside of your vehicle. If someone is not wearing a seat belt, they can even go forward through the windshield. Head-on collisions when two cars are in motion repeatedly cause severe injuries and are some of the most deadly accidents on our roadways.

Whenever part of your body hits an object or force jerks your body in unusual ways, you can suffer traumatic injuries. Almost any part of the body can sustain damage in a crash, and many injuries require immediate medical attention. Some car accident injuries may heal with treatment in a matter of weeks or months, while others can be life-changing. Catastrophic injuries are those that affect your cognitive or physical abilities or that leave victims with permanent effects of the injury.

While the list of possible car accident-related injuries could go on and on, the following are some descriptions of the injuries our attorneys have seen arising from our clients’ car accidents.

Head Injuries
The head has many parts that can sustain injuries due to sudden trauma. Hitting your head can cause a skull fracture, which can result in a brain injury and even permanent disfigurement. Car accident victims can also suffer fractures to different parts of the face, including the nose, cheekbones, or jaw. Some fractures may require corrective surgery and can change a person’s appearance. Jaw fractures may require a victim to have their jaw wired shut for weeks or months, limiting their ability to eat or speak as usual. Head trauma can cause eye injuries and partial vision loss, leading to lifelong disabilities. Car accident victims can also suffer dental damage and may require multiple surgeries and costly tooth implants to repair the damage.

Brain Injuries
Damage to the brain tissue can occur from direct trauma to the head or even from a sharp jolt of the head that causes the brain to rattle around inside the skull. When brain tissue sustains damage, it can affect all of the functions of that part of the brain, leaving victims with lasting cognitive, behavioral, or physical impairments. Some brain injuries can even change a victim’s entire personality and demeanor.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can range from mild (including concussions) to severe. Severe brain injuries can render a victim unconscious for a long period of time, leaving them in a coma in the intensive care unit (ICU). TBIs can also cause dangerous swelling of the brain, which can increase intracranial pressure to a life-threatening level and may require the surgical removal of part of the skull. Many TBI victims require a lengthy course of treatment and rehabilitative therapy. For many brain injury victims, life will NEVER be the same again.

Neck and Back Injuries
Your neck and back are essential for everyday movements and support of the head and upper body. When any part of the neck or back sustains injuries, it can be excruciatingly painful and can severely limit your ability to move around. Injuries to the soft tissue of the neck are often categorized as “whiplash” injuries. Though whiplash historically was a notoriously exaggerated injury in car accident cases, our attorneys know that whiplash and its effects are VERY REAL. There are also many parts of your back that you can injure in a crash, including strained muscles, dislocations, fractures, and disc injuries. Back injuries can keep you from working, from lifting your children or objects, or even from walking. You may need to take time away from your favorite activities, such as exercising, playing sports, playing with your kids, or even helping around the house. Neck and back injuries can require physical therapy, medication, or even surgery.

Chest Injuries
Many of your most vital organs are in your chest, protected by your rib cage. However, many car accident victims suffer trauma to the chest area, which can fracture multiple ribs and result in serious damage to their organs. Victims can suffer punctured lungs, damage to the heart, and even lead to a heart attack. Internal injuries can lead to hemorrhaging and a buildup of blood inside the chest cavity. Many chest injuries are life-threatening and require emergency medical transportation and trauma care.

Abdominal Injuries
Your abdomen is a major part of your body that also houses numerous important organs. You can suffer a rupture or other damage to the spleen, liver, kidneys, or gastrointestinal organs. An accident can also cause fractures to the pelvis, hips, or lower spine. All of these fractures can be painful and take time to heal. These injuries can be particularly serious for older adults, who may require a hip replacement or other surgical procedures, as well as time in an assisted living facility.

Leg and Knee Injuries
While the legs and knees are essential for moving around, there are many parts that can sustain injuries that prevent you from walking as normal. An accident can cause the legs to stretch in unnatural ways, which can cause soft tissue damage. You may suffer strains, sprains, or tears to your ligaments, tendons, or muscles. Additionally, it is quite common to have an accident victim’s knees strike the dashboard with incredible force, even when secured by a seat belt. Many injuries to the knees, including the meniscus or ACL, require surgery and months of recovery time. Often, a leg or knee injury can limit your physical activity for the rest of your life in order to prevent subsequent injuries.

Hand and Foot Injuries
Your extremities are also critical parts of your body for walking, completing everyday tasks, and much more. A car accident can cause fractures, sprains, or strains to your wrists, hands, fingers, toes, feet, and ankles. Such injuries require medical attention and will likely prevent you from working for some time while the injuries heal. Not being able to use a hand or foot can also leave you extremely frustrating!

Spinal Cord Injuries
Car accidents are a leading cause of trauma to the spinal cord, which connects the brain’s signals to the various parts of your body through the nervous system. When a spinal injury disrupts those signals, you can lose sensation and movement abilities in the parts of your body below the injury. Lower spinal injuries can cause temporary or permanent paralysis in the legs, bladder, bowels, and reproductive system, while an upper spinal cord injury can cause paralysis in the arms, torso, and legs, as well as organs such as the lungs. Spinal injuries are catastrophic medical conditions that can permanently disable victims, often preventing them from walking, working, or ever returning to life as they once knew it.

Because you can suffer so many different types of injuries as a result of a Houston automobile collision, have a medical professional examine you as soon as possible and diagnose the type and extent of any injuries or confirm that no injuries occurred. Even if you do not believe that you were injured, visit a doctor or other qualified medical professional. If you do not have health insurance, or cannot otherwise afford medical treatment, we may be able to help. Car accident victims regularly undergo extensive medical treatments, including:

  • Emergency transportation in an ambulance or helicopter
  • Emergency room visits for diagnostic testing and stabilization
  • Doctor’s visits for follow-up treatment
  • Hospitalization for injuries that require monitoring or surgery
  • Time in the ICU for patients who are unconscious following a crash
  • Surgeries to repair strains, sprains, organ damage, fractures, and more
  • Rehabilitative therapy to strengthen injured body parts and relearn how to perform everyday tasks
  • Medications and medical equipment for pain management, infection prevention, and mobility assistance
  • Home healthcare if a patient needs help caring for themselves
  • Time in assisted-living facilities for rehabilitation and full-time care while a patient recovers
  • While medical care is costly, many injuries can worsen if they go untreated.
  • In such cases, insurance companies may try to deny payment if you didn’t seek a timely diagnosis and follow treatment recommendations. Always focus on your physical health, and leave the rest to us!

At the law office of Maida Law Firm, we help clients who sustained a wide range of injuries, from contusions to life-altering spinal cord injuries and paralysis. Whether you need one trip to the emergency room or years of ongoing medical treatment, you deserve to recover for the costs of your medical care if someone else caused your accident. We want to ensure that medical professionals properly diagnose and treat your injuries so you don’t suffer unnecessary complications. We fight for full financial recovery for every client, so you don’t have to choose between paying medical bills and taking care of your health!

Learn All the Ways Our Houston Car Accident Lawyers Can Help!
Our legal team can evaluate your rights, and we will always be honest with you regarding how much compensation you deserve.

The legal professionals of Maida Law Firm, Attorney at Law KNOW the tricks insurance companies use to take advantage of car accident victims who are unfamiliar with the law. We will FIGHT for your rights, so call today to discuss what caused your accident.

** Frequently Asked Questions

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

Unless you have legal training or experience with past car accident claims, the process of seeking compensation can be a complete mystery. No one wants to willingly hand over money, so insurance companies and adverse parties do not make it easy to recover financially. For this reason, many car accident victims have MANY questions, which is completely understandable. The following are some brief answers to only some of the questions you may have following a crash. To discuss your specific situation, contact our office directly.

Should I get a lawyer for a car accident?
As discussed above, the law does not require you to ever hire a car accident attorney. However, there are many, many benefits to doing so. A lawyer can handle your entire insurance claim or lawsuit while allowing you to focus on healing. The last thing you need after a car accident is more stress, so let us relieve the stress of the legal process!

Another harsh reality is that unrepresented parties regularly receive much less than accident victims with skilled attorneys on their side. This is because our legal team knows when and how to fight for more compensation when needed. It may seem easy to simply accept what’s offered until you later realize it was much too little. When you have our lawyers handling your claim, you can trust we won’t ever push you to accept less than you deserve.

How much does a car accident lawyer cost?
One of the main reasons that car accident victims decide not to call an attorney is concern about the cost. However, our attorneys don’t charge exorbitant hourly fees like you might see on TV shows or movies. We know that as a car accident victim, you deserve to RECEIVE money, not PAY money. For this reason, we handle car accident cases on a contingency fee basis.

A contingent fee means the following:

  • You pay NOTHING for a consultation
  • If you hire us, we will cover all costs upfront
  • We charge no fees unless win successfully get compensation for you
  • Our payment comes from your settlement, NOT your pocket
  • You never have to have extra money on hand to hire our car accident attorneys. This means that ANYONE can afford to hire the right lawyer for your car accident claim.

What if I made the mistake on the road?
Too often, drivers know they made a mistake before a crash, so they assume they have no right to compensation and fail to even begin to pursue a claim. This is a HUGE mistake. Car accident laws in Texas are not so simple, and our attorneys know that drivers can make mistakes and STILL obtain at least partial recovery.

“Comparative fault” is a legal concept common in personal injury cases. This concept applies to situations in which injured victims may also have some degree of fault in the accident. Most states—including Texas—apply a “modified comparative fault” standard to such cases. This standard allows certain car accident victims to recover some compensation even though they also made a mistake. This rule recognizes that when someone is MORE at fault than you, they should still be held partially liable for your losses. Note that each state has its own laws regarding comparative fault and contributory negligence, and an experienced lawyer can advise you of your rights depending on where your accident happened.

Modified comparative fault follows the 51 percent bar rule. This rule states that a person does not have the right to seek compensation for their accident-related losses if they were at least 51 percent responsible for causing the accident. On the other hand, if you were 49 percent or less at fault, you DO have the right to recover some compensation for your losses.

How much can you recover under modified comparative fault? Well, this will depend on the degree of fault you contributed to the crash. This percentage can be determined by an insurance company (and negotiated by your attorney) or by a jury at trial. If you are LESS at fault than the other party, you can seek recovery for your losses minus your percentage of fault. If this seems confusing, it’s because IT IS for most people. This is a complicated legal issue and you need a highly skilled attorney representing your rights if you also contributed to the crash.

Always remember that what the insurance adjuster tells you about this is NOT automatically true. Instead, discuss your accident with a car crash attorney you can trust and who can evaluate your TRUE rights to compensation. If you deserve a payout, we can provide evidence to the insurance company to prove that the policyholder was more at fault and to advocate for the full amount you deserve.

Should I accept a settlement offer?
When there are bills piling up, your main concern is likely getting them paid as soon as possible. Financial stress is common in the aftermath of a car accident and, unfortunately, this leads to many people accepting a settlement offer from an insurance company as soon as they can. Trust us – the insurance company KNOWS the stress you feel and takes advantage of it.

Insurance companies are businesses that want to maximize profits, which means paying out as little as possible to people like you. They will start very low when it comes to settlement offers, hoping you will simply accept it. Many people accept initial offers because they want a check as soon as possible or because the adjuster falsely earned their trust. This can result in ongoing financial concerns and costs for months or years to come.

When you accept a settlement offer, you don’t just accept a check. You also waive your rights to seek more compensation down the road. This means that if you accept an amount that doesn’t cover your expenses, you will be responsible for paying the rest out of pocket. We don’t want this to happen to you, so you should always contact our office before you accept any offer from the insurance company. We’ll advise of how much you can fight for, and we will fight for that amount on your behalf.

Should I see a doctor even if I feel okay?

Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

Car accidents are always jarring experiences. The impact of a collision will jolt your body in unnatural ways and can be mentally traumatizing. Often, accident victims expect to be out of sorts for a while after a crash, which can cause them to discount serious injuries.

After an accident, you may justify going home instead of to the emergency room or urgent care. You may think you are disoriented from the experience (when you actually have a concussion), or that you are just stiff or sore (when you really have a soft tissue injury or fracture). When injuries go untreated, complications can arise and the injuries can take much longer to heal in the long run.

Going to get checked out after a crash will ensure that you receive the treatment you need for unnoticed injuries. In addition, the doctor will record your diagnoses, which can be used to prove the full range of injuries that resulted from your crash. Seeking medical care can help you physically AND legally after a car accident.

What happens in a personal injury lawsuit?
After a car accident, most people will file an insurance claim with the insurer of the negligent party. However, it is not always possible to sufficiently resolve every case through the insurance process. Texas law gives you the right to file a personal injury lawsuit in civil court against a party that negligently caused your car accident injuries.

The lawsuit process is not a simple one. There are many procedural rules and substantive laws involved in every case. There are different steps to each personal injury case, including the following:

  • Preparing and filing the petition
  • Filing necessary motions
  • The discovery process, which involves obtaining evidence and information from the other party
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Trial
  • While the majority of personal injury cases settle out of court, you always want an attorney who knows how to aggressively advocate for you at trial. From the start, you won’t know if a personal injury lawsuit is necessary, but you can make sure you have a skilled litigator handling your case.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit for injuries or property damage?
After a car accident, it is normal to take time to tend to your physical health and limitations. You might think that starting a legal case is only going to add stress, however, you don’t have an unlimited amount of time to take action.

Every state has its own laws regarding statutes of limitations in car accident cases. A statute of limitations is the time limit you have to file a valid lawsuit. For personal injury and property damage claims arising from car accidents in Texas, you have two years from the date of the accident to file a petition (with limited exceptions). Two years may seem like a long time, but you would be surprised at how many people let the statute of limitations expire on their car accident cases because they delayed taking action.

Always remember that by calling an attorney, you are NOT adding stress. Instead, our goal is to relieve the stress of your legal claim from you and handle every aspect of your case ourselves. The sooner you call after your crash, the better.

Should I hire a lawyer for a minor car accident?
Some car accidents are “fender-benders” and are inconvenient, but not life-changing. However, even a minor crash can result in surprising losses. When someone else crashes into your car, you could incur bills for property damage and a doctor’s appointment, as well as lose income from missing work for a couple hours. This can all add up quickly!

The law gives you the right to recover from at-fault parties whether your losses are $1,000 or $500,0000. Insurance exists for a reason, and you shouldn’t ever hesitate to collect compensation for minor losses. The problem is that insurance companies don’t take these claims seriously. They think they can offer you a small amount and get rid of the claim, leaving you with expenses you shouldn’t have to cover. Remember that hiring a lawyer costs you NOTHING upfront, and can help ensure you receive the full amount you need, even for minor claims. If our legal team thinks you don’t need a lawyer, we will be completely honest about it. Call today, even after a minor accident.

Should I get a lawyer for a car accident that wasn’t my fault?
You can be the safest driver, comply with all traffic laws, and still get into a car accident and suffer injuries. You can’t control the actions of others and the truth is, people, make errors in judgment all the time. When another party violates safety standards and is negligent, you should not have to pay for their mistakes.

Generally speaking, another party is not going to simply admit they were to blame for a crash. In most cases, you need evidence to support your claim that someone else was negligent. Proving liability for a car accident can be surprisingly complicated, and can require many resources you simply don’t have. Without the proper proof, you may receive much less compensation than you deserve or even no compensation at all. You should always seek help from a legal professional who has experience proving fault in car crash cases.

When you think someone else was responsible for your accident, call our office and we will review the details of what happened. We can determine your rights and tell you your legal options for receiving compensation. Many people don’t know where to begin after a crash, as the legal system can be confusing. We can navigate these waters for you, so please call us today!

Get Answers to Your Questions From an Experienced Houston Car Accident Lawyer
It is only natural to have many questions after a car accident. After all, our legal system doesn’t make it easy for victims to know their rights. There are many laws involved in car crash claims, and your best legal options will depend on your specific situation. Allow our legal professionals to evaluate your situation and advise you of the best way to proceed.

At the law firm of Maida Law Firm, Attorney at Law, we pride ourselves on being honest and straightforward with every potential client. Our goal is to protect your rights, and you can count on us to never back down when it comes to our clients’ best interests. Don’t wait to call us to begin learning about your rights and options today!

Auto Collision Statistics
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration calculates that 2.3 million persons were injured nationwide in automobile accidents in one year. The Texas Department of Transportation provides the following information based on re-portable Texas crashes in a single year:

  • There were 13,675 serious injury crashes in Texas in one recent year, with 17,152 people sustaining a serious injury.
  • The death toll of 3,534 from auto collisions was an increase of 3.70 percent from the 3,408 deaths recorded in the prior year.
  • The fatality rate on Texas roadways was 1.42 deaths per hundred million vehicle miles traveled.
  • 1 person was killed every 2 hours 29 minutes
  • 1 person was injured every 2 minutes 13 seconds
  • 1 re-portable crash occurred every 66 seconds


Everyone who drives in the Houston area knows they may deal with traffic and unsafe drivers. However, a recent Houston State of Safety Report shows the risks of a car crash may be FAR greater than you might ever imagine. In fact, the number of crashes reported in the Houston-Galveston area has steadily increased every year for the past five years. This means that each year you continue driving in the area, your risks of accidents and injuries increase. In recent years, the number of crashes was exceeded 131,000, causing more than 3,000 serious injuries and 715 deaths.

Wrongful Death Claims
In tragic cases, car accident victims do not survive their injuries, which means they cannot pursue an insurance claim or lawsuit. This does NOT mean that the negligent party shouldn’t be held liable for this devastating loss, however! Texas law allows grieving family members to file a wrongful death claim to recover financially for their losses. While no sum of money will ever replace a loved one, payment can help a family move forward in a better position and with a sense of justice. Maida Law Firm and his team of attorneys handle wrongful death claims stemming from car accidents.

The first requirement for a wrongful death claim is similar to a personal injury claim—that someone else was negligent and responsible for causing the car accident and the death. Next, qualifying people can file a wrongful death claim, including:

  • The surviving spouse
  • Surviving children, including adopted and adult children
  • Surviving parents, including adoptive parents
  • Any of these people may file the claim on their own or a group of them may choose to file the claim together. If none of the above qualifying family members file a wrongful death claim within three months of the date of death, the personal representative or executor of the deceased person’s estate may file the claim instead, unless a surviving family member specifically requests that they not file the claim.

If a driver faces criminal charges for causing the death, this case will not result in damages for the family members. Instead, the family members must proactively file a wrongful death claim in civil court, which is a completely separate case. While a criminal conviction may impose prison time and fines on the responsible driver, a successful wrongful death claim will result in monetary payment to the family members. Both cases may happen simultaneously or one after the other, and family members may prevail in a wrongful death case even if there was no criminal conviction.

Wrongful death damages are intended to compensate the surviving family members and the estate for their financial and emotional losses stemming from the untimely death. Damages in a Texas wrongful death case may be for the following:

  • Lost earnings and financial contributions of the deceased person
  • Lost care, maintenance, services, support, advice, and counsel the deceased would have provided to the surviving family members
  • Lost love, companionship, comfort, and society
  • The surviving family’s mental and emotional anguish, pain, and suffering
  • Lost inheritance, including what the deceased would likely have saved and left to surviving family members if they lived a normal expected lifetime
  • In some Texas wrongful death claims, family members may also seek exemplary damages, which are also called punitive damages in many jurisdictions. Plaintiffs may recover exemplary damages when a wrongful death occurs due to a willful act or omission of the defendant or because of gross negligence. Exemplary damages don’t exist to compensate the family but instead, to punish the wrongdoer and send a message that the law will not tolerate willful or grossly negligent behavior.

Family members will split damages from a successful wrongful death claim in proportion to the injury they suffered due to the untimely death, as the court determines. While a wrongful death claim can help a family move on from a terrible tragedy, it’s important to know you don’t have an unlimited amount of time to file a claim. Texas has a specific statute of limitations requiring that you file a wrongful death lawsuit within two years of the death, with limited exceptions. Though you may be focused on your grief in the months following a fatal car accident, you shouldn’t wait to contact a compassionate attorney who can advise you of your rights and help you through every step of the legal process.

Contact Our Experienced Houston Auto Crash Attorneys Right Away!
If you were in a car collision or lost a loved one, speak to the skilled Houston auto accident legal team at Maida Law Firm, Attorney at Law, to discuss your case, determine if anyone is liable for your damages, and fight for maximum compensation on your behalf. The auto collision team at Maida Law Firm, Attorney at Law, understands how to investigate your case, work with the insurance company to get all of the compensation you deserve—and when the insurance company refuses to reach a settlement, file a lawsuit on your behalf. Texas auto accident laws can prove complicated and difficult to navigate. You want the team of auto collision attorneys and legal professionals at Maida Law Firm, Attorney at Law, to protect your rights as well as the rights of your loved ones.

The legal team of Maida Law Firm, Attorney at Law, is nationally recognized for protecting the rights of car accident victims for more than 20 years. If you were injured in an automobile accident in Houston, call our office right now to schedule a free consultation! Because we take all of our personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis, you will not owe us a DIME unless we win your case.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so call us today at 713-785-9484

Texas Auto Collision Laws

Only a Houston auto accident attorney can apply the appropriate Texas laws and regulations to your case. It is still important, however, for all Texas drivers know the laws that apply to most auto accidents, including:


(a) The operator of a vehicle involved in an accident that results or is reasonably likely to result in injury to or death of a person shall:

(1) immediately stop the vehicle at the scene of the accident or as close to the scene as possible;

(2) immediately return to the scene of the accident if the vehicle is not stopped at the scene of the accident;

(3) immediately determine whether a person is involved in the accident and if a person is involved in the accident, whether that person requires aid; and

(4) remain at the scene of the accident until the operator complies with the requirements of Section 550.023.

(b) An operator of a vehicle required to stop the vehicle by Subsection (a) shall do so without obstructing traffic more than is necessary.

(c) A person commits an offense if the person does not stop or does not comply with the requirements of this section…


(a) Except as provided by Subsection (b), the operator of a vehicle involved in an accident resulting only in damage to a vehicle that is driven or attended by a person shall:

(1) immediately stop the vehicle at the scene of the accident or as close as possible to the scene of the accident without obstructing traffic more than is necessary;

(2) immediately return to the scene of the accident if the vehicle is not stopped at the scene of the accident; and

(3) remain at the scene of the accident until the operator complies with the requirements of Section 550.023


(a) The operator of a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury to or death of a person or damage to a vehicle to the extent that it cannot be normally and safely driven shall immediately by the quickest means of communication give notice of the accident to the:

(1) local police department if the accident occurred in a municipality;

(2) local police department or the sheriff’s office if the accident occurred not more than 100 feet outside the limits of a municipality; or (3) sheriff’s office or the nearest office of the department if the accident is not required to be reported under Subdivision (1) or (2)…


(a) Except as provided by Sections 16.010, 16.0031, and 16.0045, a person must bring suit for trespass for injury to the estate or to the property of another, conversion of personal property, taking or detaining the personal property of another, personal injury, forcible entry and detainer, and forcible detainer not later than two years after the day the cause of action accrues.

(b) A person must bring suit not later than two years after the day the cause of action accrues in an action for injury resulting in death. The cause of action accrues on the death of the injured person.

Learn How Our Houston Car Accident Attorneys Will Stand up for Your Rights!
At the law firm of Maida Law Firm, we know that car accidents don’t take a day off. That is why there is someone ready to answer your call at any time, any day of the week. If you’re wondering whether to call, remember you have nothing to lose by scheduling your FREE and confidential consultation.

Our team is proud to provide zealous and personalized representation to each and every client. We want the best for you and will fight for the best possible results. Car accidents can disrupt your life, but we can make the aftermath as easy as possible for you. Call us right now at 713-785-9484, or CLICK HERE to contact us and discuss how to move forward today.

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Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

Houston Car Accident Lawyers

If you have suffered a car wreck, you will likely need the help of a Houston car accident lawyer at Maida Law Firm to get the justice you deserve. You are probably wondering things like how will I pay for my car repairs, who will pay for my medical bills, and how can I recover compensation for my lost wages. We proudly offer a free initial consultation to all injury victims, allowing them to get answers to all of their questions, while also receiving guidance from an experienced accident attorney.

Our team of personal injury lawyers has nearly 100 years of combined experience defending the rights of injury victims. Our knowledge and expertise have earned us recognition as one of the very best law firms in America and we are here to assist you. We pride ourselves on helping people when they need it most and are dedicated to obtaining the maximum compensation possible for our clients.

Car accident lawyers Houston, TX

After an accident, we are here to take the stress off of your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your physical recovery while we seek justice for you. We are available 24/7 to take your call and you owe us nothing unless we win your case. If you have been injured in a car accident in Houston, contact our offices today and let one of our experts help you get the compensation you deserve for your damages.

Houston, Texas Office Location:

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Table of Contents:

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

  • Houston Car Accident Lawyers – Maida Law Firm
  • An Overview Of Houston Vehicle Statistics – Maida Law Firm
  • Steps To Follow After A Car Accident – Maida Law Firm
  • Make Sure Everyone Is Okay – Maida Law Firm
  • Seek Medical Attention – Maida Law Firm
  • Call Proper Authority – Maida Law Firm
  • Collect The Other Driver’s Information – Maida Law Firm
  • Speak To Any Witnesses – Maida Law Firm
  • Take Pictures – Maida Law Firm
  • Request A Copy Of The Police Report – Maida Law Firm
  • Frequently asked questions about auto accidents – Maida Law Firm
  • How Much Does a Houston Car Accident Lawyer Cost? – Maida Law Firm
  • How Do I Know if I Have a Case? – Maida Law Firm
  • How Long Do I Have to File a Claim for an Auto Accident in Texas? – Maida Law Firm
  • What is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident in Texas? – Maida Law Firm
  • How is the Value of an Auto Accident Claim Determined in Texas? – Maida Law Firm
  • What Can I Do if the Insurance Company Denied My Claim? – Maida Law Firm
  • You let your policy lapse, or it was canceled – Maida Law Firm
  • Can You File an Accident Claim Against the Government? – Maida Law Firm
  • What Happens if the Other Driver is Uninsured? – Maida Law Firm
  • What If I Might Be Partially at Fault in a Car Accident? – Maida Law Firm
  • How Do I Get a Vehicle Accident Report? – Maida Law Firm
  • Types of Car accidents we handle – Maida Law Firm
  • Drunk Driving Accidents – Maida Law Firm
  • Distracted Driving – Maida Law Firm
  • Drug Related Accidents – Maida Law Firm
  • Head-on Collisions – Maida Law Firm
  • Hit and Run Accidents – Maida Law Firm
  • Rear-End Accidents – Maida Law Firm
  • Rollover Accidents – Maida Law Firm
  • Speed Related Accidents – Maida Law Firm
  • Texting and Driving – Maida Law Firm
  • Uber Accidents – Maida Law Firm
  • Types of Injuries Encountered in a Car Accident – Maida Law Firm
  • Brain Injuries – Maida Law Firm
  • Back Injuries – Maida Law Firm
  • Facial disfigurement – Maida Law Firm
  • Neck injuries – Maida Law Firm
  • Head Injuries – Maida Law Firm
  • Internal injuries – Maida Law Firm
  • Leg And Knee Injuries – Maida Law Firm
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – Maida Law Firm
  • Death – Maida Law Firm
  • Car Accident Claim Process – Maida Law Firm
  • Filing The Claim – Maida Law Firm
  • Dealing with adjusters – Maida Law Firm
  • Reviewing settlement offers – Maida Law Firm
  • Receive Compensation – Maida Law Firm

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Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

You might be shocked to read that Texas hasn’t had a single day of zero road deaths since November 7, 2000. Stats show that someone is killed on Texas roads every 2 hours and 20 minutes. Also, someone gets injured nearly every 2 minutes. The total statewide number for annual crashes is over half a million.

In terms of identifying which demographics are most likely to be injured or killed in a crash, the data shows that drivers aged 18 up to 34 as being the highest risk group. Of the fatalities who lose their lives in accidents, studies indicate that more than 4 in 10 weren’t wearing seatbelts when the crashes happened.

When looking at accident statistics on a city level, it quickly becomes clear that highly populated and urban areas are home to most of the accidents. More than 3/4 of all accidents happen in urban areas, and Houston leads the way. This city alone accounts for almost 13 percent of state collisions. San Antonio comes in second with over 8 percent, and Dallas is third with just over 6 percent.

These numbers highlight how Houston is the riskiest city to drive in across the state. Houston has more reported accidents than any other city, with nearly 70,000 a year. Houston also leads all other cities in terms of 1,304 incapacitating injury collisions and 245 fatalities.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

It’s easy to understand why so many people just leap to conclusions that speeding and drunk driving are the primary culprits behind this data. However, distracted driving is an element that is mostly responsible. Drunk driving and speeding do come in at #2 and #3, but the primary and number one cause is still drivers engaging in things that divert their attention away from the road. Reckless driving follows these causes, and it’s defined as a being a blatant disregard for the consequences and safety involved with the operation of a motor vehicle.


Make Sure Everyone Is Okay

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

It does not matter which person is responsible for the accident; the first thing to do is to ensure everyone is okay and safe. It is one of the most human things you can ever do after an accident. If you are able to move your vehicle aside, please do so to avoid your vehicle being hit by other cars in traffic. Safety is more important.

Seek Medical Attention
Even if you are feeling okay; it is always wise to seek medical attention after an accident. Also, you will need to prove the extent of your injuries. This means that you will need medical records showing that you were truly injured and the amount you have spent on medical bills.

Call Proper Authority
It is always wise to involve the police even when your case is minor. For this reason, you should always call 911 and get a police officer to come to the scene of the accident. This allows the police to conduct a thorough investigation of the accident as well as collecting both the license and insurance information of both drivers. They also prepare a police report. It is also wise to get the police officer’s name and contact information because you may need it later.

Collect The Other Driver’s Information
It is wise also to collect the other driver’s contact data. Moreover, if there are passengers, you should collect their contact information as well. Such information is important to your lawyer because he/she can reach out to get witness statements.

Speak To Any Witnesses
If there are witnesses, it would be wise to collect their contact information. Remember, not everyone would be willing to get involved. However, with the help of a police officer, they will be able to provide their personal contact information.

Take Pictures
If possible, take as many pictures of the accident as possible. Due to technology advancements, the majority of phones have good cameras. As such, you should use your phone to take pictures. Remember, the images should be relevant to the accident. Doing this will greatly help your personal injury lawyer to recreate the accident scene.

Request A Copy Of The Police Report
Ask the police officer on duty for a copy of the police report. Of course, you will have to wait until the report is filled. The good news is that you can get one through the Texas Department of Transportation.


How Much Does a Houston Car Accident Lawyer Cost?
Most people are either hesitant or won’t even bother to try and contact a lawyer after they have sustained a personal injury, as they are under the impression that an attorney will cost them a lot of money.

However, many of the personal injury attorneys based in Houston work on a contingency basis, which means you will only need to pay them once they have won your case. At this stage, the fee that you will be liable for will be based on a pre-agreed percentage, which is usually between 25% to 40%.

The fee range is also dependent on the amount of work that the lawyer has put into your case or when you accept a settlement from an insurance company before court proceedings commence.

In these cases, you will probably owe the lawyer less than you would have if the case reached the stage of having to go to court.

This type of pay structure will mean that you will only need to pay your lawyer a fee when you are granted with a settlement. It will also mean that the lawyer is committed to your case, due to the fact that their pay will be dependent on the settlement amount they can get for you.

Certain attorneys, on the other hand, work with different types of payment arrangements. These usually include either flat fees or hourly fees.

These options might be a preferable option in certain cases, yet most clients will be better served when they agree to a contingency basis.

  • How Do I Know if I Have a Case?
  • How Long Do I Have to File a Claim for an Auto Accident in Texas?
  • What is the Average Settlement for a Car Accident in Texas?
  • How is the Value of an Auto Accident Claim Determined in Texas?
  • What Can I Do if the Insurance Company Denied My Claim?
  • Can You File an Accident Claim Against the Government?
  • What Happens if the Other Driver is Uninsured?
  • What If I Might Be Partially at Fault in a Car Accident?
  • How Do I Get a Vehicle Accident Report?

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Car accident types:

  • Drunk Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • Drug Related
  • Head-on Collisions
  • Hit and Run
  • Rear-End Collisions
  • Rollover Accidents
  • Speeding
  • Texting and Driving
  • Uber Accidents

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm


Your accident may not seem all that serious. Or perhaps your car was totaled, and the damage was severe. Either way, you probably suffered some sort of car accident injury. The more severe your injuries, the more compensation you deserve to receive.

Also, know that some car accident injuries do not present themselves immediately. They may not appear for a few hours or a few days. This is why it’s so important to seek medical treatment right away. Also, it is important that you seek a Houston automobile injury attorney as soon as possible after getting treatment.

You can suffer a number of different types of injuries. It depends on the type of crash and how fast the vehicles were going. Your auto accident lawyer will tell you it’s important to seek treatment immediately. Do not refuse to go to the hospital. This can only hurt your case.

Brain Injuries
Brain tissue damage occurs due to a direct hit to the head or a sharp jolt of head movement, causing the brain to shake violently inside the skull. When the brain or brain tissue sustains an injury or damage, it will automatically affect body function, leaving a person with lasting behavioral, cognitive, or even physical impairment. There are other brain injuries that will change a person’s entire personality and behavior.

TBIs (Traumatic Brain Injuries) range from minor injuries such as concussions to severe injuries. Serious brain injuries often render a person unconscious for long periods of time, such as a comma. It may also create and increase intracranial pressure, which is highly life-threatening. In such cases, surgery is the only treatment available. Furthermore, TBI cases come with lengthy treatment and rehabilitation therapy plans. In most brain-related injuries, life will never be the same again.

  1. Back Injuries
  2. Facial disfigurement
  3. Neck injuries
  4. Head Injuries
  5. Internal injuries
  6. Leg And Knee Injuries
  7. Spinal Cord Injuries
  8. Death


It should come as no surprise that the vast majority of insurance adjusters look for ways to limit payments to accident victims. In fact, there are some insurance companies that will actually give adjusters benefits and incentives if they are successful in avoiding payouts. While an insurance adjuster may claim to be on your side, it is actually quite the opposite.

Insurance adjusters are well aware that the vast majority of victims do not understand the insurance process and they will do everything in their power to take advantage of that ignorance. There are many people who accept low offers because they don’t believe they are able to recover anything higher. It is essential to hire an aggressive car accident attorney to handle your insurance claim. This will include negotiating with adjusters, reviewing the various offers as well as trying to get higher compensation.


Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

The entire process will begin with you making the initial claim to seek payment for any damages. Before you begin this process however, you do want to understand the full extent of your losses which will include past as well as future medical bills, lost income and your pain-and-suffering. The vast majority of people underestimate the monetary value of their damages and receive much less compensation than they could have. Our firm is going to work hard to ensure your claim includes every dollar that you lost, past or future. In addition, we know exactly how to provide the proper persuasive evidence that is needed to support your claim.

Once you file a claim or in some cases before, a claims adjuster will be getting in touch with you. You can expect the adjuster to be very sympathetic to your cause and state that they are there to help. However, the adjuster is only there to protect for and care for the insurance company, not you! In most cases, the Jester is going to ask for recorded statement and inform you that this statement is essential for a settlement. However, this is simply not factual In a third party claim, the insurance company does not have any legal right to a recorded statement from you unless there is litigation in process.

By giving the other party’s insurance adjuster a statement can be a major mistake on your part. It is all too easy to make simple comments that may be taken an entirely different way and hurt your case. The only reason they want a recorded statement is to find a way to challenge the liability of the case or question your injuries and losses. It is perfectly fine to give the adjuster any basic information such as contact information and your name, however you should always decline a recorded statement and let them know that your legal team will be in touch with them. Even if you do not have a lawyer at this time, it is the best strategy.

There will come a time when the insurance adjuster will let you know that the company is making their settlement offer. Throughout this process, you have been missing work and have a wide variety of bills piling up, more than likely you are very anxious to receive an insurance settlement check. However, by accepting the very first settlement offer you could be missing out on a much larger and more reasonable payout in the future.

Insurance companies want to hand out lower payouts in order to increase their bottom line. With this in mind, they are typically going to try to get claimants to accept the lowest offer possible right from the start. Once an individual has accepted a settlement offer, they have typically waived the right to seek any additional compensation regardless of how ridiculous the initial offer is. It is absolutely essential to have an experienced car accident lawyer review the settlement from the insurance company before you accept it.

Our legal team will take the time to thoroughly review the offer and let you know whether it is fair or not, in most cases it usually is not. We will then negotiate with the insurance company and work hard to convince them to make a better offer that will fully cover your losses.

Insurance companies realize and understand our reputation as a law firm that simply does not back down. This helps to give us an upper hand throughout the negotiation process as we are able to hold our own.

While many think that an insurance claim is a simple and easy process and a lawyer is just an added expense, you need to know that insurance companies are known for taking full advantage of unrepresented claimants. However, when you walk in with a lawyer, the situation changes in your favor drastically. We will work with you through the entire process and never ask for any form of payment unless you get the compensation you deserve.

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Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

If you have been injured in a car accident in Houston and are searching for the best attorney for your case, Maida Law Firm is here to help you.

Our team is available 24/7 to provide expert legal services whenever you need it most. Best of all, you pay nothing upfront and nothing unless we win your case!

Contact Maida Law Firm today to schedule your risk-free consultation with our expert car accident attorneys. With 20+ years of experience fighting for injury victims in Houston and throughout the state of Texas, you can rest assured that you have the best attorneys fighting for you.

Call us today and let’s start the process of getting you the compensation you deserve for your damages!

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Car Accident Attorneys Maida Law Firm

Did you suffer serious injuries or lose a loved one in a car crash? Sadly, you can’t expect the insurance companies to have your best interests at heart. They are out to maximize their profits. So, they will try to pay you as little as possible – or nothing at all. That’s why you should immediately get legal help from an experienced Houston car accident lawyer at Maida Law Firm

Our car wreck lawyers have over 30 years of experience helping those injured in car, truck, and motorcycle accidents all around Houston. If you have been injured, call us now.

Maida Law Firm is a Board Certified Personal Injury Lawyer

Maida Law Firm is consistently rated as one of the best lawyers in Houston. He is also among a small percentage of lawyers who have been certified as a specialist in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He has assembled a legal team that will be dedicated to protecting your rights and pursuing all of the compensation that you are entitled to receive.

When you hire Maida Law Firm – Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston for your Houston car accident case, you will work directly with your lawyer – not an assistant. You can expect close attention to all of your personal needs and goals. You will owe us nothing unless we secure compensation for you. It starts with a free, no-strings-attached consultation about your case. Contact us today to learn more.

Call for a free consultation.

Call Our Houston Car Accident Attorneys Before The Insurance Adjusters

If the other driver’s insurance adjuster contacts you, you need to understand:

  • The adjuster doesn’t care about you or your injuries.
  • The adjuster and insurance company only care about saving money.
  • They want to pay you as little as possible for your injuries.
  • Don’t take on the insurance companies by yourself. You need a legal advocate armed with the experience and knowledge required to go after the maximum compensation your case calls for.

You should seek the best auto accident lawyers to handle your case. Maida Law Firm – Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston, consistently ranks among the top Houston car accident lawyers in the city.

Do you know your rights or how to recover your damages after a wreck?

Common Types Of Car Wrecks We Handle

Our Houston car accident lawyers handles all types of car accidents, but here are a few common types:

  • Hit and Run
  • Left Hand Turn
  • Rollover
  • Rear End
  • Single Vehicle Accidents
  • Multi-Vehicle
  • Head-On Collision
  • Backing-Up
  • Uber Accidents
  • Sun Glare Accidents
  • Self Driving Car Accidents
  • Highway Accidents
  • Taxi & Limo Accidents
  • Parking Lot Accidents

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  • Common Types Of Injuries Experienced In Car Accidents
  • What To Do After A Car Wreck
  • When Someone Other Than The Driver Is At Fault For The Car Accident
  • We Only Get Paid If You Win
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Houston Car Accidents
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  • Texas Car Wreck Statistics
  • Common Causes of Car Accidents in Texas
  • Common Locations For Car Accidents In The Houston Area
  • rear end car accident
  • Our Car Accident Law Firm Is Paid, Only If We Win
  • Are you worried about having the money to pay for quality legal representation?

– Let us put those worries to rest.

We handle all Houston car crash cases on a percentage basis. This means we cover all expenses to pursue the claim with the insurance company and file a lawsuit for the injuries you suffered in the accident.

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Common Types Of Injuries Experienced In Car Accidents

Car crashes cause a wide variety of injuries, ranging from relatively mild to life-changing or even life-ending.

A few examples of some of the more common and more devastating traffic accident injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries, also known as TBI or concussion
  • Back injuries, including slipped disks, nerve damage and severe strains Spinal cord injuries, including damage to the spinal cord that results in paralysis
  • Neck injuries often referred to as “whiplash”
  • Broken bones throughout the body, but especially the ribs, sternum, pelvis, arms and legs
  • Knee and ankle injuries, including sprains and tears in tendons and ligaments
  • Wrist and shoulder injuries
  • Burns
  • Deep cuts and abrasions, including those that leave disfiguring scars
  • Internal injuries, which often cause organ damage and blood loss
  • Lasting psychological trauma

What To Do After A Car Wreck

Take care of your injuries.
Your first need after an auto accident is to get medical treatment. A delay in seeking medical attention for an injury can be used against you by the insurance company. Delays in treatment can ruin your claim. More importantly, they can seriously threaten your health.

Talk to an experienced Houston car accident lawyer, NOT an insurance company.
Insurance company representatives often contact victims soon after a car accident to obtain a recorded statement or offer a low-ball settlement. This is wrong and our Houston car collision lawyers know this. When you are recovering from an injury, you are not in the best condition to answer an insurance company’s detailed questions. Adjusters who take recorded statements are as skilled as trial lawyers in framing questions and eliciting answers that only benefit the insurance company. Remember, the only reason the adjuster wants to record your statement is to reduce the amount of money they have to pay you. Call an experienced car accident law firm for help.

Act quickly.
You have two years after the accident to file a lawsuit or you will be prevented from doing so by the Texas Statute of Limitations. It may seem like plenty of time but accident victims often wait too long and then their claim for compensation is barred by law. Acting quickly is often necessary when the car accident scene needs to be investigated or witness statements taken. Evidence sometimes needs to be preserved with a court order. Check out this great article by Allstate for more tips on what to do after a car accident here.

When you are the victim of a serious auto accident injury, the insurance company will be working hard to collect facts and evidence to bolster a defense to your claim and minimize your damages. It is crucial that you contact a Houston car accident lawyer so that evidence and witness accounts will still be fresh.

Talk To An Experienced Auto Accident Lawyer before the Insurance Adjuster

When Someone Other Than The Driver Is At Fault For The Car Accident

In some cases, a claim for personal injuries from a car accident may also be brought against individuals other than the negligent driver.

If the at-fault driver was driving as a part of work-related duties, then the employer may be responsible for the driver’s negligence and the resulting damages.

If the at-fault driver was at the wheel of a vehicle owned by someone else, the owner of the vehicle may be liable for the negligence of the driver. This is known as liability for negligent entrustment. Under this cause of action, the owner of a vehicle who allows someone else to operate it can be held liable for his or her negligent driving when there is an accident. Vehicle owners may be liable if they negligently entrusted the vehicle to somebody they knew, or should have known, to be a reckless, incompetent or unlicensed driver.

We Only Get Paid If You Win
The Maida Law Firm is one of a small percentage of car accident lawyers who are recognized as a specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Click here for directions to our Houston office.


Frequently Asked Questions About Houston Car Accidents

Were you or a loved one injured in a driving accident in Houston or anywhere else in Texas? If so, you probably have lots of questions about what happens now. Such as, how long you have to report a car accident or how do I get an accident report? That’s completely understandable. Contact our Houston car wreck lawyers for help with your detailed questions.

In an effort to help, we have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about car accident claims. These are general answers to general questions. We are ready to provide you with specific answers to your individual questions such as , can a miscarriage be caused by a car accident?

To find out more about your potential car accident claim, contact Maida Law Firm – Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston, P.C.
for a free consultation that comes with no strings attached.

  • What should I do after a Car Crash
  • What is pain and suffering?
  • What if the collision happened on the job?
  • Is the accident covered by Texas workers’ compensation?
  • What if I was partially at fault in the car crash?
  • What is subrogation?
  • What if the other driver had no (or too little) insurance coverage?
  • The adjuster for the driver’s insurance company keeps calling me. Do I have to give them my statement?
  • How do I obtain a car crash report?
  • What are accident reports used for?

Texas Car Wreck Statistics
If you have been hurt in a car accident in Texas, you are not alone.
According to Texas Department of Transportation statistics.
There were 14,202 serious injury crashes in Texas in a single recent year.
With 17,582 people sustaining a serious injury. A total of 265,076 people suffered injuries – serious or otherwise – in crashes that year.

Tragically, there were 3,773 individuals who died in Texas car crashes that year, an increase of more than 5 percent over the previous year.
With almost 262 billion miles traveled in Texas in one year, these numbers are understandable, but also preventable. Many of these auto accidents and traffic fatalities occurred in our area, and an analysis of the statistics shows that the trend continues. This is why it is important for kids who qualify to always be in a car seat.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Texas

Car Accidents Caused by Drunk Driving (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
In one recent year, Harris County led all counties with 149 fatal car crashes and 158 fatalities as a result of drunk drivers. Auto accidents stemming from drunk driving can subject the drunk driver to unlimited punitive damages.

Chapter 249 of the Texas Penal Code provides: (2) “Intoxicated” means: (A) not having the normal use of mental or physical faculties by reason of the introduction of alcohol, a controlled substance, a drug, a dangerous drug, a combination of two or more of those substances, or any other substance into the body; or(B) having an alcohol concentration of 0.08 or more.

Sec. 49.07. INTOXICATION ASSAULT. (a) A person commits an offense if the person, by accident or mistake: (1) while operating an aircraft, watercraft, or amusement ride while intoxicated, or while operating a motor vehicle in a public place while intoxicated, by reason of that intoxication causes serious bodily injury to another.

Sec. 49.08. INTOXICATION MANSLAUGHTER. (a) A person commits an offense if the person:(1) operates a motor vehicle in a public place, operates an aircraft, a watercraft, or an amusement ride, or assembles a mobile amusement ride; and (2) is intoxicated and by reason of that intoxication causes the death of another by accident or mistake. (b) Except as provided by Section 49.09, an offense under this section is a felony of the second degree.

When somebody drives a vehicle while intoxicated and either injures or kills another, the law allows them to be sued for greater damages than if they had been sober. If you or a loved one have been injured by a drunk driver in a car accident, the case must be handled by an aggressive Houston car accident attorney in order to give you the best chance at recovering as much compensation as legally possible.

Distracted Driving
like talking on cell phones or texting while driving continues to be a leading cause of wrecks. In just a few seconds, distracted drivers can easily veer off the side of the road causing either a single vehicle auto accident or drift into another lane and cause a multi-vehicle collision.

Aggressive Reckless Driving
is described as “an individual who commits a combination of moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property.” Aggressive driving can take the form of speeding, running red lights, tailgating and general disregard for the rules of the road.

Drowsy or Fatigued Driving
can actually be as dangerous as drunk driving or driving under the influence of legal or illegal drugs. If somebody gets behind the wheel of an automobile when it is dangerous, whether because of alcohol or exhaustion, they are putting other people on the road at risk.

Tire Blowouts
can be the result of many factors including defective tires, improper installation, over-inflation, under-inflation, overuse and road hazards.
Other causes could be reckless driving, failure to yield the right of way, or driving the wrong way. Whatever the cause, the basic elements of an auto accident are similar to any negligence claim. You need a car crash lawyer who can build a case to prove that the driver was negligent in the operation of their car and this caused the collision and your resulting injuries.

Common Locations For Car Accidents In The Houston Area

  • I-10 West Katy Freeway Houston
  • I-10 East Baytown Freeway Houston
  • I-45 North Freeway
  • I-45 Gulf Freeway
  • I-610 East Loop
  • I-610 West Loop
  • I-610 South Loop
  • I-610 North Loop
  • Hardy Toll Road Houston
  • Highway 6 Accidents
  • Beltway 8 East Houston
  • South Sam Houston Toll Road
  • Other Dangerous Roads in Houston


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  31. I-45 Gulf Freeway
  32. I-45 North Freeway
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  34. I-610 North Loop
  35. I-610 South Loop
  36. I-610 West Loop
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  54. Uber Accidents
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  56. Wrong Way Drivers
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  58. Aggressive Driving
  59. Drowsy or Fatigued Driving Accidents
  60. Miscarriage Caused by Car Accident
  61. Rear End Car Accidents
  62. Highway Accidents
  63. Taxi and Limo Accidents
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  65. Parking Lot Accidents
  66. Backing Accidents
  67. 2014 Texas Car Accident Statistics
  68. Types of Insurance Coverage
  69. Dangerous Roads

Houston Car Accident Lawyer

Maida Law Firm – Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston

Houston has the deadliest roads.

There’s no sugarcoating it: Houston has the deadliest roads and drivers in the country. If you’re a Houstonian that has to get behind the wheel everyday, you know how dangerous it can be. From trucks ramming into the back of cars at breakneck speeds, pedestrians being run over, and motorcyclists being struck on their bikes, our car accident lawyers have seen it all when it comes to some of the deadliest cases in Houston.

Should I hire an attorney after a car accident?

Not every car accident case needs a lawyer. Although it is perfectly fine to file a personal injury claim against an insurance company by yourself, this route may only be suitable if you’ve suffered minor injuries in your car accident.

But for catastrophic and serious car accidents that result in severe injuries and expensive medical bills, you should hire a qualified car accident lawyer that will be able to help you fight the insurance companies. Your car accident lawyer will have knowledge of the applicable laws surrounding your case and will be there to help you with all of the legal filings. They will represent you throughout the life cycle of your case and will act on your behalf.

How much time do I have to file a lawsuit?

If you’ve suffered due to a car accident, it is completely normal to take care of your health first. For many people, hiring a car accident lawyer to start the legal process sounds stressful. But keep in mind, you don’t have an unlimited amount of time to file.

Every state’s statute of limitations surrounding car accident cases is different. So, what does “statute of limitations” mean? It means that there is a limit on the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit. In the cases of personal injury and claims surrounding property damage, you have two years to file a petition with the courts in Texas (there are some exceptions to this). Two years is not an unlimited amount of time so don’t procrastinate. The sooner you take action, the better.

Keep in mind that contacting a lawyer should NOT add stress. An attorney’s goal is to relieve the stress of your legal claim and handle the process entirely ourselves.

What should I do right after a car accident?

There are several steps to take after a car accident to protect yourself and Texas has laws surrounding this. Let’s take a look at step by step instructions on what to do after a car accident.

Ensure that you’re okay and anyone in the vehicle with you are okay. Also check on anyone else involved in the wreck to see if they’re okay. Then, if you’re able, move as far away from oncoming traffic as quickly as you can. The accident site itself will increase the odds of another accident. Keep yourself safe.

Call 911 if there seems to be an emergency situation. If you still have your cell phone on you, call 911. If you don’t have a cell phone, see if anyone else has one. If you’re near other buildings where people are, ask them to call 911. Find a way to call 911.
If there isn’t a direct emergency after the accident, call the local police department to report the accident.

Once the police arrive, and they see the need for you to sign a traffic citation, you should sign it. This does not mean that you’re guilty of anything.

Always get the police officers’ names and division. This is important information that you’ll have to add to your personal file for documentation purposes.

Always get the contact information from the other drivers that were involved in the accident. We even advise you to get the contact information for the other passengers if they’re adults.

Check for any witnesses on the scene that can vouch for your support. You will also want their contact information in case you may need them for further clarification during the accident case.

If you have a camera or cell phone, remember to take photos of any damage to all the vehicles that are involved in the car accident. You’ll also want to capture photos of the area so that the weather conditions and road conditions are clearly visible. Traffic signs are another important thing to capture in your photos.

Request a copy of the police car accident report. Sometimes it will be available on the scene. If not, you can get a copy of the report from the Texas Department of Transportation.

Once you get a copy of the police accident report, learn how to read it so that you may know what type of information it has. It’s really important to be schooled on your situation and how it has been recorded.

If you have any injuries, immediately seek medical attention from the nearest hospital or physician. Even if you think that you don’t have any injuries, it’s still very wise to get checked out by a doctor.

Get a medical record from your physician on your injuries.

You need to contact your insurance company to report the car accident. The insurance company may ask for a recorded statement about the accident. However, you’re not required to provide this immediately and can consult with your attorney before complying with the request.

Keep in mind that it’s absolutely crucial to stick to the facts and be truthful when sharing your account of the accident. However, always be very cautious when sharing your story with the insurance companies. They are trained to search for loopholes in your story so that they may find any viable reason to deny your claim. The last thing you need to do is say something to them that will compromise your legal rights.

This is where a qualified car accident lawyer will benefit you tremendously. It’s our job to ensure that your legal rights are protected and secured. Never let anyone pressure you into saying something or signing something before speaking to your car accident attorney. You have the right to temporarily withhold that information.

Why should I hire a Houston car accident lawyer?

There are many people that are uncomfortable with hiring a lawyer for matters like car wrecks and injuries. They often believe that it further complicates the problem or is completely un-affordable. This lack of understanding usually causes more problems in the long run.

Here’s the thing: many people don’t realize how complicated car accident claims can be. Insurance companies proclaim to have your best interest at heart, but in reality, their job is to do the least amount for you as possible. In addition to this, the more severe the accident was, the higher the likelihood you’re going to get taken advantage of.

People don’t realize the importance of protection needed in cases that involve serious car accidents. You can never trust the other party to do right by you. For example, if a car pulled out in front of you, hit you and then a passenger in that car passed away as a result, you cannot trust that they won’t accuse you of the difficult situation. Protection means everything and a car accident lawyer is a necessity.

We aren’t saying that you don’t have the right to deal with your own claim. There are many people out there that prefer to handle their matters completely on their own. But it isn’t always wise. We have encountered countless situations in which those that were injured in car accidents were short-changed by insurance companies. Don’t let that person be you! With the right attorney, you can claim what is rightfully yours and without the added stress of dealing with the insurance companies.

Important questions to ask after a car accident in Houston

After a car accident, there’s often a lot of confusion as to what you should do. We stated earlier what to do immediately after the accident. What about in the days afterward? If you’re struggling with what you should do in terms of dealing with only the insurance company or hiring a car accident attorney, ask yourself these important questions.

1. Were there any injuries? Were there any fatalities?
If you or a loved one had to seek medical care for the car accident injuries, then you need to talk to us as soon as possible. We will help you to determine the cost of all medical expenses and treatment. Be sure to keep all transaction receipts and bills of medical services.

2. Was your vehicle or anyone else’s vehicle damaged?
When car accidents happen, depending on the severity of the crash, it’ll cause some serious damage to your car. Some vehicles become completely totaled from the car crash. Others obtain minor damage, but are damaging to the pocketbook. It’s important that you have a vehicle to transport yourself and your family to school, work, church, and other daily tasks and routines. Thus, if a car accident damages your vehicle or completely totals it, you need to quickly discern the best course of action to repair or replace the vehicle. This is usually not easy for the average person to do unexpectedly. Vehicles cost money. Vehicle repairs cost money. Let us help you receive the full amount owed to you so that you can afford to replace what you’ve lost from the car accident.

3. Were the police called and involved after the car accident?
If the police were called to the scene of your car accident, this can help you tremendously in proving who should be held liable for your insurance claim. The police officers will have documented everything from the vehicles involved, the location, the scenario that caused the accident and all people involved. If someone broke the law with something such as drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs, they will have a report on that. If any traffic violations caused the accident, they will also have documentation of that as well. All of these details will help you on your insurance claim.

4. Were there any insurance or medical costs due to the car accident?
Remember that you’re searching for compensation on your situation. If you had to endure any type of financial loss due to insurance or medical bills, you’ll want to show these as proof for your claim as well.

If you were able to answer “yes” to these questions, give us a call. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you and lose out on what is rightfully yours!

Let’s take a look at some specific reasons to hire a Houston car accident lawyer:

  • Multiple parties were involved in the car wreck
  • One or more people were killed by the accident
  • One of more people were injured by the accident
  • The police report doesn’t match with the actual incident
  • One or more parties involved did not have car insurance or health insurance
  • There was a hit and run situation
  • The other parties did not share their contact information with you
  • You cannot afford the medical bills
  • You cannot afford to repair or replace the vehicle

How can a Houston car accident attorney help me?

A qualified lawyer can help you fight the insurance companies. If you try to do it on your own, it will usually spell disaster. Insurance companies earn their money by ensuring that you receive as little as possible from the car accident. If you sustained serious injuries from the accident, you absolutely cannot rely on the insurance company to honor you. It’s crucial for you to reach out to a car accident lawyer so that you may have the proper guidance in dealing with the insurance company and all other parties involved.

A car accident lawyer can also help you lower your medical bills. An average emergency room visit can cost in upwards of $20,000 and hospital stays and surgeries can cost several thousand dollars. Even physical therapy can be expensive!

Here are some ways in which a qualified Houston car accident lawyer can help you:

  • Your lawyer will listen to all of your concerns
  • They will determine the liable parties for your pain and suffering
  • A lawyer will work on your legal claim and file it on your behalf
  • They will gather all necessary evidence to prove your injuries and/or damages
  • And they will present this to your insurance company for negotiation.
  • And of course, once you hand this burden over to us, we will fight for your care so that you can take care of yourself. This gives you the much needed opportunity to heal from your injuries and endure any medical treatments without the added stress of the legalities. You will KNOW that you’re protected. Too many times have we watched people accept settlements that were robbing them of money, medical care, vehicle repairs, vehicle replacements, jobs and peace of mind. This does not have to be the case for you! We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to fight for what’s rightfully yours.

Common causes of car accidents in Houston
There are a lot of people that live and travel through Texas every day. This means that vehicle accidents are going to happen. However, there are many causes of these unfortunate events. Let’s take a look at some of the common causes of car accidents in the great state of Texas.

Distracted Drivers
Distracted drivers area a dime a dozen in Houston. They can be distracted by the children in the backseat that are arguing. They can be distracted by adjusting the temperature dial in the dash. They can be distracted by a conversation with a passenger. Regardless of the distraction, it only takes one second to look away from the road and then find yourself in an unfortunate event.

Despite the laws surrounding texting and driving in Houston (and Texas), texting has become a major problem for Houston drivers. People think that they can safely text and drive at the same time. What they don’t realize is that texting pulls their attention away from the road for a long time. In many cases, drivers are looking at the phone for a solid 20 seconds instead of the busy roadway in front of them.

Speeding is another major contribution to Houston car accidents. There are speed limit signs for a reason – your own protection. When you’re speeding, you’re increasing the risk of losing control of your vehicle as well as reducing your response time to sudden objects in your way.

Sadly, there are far too many people that consume alcohol and then get behind the wheel. This has been a major cause of many devastating Houston car accidents. Never, ever get behind the wheel if you have consumed any amount of alcohol. Period.

Drug Influence
With similar effects to drinking and driving, street drugs AND prescription drugs have caused many devastating Houston car wrecks as well. Anything you consume that compromises your physical and mental ability to independently operate a vehicle will cause immeasurable damage to your life and the life of others.

Wildlife is a very common cause of car accidents in Houston. Nighttime poses the biggest risk of wildlife related accidents as it’s harder to see when a deer will suddenly appear from the trees. Accidents also occur when wildlife animals such as opossums, armadillos, dogs, cats, foxes, birds and squirrels suddenly jump in front of your vehicle. A person’s natural instinct is to swerve from hitting the animal. And sadly, if the animal is large like a deer, the animal can force the car off the road before the driver has time to swerve. Wildlife causes many types of unfortunate accidents.

Inclement Weather
Severe weather such as thunderstorms, hail, snow, ice, and wind causes many car accidents. Such circumstances often lower the driver’s visibility or their ability to keep the vehicle on the road.

Tire Blowouts
Bad tires are another common incident that leads to car accidents. If the quality of your tire is compromised by something the car ran over or if the tire is slowly eroding, a blowout can happen unexpectedly. When they do, they often jerk the driver’s steering wheel hard and unexpectedly from their hands. Always do your best to maintain proper tire care for this very reason.

Improper Vehicle Maintenance
If you’re unable to maintain the health of your car, this can often lead to unnecessary accidents. Blown head gaskets, transmission problems and more can compromise a driver’s ability to maintain control of the vehicle and cause an accident.

Road Work
It happens far too often here in Houston: a driver leaves work and is in a rush to get home. They encounter road work on the interstate and compromise their safety driving habits. You get the point. Always slow down when you encounter road work. Not only for your safety, but for the safety of others as well.

Dangerous Intersections
Many serious car accidents happen at popular intersections. So many times, drivers will pull out in front of an unseen driver or they encounter confusion over who had the right of way.

Improper Signs or Lights
Sometimes, accidents are caused by improper signs or lights. Perhaps there’s a yield sign when it should be a stop sign. Regardless of the reason, these types of occurrences cause confusion and car accidents.

Potholes and Pavement Cracks
Many times, a huge pothole can be hit at just the right speed to cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle. These can appear expectantly or unexpectedly.

Types of car accidents in Houston

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

There are several different types of car accidents. Here are some of the most common:

Single Vehicle Accidents
These only involve your car and no one else’s Depending on the scenario, they can be very minor or very serious.

Head-on Crash Accidents
These are often devastating car accidents. You often see these type of car accidents on interstate highways.

Rear-end Crash Accidents
With these, you may be sitting at a stop light and minding your own business when a car from behind you crashes into your backside.

Rollover Accidents
These types of accidents are often seen with SUV vehicles and other high ride vehicles. They usually occur when there’s too much speed and a loss of friction from the wheels to the pavement. Making a turn with a high speed often causes rollover accidents.

Fatal Crash Accidents
These are the most heartbreaking cases that we deal with. These involve a driver or passenger that didn’t survive the accident.

Hit and Run Accidents
These types of accidents involve one driver hitting another and then escaping the scene before you can communicate with them. In these cases, it’s often hard to capture a description of the vehicle or even a tag number. However, it’s very helpful in your case to have any details that you possibly can.

Uber Crash Accidents
These type of accidents involve a stranger transporting you to another location in their personal vehicle. Due to this particular circumstance, it’s definitely important to not handle these type of cases on your own.

Taxi Cab Crash Accidents
These are similar to Uber accidents. You’ll want protection from the car accident attorney as the taxi cab company may do anything it can to refuse liability.

Bus Accidents
Public transportation is not always the safest form of transportation. If you were involved in a bus accident, be sure to have as many details as you can of the scenario. Even obtain information of the driver and other fellow passengers.

Motorcycle Crashes
These are often one of the most devastating forms of vehicular accidents. A motorcycle driver has little protection when he or she crashes into an oncoming car, truck or even a tree or power pole.

Bicycle Accidents
Bicycle accidents always require the help of an attorney. Far too often, these particular cases are devastating, if not fatal. Whether the bicyclist stayed in his lane or not, there’s no physical protection once hit by another vehicle.

ATV Accidents
These are widely considered fun vehicles, but they’re rarely taken as seriously as they should be. A vehicle is a vehicle whether it’s an on-road or off-road vehicle. ATV accidents can also be devastating depending on the scenario.

What are the most common car accident injuries in Houston?

  1. With any accident can come a variety of injuries and medical problems. Some are more common than others depending on the type of vehicle accident that occurred.
  2. Whiplash. This involves irritation to the neck muscles that’s caused by the sudden stop of the accident,
  3. Cuts, scrapes and bruises,
  4. Soft tissues injuries such as torn tendons, ligaments or muscles,
  5. Broken bones,
  6. Fractured bones,
  7. Spinal injuries of the neck and back,
  8. Brain or head injuries such as concussions, internal bleeding, skull fractures and more,
  9. Burn injuries from mild cases to severe cases.

If you had any of these injuries in a Houston car accident, there’s no doubt that huge medical bills come along with it. Give us a call TODAY for your free consultation! There’s no reason to suffer needlessly. Let us help you!

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

Are there any upfront costs for hiring an attorney for my car accident?

People believe that they’re unable to afford help from a Houston car accident lawyer, so they skip out on seeking answers altogether and accept major losses from the deceptive insurance companies. This should never be the case! There are no up-front costs to hire one of our car accident attorneys. We work on a contingency fee basis. To define this, if we lose the case, you pay us nothing. And if we win the case, we are only paid a portion of the settlement. There’s absolutely nothing that comes from your own pocket. There are no up-front costs and never will you give us any of your money.

What are attorney contingency fees?

An attorney contingency fee is simply a fee that’s charged for services ONLY if the lawsuit was a success and worked out in your favor. In addition to this, the attorney fees are usually pulled from the client’s settlement so nothing comes out of your own pocket.

What percentage of your settlement does your attorney receive as payment?

Most lawyers charge 33% percent of the initial settlement if the case is resolved without the need of a lawsuit. However, if a lawsuit is necessary in order to settle the case, then the attorney fee can jump to 40% of the settlement. Keep in mind, however, that most cases are settled outside of court. We will never file a lawsuit if we do not have the client’s permission to do so.

To give you an idea of what this would look like, if we negotiate a $60,000 settlement on your behalf, then you will receive $40,000 of that. From the $40,000 that you would receive, your medical care and any other debts will be paid and you can keep the remaining amount. Then you can use the remaining amount to cover any lost wages and recover from the accident. The $20,000 is paid in attorney fees. And obviously, if the settlement isn’t reached, then there would be no cost to you.

The settlement is almost always paid by the insurance company. They almost always pay our clients in one large sum as they usually don’t like to divide the amount into smaller payments.

How do Houston car accident settlements work?

There are several factors that play into the settlement payment. This is why it’s really important to document everything and hold on to the proof of everything revolving around the car accident. Listed below are many of the factors that will determine the payment amount of your settlement:

  • The cost of medical care due to injury
  • The cost of future medical care due to the car accident
  • Disabilities or impairments from the car accident
  • Job loss or missed work due to the car accident
  • Any suffering that you experienced due to the car accident

Can I sue an insurance company without hiring a lawyer?

Picture of a car accident attorney talking to a clientYes, you could. However, it’s highly recommended NOT to do so as insurance companies are notorious for offering extremely low settlements and even denying claims.

People who have never studied the law are not prepared to fight against an insurance company. Simply researching laws in Texas won’t instantly make you a schooled person of the law. The court will expect you to know every bit as much as a lawyer would know and they will hold you accountable for your case. And the insurance companies know this is where they can take advantage of you.

Consulting with a qualified Houston car accident lawyer is typically in your best interest.

How to deal with insurance adjusters

Many people are misled into thinking that the insurance adjusters are your best friend when they are not. It’s easy to fall for their caring and sympathetic sounding words and become convinced that they’re on your side. In fact, most insurance adjusters WANT to convince you that they’re going to do right by you and give you the best deal. Never fall for this trick. Once you file your claim, the insurance adjuster will call you and start working on getting the lowest settlement for you. That’s the thing: their job is to offer you the LOWEST settlement while convincing you that it’s the best settlement.

They may tell you that you need to give them a recorded statement before you can receive a settlement. Unless litigation is in the works, they don’t have the right to obtain a recorded statement from you. Period.

It’s also a huge mistake to give the other party’s insurance company a recorded statement. This allows for them to deeply dig into every word you’ve spoken so as to find a loophole for not giving you what’s owed to you. It just takes one misspoken word or comment that can cost you a settlement. They are trained to find anything that you say that can work against you. It’s sad how deceptive they are in offering sympathetic vocal tones and words, but it’s a reality.

With this being said, it’s best for you to only give them your most basic information. Don’t carry on with casual conversation with them. Don’t cave into their seemingly caring comments. These are all designed to be a trap. They are looking for ways to prove that you’re either responsible for the car accident or that you’ve been dishonest in the amount of your losses or that your injuries weren’t as severe as you’re trying to claim. There are many things they search for to use against you. Thus, if they ask for a recorded statement, kindly tell them “no”. If they insist on a recorded statement, kindly tell them “no”.

This is why it’s best to let our team handle the communications with the insurance adjusters! We have spent years studying and practicing the law and know how to navigate through tricky conversations with insurance adjusters. Too many times, victims of car accidents that have had no training in the law also become victims to these sneaky insurance companies. Don’t let that person be you! Give us a call today if you’ve been in a car accident and are needing advice. Please don’t hesitate!

What should I do when the insurance company offers me a settlement?

Once the claim has been filed, the insurance company will contact you with a settlement offer; this is where it’s really important to have a car accident attorney on your side.

It can be a huge temptation to accept the first settlement that the insurance company has to offer you. They know that most likely, you have a lack of understanding in the law and what’s really owed to you. When you’ve been overwhelmed with stress, grief, financial loss and more, it can be a relief to hear that they’re going to send you a check. Don’t be that person that accepts the initial settlement offer! It will be a costly mistake for you, and it’s one that you cannot turn back from.

As we have stated previously, insurance companies want to do as much as they can to lower the amount of the settlement. Their main goal is to make a profit off of you. Yes, you read that correctly. They work to make money from your pain and suffering. Unfortunately, once an insurance company deceives a person into accepting their low payout, they then lock the doors on that person from being able to seek additional funds that are rightfully owed to them. It doesn’t matter how dirty their deal was – they will NOT waiver from their decision. This is because they are in it to make a profit. So many people lose out on what’s rightfully theirs, and that’s a shame.

If anything else, this is a huge reason to allow a car accident lawyer to handle all communications with these insurance companies. A car accident attorney will look over the insurance company’s offer and advise you on whether it’s a good deal or not. And if it isn’t a good deal, the lawyer will fight for you by convincing the insurance company to deliver a better settlement. It’s important that you have a high enough settlement that will cover your losses and suffering!

Keep in mind that insurance companies KNOW that lawyers understand their profit scheme and will not stop fighting them until the offer a fair settlement. With our team having this type of advantage over them, it gives us much higher success rates in winning that best settlement on your behalf.

Many people think that there’s no need to have a car accident lawyer when dealing with a claim. It’s not as simple as it seems and there are many reasons why you shouldn’t handle a case on your own. People that are not represented by car accident lawyers are targets for being wrongly treated. However, if an insurance company knows that you have a great lawyer working on your side, then they will likely shape up really quickly! Our law team does not stop until we get what is rightfully yours!

Typical Life Cycle of a Houston Car Accident Claim

Tell us about your car accident and let us help you!

Millions of people drive through Texas every day. With that being said, vehicle accidents are inevitable and often provide major issues for everyone involved. You can never trust the other party regardless of what they promise you. Far too often have we seen innocent people get pulled through the mud needlessly! In addition to the complications of legalities, these scenarios in life provide tremendous amounts of stress, heartache, money and worries. Our team is here to offer you solutions, comfort, compassion, guidance and relief. It’s a joy for us to provide you with honest support, good character, years of experience and knowledge of the law. Do you want the best results for your loved ones? For you? Then let us help you TODAY.

As we said earlier, insurance companies will do everything they can to deny your accident claim. That’s their job-to deny your claim so that more money goes into THEIR pockets. And if they see that there’s no way to NOT pay you something, they will then fight to pay you as little as they can. Is this something that you want to deal with on your own? If you don’t know your stuff, they can really take advantage of you. You will find yourself walking away empty-handed and with a ton of debt that you cannot pay. Think about it. This is how insurance companies earn money. They take advantage of you by promising to protect you.

When you talk to your insurance company, please, do not sign ANYTHING until you have first sought counsel from us. By simply signing with the insurance company before consulting us, you run the risk of losing everything that’s owed to you. Don’t make the mistake of being pressured by their forms without proper counsel from us!

If you’re worried that consulting us will result in another expensive bill that you can’t afford, remind yourself that consulting with us is FREE. Please contact us and let us help you sort out this bump in the road. The longer you wait, the more harm it can cause you. Give us a call today and let’s take care of this situation so you can receive the healing you need and the compensation that’s rightfully yours!

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The injury case law firm at Maida Law office, provide the extremely skilled and devoted representation individuals require following a serious injury including another’s neglect whether in a car mishap, work mishap or other occasion.

Our law practice was voted among the best law practice in Houston, Texas.

What distinguishes Maida Law office from many lawyers holds true he won before the Supreme Court of the United States.

Call for a totally free consultation.

Do You Have an Injury Case in Houston Due to Neglect?

We deal with all injury neglect law cases in Houston, Texas and how the law is set up to attend to victims of neglect.

If you have actually been hurt as a result of somebody else’s neglect, make sure you work with the right legal representative!

We always provide a totally free consultation, call us today to discuss your case 713-785-9484.

How Can We Assist?

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  • Pet Bites
  • Truck Mishap
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Motorbike Accidents
  • Driving Under The Influence Accidents
  • Work environment Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Offshore Injury
  • Legal Solutions

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

How Do I Select An Attorney?

Top lawyers will have 8 qualifications
Board Certified By The Texas Board Of Legal Expertise
Only 2% of Texas lawyers have actually completed the rigorous treatment to be acknowledged as a professional by the State Bar of Texas.

This highest score from among the earliest legal representative directory sites means that other lawyers have actually evaluated them as being the best in their fields of law.

Acknowledged Super Lawyer

A Super Attorney is designated by peer evaluation and is a telling indication of a lawyer’s capability to deal with Houston injury cases.

American Board Of Trial Supporters Conscript

This invitation-only organization needs that members proves significant experience with difficult cases.

Jury Trial Cases & The U.S Supreme Court

An attorney can avoid trials and settle issues out of court, however this is frequently not in the best interest of a customer. A trial attorney who has attempted and won a case in the country’s highest court is an unequaled proof of capability.

” No Win, No Cost” Contingency Basis

Employ a lawyer who gets paid a percentage of your settlement or judgment. If the case does not settle and there is no money damages award, the legal representative will not get paid and the customer will owe them absolutely nothing.

Legal professionals who have actually successfully recuperated millions of dollars for their customers will have online rankings and reviews to prove it.

Years Of Experience

The more years of experience an attorney has particularly handing cases, the better. Experience is critical to success.

What kinds of cases do we deal with?

Brain Injury

Frequently arising from a car mishap, chauffeurs and travelers can struggle with Distressing Brain Injuries.

Small concussions can be major and require proper medical diagnosis and treatment.
Symptoms may appear shortly after the mishap or sometimes days or weeks after the injury.

Burn Injury

Burning match stick First, 2nd and third degree burns can be extremely major and require medical treatment.

Vehicle fires, chemical direct exposure, electrocution and industrial accidents can all trigger serious burn injuries which may require surgical treatment or skin grafts.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault and rape can take place in numerous locations consisting of apartment building and hotels– specifically when security is not any good. The physical and psychological impacts can take numerous kinds such as sexually sent infections (STI), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression simply among others.

Homeowner require to keep lawbreakers out to keep tenants and customers safe!

Victims of sexual assault have the right to look for settlement when a business or homeowner does not keep them safe.
broken arm individual injuryBroken Arm

Broken arms are among the most typical injuries that can happen to any of us. If your broken arm or other fracture was brought on by the recklessness of another, you can have us look for settlement for you if you call now.

Pet Bites

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

Kids and men are more likely than anyone else to be bitten by a pet. Pet bite injuries can impact muscles, bones, nerves and capillary along with the risk of infection.

Pet attacks are usually brought on by:

Negligent handling of the canine– such as not using a leash.
Not having an excellent enclosure or fence to keep the canine in the yard.
Inherently hazardous or vicious pet dogs
If the bite was the result of the owner’s or somebody else’s neglect an attorney can look for the settlement you should have to get medical attention and recover from your injuries.

Post Traumatic Tension Disorder (” PTSD”).

The victims of major accidents and near-death experiences are frequently left with issues connecting to Post Traumatic Tension Disorder– otherwise commonly referred to as PSTD.

This condition is a serious as the physical injuries sustained and can require years and years of therapy to handle the problem.

Spinal Cord Injury.

The spine is one of the most important parts of the human body as it sends info from the brain to muscles instructing our legs to walk and arms and hands to lift. These can be REALLY major injuries leading to permanent paralysis of upper and lower limbs.

Contact us today if you have actually suffered a spinal cord injury.

Electrocution Injury.

Contact with electrical currents triggers injuries such as burns, internal injury even cardiac arrest.

Any electrical equipment used, specifically industrial strength, requires to be correctly preserved and devoid of any style flaws.

Gas Surge Injury.

Much like electrical energy, gas can be extremely hazardous if it leakages which can trigger big surges. Those who maintain our streets or circulation lines must be incredibly mindful. If you have actually been hurt as a result of a surge contact our lawyers.

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

Properties Liability.

Homeowner, companies and employers are expected to keep their facilities devoid of any unreasonable security risks. Failure to do so can result in major slip and fall accidents that can be lethal or result in long-lasting injuries and specials needs.

Vehicle Mishaps.

vehicle rear ended mishap at highwayEvery 1 hour and 59 minutes, someone is hurt in a Texas vehicle mishap. Even seemingly mild injuries may take a long time to heal and require hurt victims to miss work and lose valuable earnings. If you have actually been hurt in a car mishap, we can negotiate with the insurance company to supply a just settlement deal that takes the full measure of your injuries and losses into account.

Truck Accidents.

Truck drivers and trucking business are controlled by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). They undergo strict guidelines concerning how long chauffeurs can remain on the road without rest, car maintenance, training requirements and innovation utilize behind the wheel. Sadly, cases show that these guidelines are frequently broken due to bad employing practices or in the name of larger earnings. Due to the huge size distinction between 18-wheelers and a standard vehicle, the injuries from truck accidents can be especially traumatic.

Bicycle Accidents.

Bicyclists have the same rights and duties as any motorist on Texas roads. Since they have little physical defense versus harm if a crash happens, bicyclists frequently sustain major physical harm. Numerous bike mishap victims are likewise children, who are difficult to spot when revoking driveways in Texas areas.

Motorbike Accidents.

Texans are required to use motorcycle helmets unless they are over 21 and have actually completed a Department-approved Motorbike Operator Training Course or bring $10,000 or more in medical insurance protection. Even with a helmet, motorcycle crashes frequently result in dreadful injuries consisting of broken bones, internal organ damage and burns from hot car equipment.

Driving Under The Influence Accidents.

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

The supreme example of neglect in motor vehicle crashes is an intoxicated motorist.

If you or an enjoyed one was struck by someone who was intoxicated, our lawyers can help you obtain settlement for their negligent lack of judgment.

Work environment Injury.

Work environment injuries can take place throughout all markets however are specifically typical in construction websites, work zones, factories and in healthcare clinics or healthcare facilities. Some occupational injuries take decades to develop, such as mesothelioma cancer.

Wrongful Death.

Member of the family who lose an enjoyed one due to somebody else’s neglect suffer an incredible psychological and monetary blow.

While no quantity of money can offset the loss of a cherished relative, filing a wrongful death claim can alleviate some of the tension b supplying money for:.

  • Funeral expenditures.
  • Burial expenses.
  • Mental anguish.
  • Lost making capacity.
  • Lost family services.
  • Lost love and companionship.
  • Compensatory damages (in particular cases).

How are monetary damages identified in an injury case?

The damages that can be recuperated in an injury case rely on the intensity of the actions of the irresponsible celebration.

Following a truck, vehicle, machinery or other mishap or incident, an evaluation of damages that can be recuperated by the victim would be carried out after the following issues are developed:.

Neglect– task or breach of task.
Causation– the injury sustained was a result of the accident/negligence.
Or medical neglect due to physician or surgeon error.

Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

Normal damages that are recoverable in injury cases consist of:

Previous and future physical pain and suffering.
Physical pain includes a lot more than simply the start of pain you experienced at the time of the wreck or mishap. It includes the pain you endured when having broken bones reset, or undergoing a series of skin grafts due to major burns, or any number of medical treatments essential to treat the injuries you suffered as a result of someone’s neglect.

Past Medical Expenditures.
Your medical costs may remain unsettled or you may be entitled to be repaid for the expenditures you sustained as a result of the treatment you require for your injuries. You may likewise recover future medical expenditures to treat ongoing or long-lasting conditions brought about by your injuries.

Punitive (Excellent) Damages.
Sometimes where an individual or company’s neglect is extreme punitive damages may be awarded over and above compensatory damages. An example would be a staff member who is seriously hurt or eliminated while working for a commercial or construction company who refuses to supply safe working conditions or security training to their workforce.

Previous and Future Disfigurement.
Disfigurements consist of scars and scarring arising from lacerations received in the mishap or post-operatively. Disfigurement may likewise take place as a result of loss of limb or appendage, or incorrectly healed fractures.

Previous and Future Physical Problems.
Such disabilities may limit your capability to take care of yourself, tend to your typical day-to-day routine, go to work, drive a car, walk, run, or participate in other activities you took pleasure in prior to being hurt in an accident. Physical problems may be short-lived, permanent, or long-lasting.

Loss of Past Wages.
Loss of past incomes is not restricted to recovery by the hurt individual. In the event of a wrongful death action, a decedent’s lost incomes may be recuperated by the widow or widower or parent or heirs at law.

Loss of Future Earning Capacity.
Much like past incomes, this loss is not restricted to recovery by the hurt individual. In the event of a wrongful death action, a decedent’s loss of future earning capacity may be recuperated by the widow or widower or parent or heirs at law.

Loss of Consortium.
Sometimes the injuries to a single person are so serious it injures the relationship within the family. Loss of consortium has been specified in Texas as a psychological and intangible element in a marital relationship so it is broad enough to consist of a wide array of elements.
It can therefore consist of the loss of:.

  • the mutual right of partners to affection.
  • assistance.
  • convenience.
  • companionship.
  • solace.
  • Loss of Family Providers.

Sometimes, one spouse may be entitled to settlement for loss of domestic service usually carried out by the other spouse.
An accident or injury can be damaging in so many ways beyond the physical. Allow us to be your guide in acquiring your restitution.

Who is responsible for my injury?

Car Wreck Personal Injury Attorney Houston Tx Maida Law Firm

All injury cases rely on proving neglect. To put it simply, plaintiffs must have the ability to show that the at-fault celebration acted recklessly and that their recklessness directly led to the victim’s injury and other losses.

A truck mishap including several lorries may discover that fault is spread out among all of the included parties, including yourself. While other cases such as a drowning in a pool, where only one celebration could be at fault for not putting up a fence.

Numerous hurt individuals make the error of believing that they can not recover settlement if they are partly to blame for an accident. That’s not necessarily true. Texas uses a legal idea called relative neglect in cases of shared fault. Simply put, it means that you can still be awarded money as long as you were not more than half responsible for the mishap. However, your portion of the award will be lowered by your portion of fault. It’s best to speak with an attorney when there are concerns of shared liability due to the fact that you could completely be barred from damages with an unreasonable assignment of fault.

Sometimes it is straightforward to identify the irresponsible parties in an accident. However an extensive examination by an attorney could expose “hidden” offenders that you may have never ever thought could contribute in your case.

Possible offenders could consist of people, homeowner, property managers, retailers, product designers or makers, business, healthcare facilities, canine owners, government firms and employers, among others. The distinct scenarios of every injury claim means that each case could be managed differently under Texas law.

How do we demand the complete settlement you be worthy of?
Insurer are profit-driven. Adjusters will do whatever they can to lower the worth of an accident claim. The very first settlement deal is frequently far lower than what the victim really is worthy of. It’s all part of their job. However the job of an attorney is to combat for what’s reasonable.

Insurer utilize a standard formula to place a worth on an insurance claim. The very first part of the estimations looks entirely at the direct expenses of the claim. This includes measurable quantities such as medical expenditures, residential or commercial property damage and lost incomes. Adjusters begin to struggle when computing pain and suffering and the psychological toll of the mishap, which are more abstract and up for dispute.

Injured individuals can reasonably anticipate to get a greater settlement if their injuries were serious and have extreme long-lasting consequences. There is a propensity for insurance coverage business to undervalue the true expenses of a claim when the future for a victim with a life-altering devastating injury is uncertain. Accepting a low settlement deal can be ravaging if issues arise.

The lawyers at Maida Law Firm, recognize with the tactics that insurance companies utilize to provide lowball payouts. We investigate all cases as if they are going to trial. Our strong approach lets them understand that we will not accept an unreasonable settlement.

Keep in mind: It is very important to comprehend that settlement deals can not surpass the insurance plan’s limitation quantity. No insurance company will pay above the cap even if your injuries are worth more than the insured celebration’s limitation. In those cases, it’s extremely crucial to contact an attorney to see about other possible legal remedies.

Do I have an injury case?
In general, you most likely will not require an attorney concentrating on injury law for a small fender-bender with little residential or commercial property damage and no injuries. It may be smarter and save time to accept settlements for low-cost repairs than to work with an attorney and sustain legal charges.

The answer is various if you have actually remained in an accident with injuries and significant residential or commercial property damage. Absolutely nothing obligates you to file an injury case. The time after an accident is extremely stressful and often individuals discover it best to accept a settlement and be finished with it.

If you have actually been hurt, believe about your injuries and scenarios. Were you hurt while using an e-cigarette, in a car mishap, or slip and fall mishap? Would it be reassuring to have extra settlement for your injuries and losses?

Depending on your answers, it may be worthwhile to contact a board-certified attorney serving in Houston. A lot of injury firms consisting of Michael P. Fleming and Associates, P.C., provide free preliminary assessments to talk about the realities of your case. And if you decide to employ us, you do not pay unless we win your case.

What are my legal choices?
The benefit of consulting with a is that you can find out about all of your legal choices. There are numerous misconceptions about what takes place when you file a suit. People envision facing off versus an offender in a courtroom and being interrogated by the opposing lawyers.

The truth is that many injury suits result in settlements. Only 4 to 5 percent of those cases really go to trial. Trials are more costly and time-consuming, so it is usually in everybody’s best interest to come up with a fair settlement that both sides enjoy with.

A settlement just means that you (the hurt celebration) accept an amount of settlement from the accountable celebration (or parties). In return, you concur not to look for any more damages from them.

Injury claims are civil suits. It’s possible that a criminal case versus the irresponsible celebration (such as an intoxicated motorist) will occur while you are pursuing your civil case. Those two claims are entirely separate and managed by various lawyers using various Texas statutes.

An individual injury case does not have to happen at the same time as a criminal case (if there is one). Sometimes the level of the injuries is so uncertain that it can be wise to wait to file fit up until you totally comprehend what your supreme outcome will be.

Houston Injury Lawsuit Defense Attorney.

In his 30 years of practicing law in the Houston area, Maida Law Firm has managed countless cases– both complainant and defense. He has defended chosen authorities, business, public employees and other people who have actually been sued for damages in state and federal courts. His accomplishments consisting of achieving acknowledgment and board accreditation in Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Expertise help him do what is needed to mount an effective defense when you are facing a claim in court.

Early in his career, Mr. Maida served as an assistant Harris County Lawyer defending the taxpayers and chosen authorities and staff members in federal civil injury cases. In that capacity, he conserved millions and millions of dollars for the public and was accredited as a personal injury case law expert in 1995.

What Kind of Cases do we Safeguard?
We can help you safeguard your assets by strongly defending you or your company in court in practically any civil claim consisting of:.

Cars And Truck Mishap Cases.

  • Worker Injuries.
  • Industrial Accidents.
  • Scams Claims.
  • Properties Liability Matters.
  • DWI Mishaps.
  • Wrongful Death Claims.
  • Civil Rights Damage Claims.

If you have actually received a notification from a complainant’s legal representative that you are about to be sued– or if you receive a citation (notice of a suit versus you) you must right away call your insurance coverage provider so that they can employ you an injury defense legal representative. Individuals can represent themselves (usually a big error) however business can not be represented by their owner unless the owner is likewise a licensed attorney.

Can’t I Employ a Civil Defense Lawyer Later?
It can be a big error to delay in finding an injury defense if you or your company have actually been threatened or really sued for injuries. If you have actually received a citation and do not file the proper paperwork in court to deny the allegations and mount an appropriate defense, you may find yourself as the topic of a default judgment which means you lose the case. If you do not address the claim, the next notice you receive might be the real judgment versus you. It will then be far too late to safeguard yourself in court.

If you or your company are facing a suit for injury damages, do not delay in looking for counsel from a certified injury defense attorney. Contact Michael P. Fleming for a totally free, no-obligation consultation.

Learn more On These Particular Cars And Truck Mishap Types.

  • Burn Injuries.
  • Internal Injuries.
  • Hand and Arm.
  • Neck Injuries.
  • Knee Injuries.
  • Shoulder Injuries.
  • Spinal Cord.
  • Cuts and Lacerations.
  • Concussions.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries.
  • Broken Bones.
  • Air Bag Injuries.
  • Vision & Eye Injuries.
  • Hearing Loss Injuries.
  • Internal Injuries.
  • Scarring & Disfigurement.
  • Stats About Cars And Truck Mishaps.

The number of individuals who are hurt or eliminated every year is staggering. Consider these realities from the National Safety Council:.

Just recently, unintentional death was named the No. 3 cause of death for the very first time in U.S. history.

Automobile accidents, falls and job-related injuries all increased during an one-year duration.

Someone is hurt every second in America.

More than 5,000 preventable injuries happen every hour.

Every 10 minutes, three individuals pass away and 847 sustain injuries that require medical attention.
More detailed to home, Texas injury information is likewise troubling:.

There were no deathless days on Texas roads in 2016.

Texas is one of the leading states for dog-related insurance coverage claims.

More than 381,000 Texans are living with an impairment due to a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Texas has among the highest rates of deadly work accidents in the United States.
Supporting You Through The Claims Process.

Insurance business will begin calling within days– often hours– of the mishap. If you have actually worked with an attorney, you can refer the company directly to the legal representative.

The goal of a lawyer is simple– to obtain settlement for your injuries. Doing that includes constructing a strong case that can not be quickly disputed.

We accomplishes this by:

  • Listening to your side of the story.
  • Evaluating invoices and costs to get a concept of what the mishap has cost you economically.
  • Collecting proof such as mishap reports, pictures, medical records and witness statement to support your claim.
  • Employing outdoors specialists such as doctors, psychologists, mishap reconstructionists, and professional professionals to discuss how the mishap affects you, both now and in the future.
  • Filing all paperwork with the court on time.
  • Supplying you with constant updates on the status of your case.
  • Addressing your concerns without delay.
  • Encouraging you of whether a settlement deal is reasonable or if it might be smart to go trial.
  • Constantly leaving the supreme decisions in your hands.
  • Clearing all liens and paying out settlement funds as soon as a contract is reached.

Houston Personal Injury Lawyer with Proven Results

Picking the right Houston injury personal injury attorney to safeguard your monetary future after a serious mishap is not an easy decision. It is critical that you pick a lawyer who is uniquely certified to handle your case and likewise an attorney who has a record of success with such cases. Who you choose to handle your injury case can make a substantial distinction in the quantity of money that you receive.

Our law practice has attained the highest rankings offered for legal capability and ethical requirements. Additionally, we have actually received numerous awards both on a statewide and nationwide basis.

The Houston tx injury lawyers at the Maida Law Firm, been incredibly effective in maximizing settlement for households after a serious personal injury and finding justice after the death of an enjoyed one. We only deal with incidents including significant injury or wrongful death and intentionally limit the number of cases that we accept to provide the best possible service to our injury customers.

When you put your trust in the Maida Law Firm, we strive to make the procedure as stress-free as possible so you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries. Our goal is to optimize your settlement and to make the procedure as smooth as we can make it.

We represent customers who have actually been seriously hurt by the neglect or recklessness of others and have actually been practicing exclusively in injury law for over three decades.

Our injury lawyers concentrate on Houston area vehicle accidents, 18-wheeler semi truck crashes, wrongful death cases, daycare injury, dram shop or DWI mishap cases along with fires and surges.

We offer free- no responsibility assessments for injury victims within the state of Texas and only take cases on a contingency charge basis, which means we only get paid if we win money for you.

To speak to a Houston mishap attorney – Call us at 713-785-9484 for a no-obligation consultation regarding your Houston injury case.

Sharpstown Accident Counsel

A knowledgeable personal accidental injury lawyers is who you want on your side if you were wrongfully hurt in Sharpstown.

A knowledgeable, well-informed attorney comprehends what it takes to get results. At the Maida Law Firm, we are passionate about supplying a client-focused experience.

  • We listen to you so we can comprehend your needs and goals. And then we get to work.
  • We treat every customer with the self-respect and regard they should have.
  • We defend you, with the goal of recovering the monetary settlement you require for your injuries and damages.

The Sharpstown injury lawyers of the Maida Law office supply really individualized service for each customer.

We take an aggressive stance, never ever pulling back from a fight with anyone, consisting of big insurance companies and business entities.

If you are searching for an experienced injury attorney in Sharpstown, Texas, here’s what else you must understand about us:

  • Together, we have over 4 decades helping individuals in the fields of maritime, injury, insurance coverage, and more. You can have a look at our complete list of practices areas here.
    As previous defense lawyer, we understand how insurance companies work and how to beat them in court.
  • We take injury cases on a contingency charge basis, suggesting that you do not need to pay us upfront.
  • We offer free assessments, so call us today.
  • We invite you to keep reading and call us with any concerns you have if you ‘d like to find out more about Sharpstown individual injury cases.
Sharpstown Personal Injury Attorney


  • Sharpstown is a terrific place to live, play, and work. Our city is likewise a popular traveler capital, as visitors flock to see the NASA Space Center, experience our museums, or take in a game.
  • Regardless of the many advantages our city provides, we do not take pleasure in the best security record in the state– and even the country.
  • In fact, our own Sharpstown Chronicle called our city’s roads “Out of Control,” reporting that our roads and chauffeurs are some of the most lethal in the United States.
  • The Chronicle looked at a typical week on the Sharpstown roads, reporting, in one seven-day period, 2,777 car crashes with 40 major injuries and 12 deaths.
  • Sharpstown car crash information from the Texas Department of Transport isn’t any more beneficial.

In 2018, our city saw more than 64,000 car crashes, nearly 25,000 of which led to injuries or deaths– or both.

Other Cities We Serve:

Braeburn Glen, Maplewood North, Maplewood, Jeanetta, Barkley Circle, Commerce Park, Barkley Square South, Fondren Southwest, Townpark, Northbrook



With as numerous motor vehicle crashes as our city experiences, you may believe that vehicle accidents are the primary source of injuries in Sharpstown.

However regrettably, we experience a wide array of injury accidents, a number of which take place offshore.

A few of the most typical kinds of cases we see consist of:

  • Trucking accidents,
  • Maritime & offshore injuries,
  • Burn injuries,
  • Properties liability,
  • Item liability,
  • Cruise liner accidents, and
  • Railroad injuries.
  • In addition to these kinds of cases, we can likewise assist you with slip and fall injuries, motorcycle accidents, canine bites, and medical malpractice.

If you lost an enjoyed one due to neglect or recklessness, we likewise assist customers with filing wrongful death claims.

Contact us today to learn who is qualified to file a wrongful death claim in Texas and how long you need to take legal action under the Texas statute of limitations.


If you’re searching for an injury legal representative, Houston, TX, has numerous choices for you to pick from.

So how do you understand which lawful professional is right for you?

Consider the Nature of Your Injury Accident
You will want a lawyer who has experience in the injury field related to your mishap.

Whether you had a car incident, offshore injury, trucking mishap, and so on, search for a firm that notes that as one of their practice areas in Houston.

  • Review the Law firm’s Track Record
    Having experience in a pertinent area of legal practice is necessary, however so is the law firm’s performance history.
  • Review customer testimonials and past case results to get a better feel for the law firm.
  • Be an Informed Individual
    Although some law practice do not concentrate on customer education, you require access to info that will help you make the right decisions.
  • Select a legal representative who will address your concerns and discuss your choices.

That’s an excellent indication that your legal representative is dedicated to keeping you informed if the legal firm provides a personal injury info library.

Picking the right Houston injury attorney is necessary, so you can feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

Discover an attorney you get in touch with and whom you feel you can trust to attain the best possible outcome in your case.


The Maida Law practice is proud of our more than 60 years of combined experience.

For our group of injury legal professionals, Houston represents our home and our community.

  • We are actively involved in our community, using scholarships to deserving trainees and free sober cab trips on holidays and for unique occasions throughout the year.
  • We supply aggressive, caring representation for our customers and defend their rights at every turn.
  • We likewise worth understanding and sharing info to guarantee you make the best decisions in your case.

To help you get going with the legal claim procedure, we provide complimentary assessments for Houston injury customers.

Prior to you make any decisions about your case or supply a statement to the insurance company or an attorney for the at-fault celebration, make the most of our free case evaluation.

You can reach us by phone 24 hr a day, every day of the year, and speak directly to a certified legal professional.

Cities We Serve:

Braeburn Glen, Maplewood North, Maplewood, Jeanetta, Barkley Circle, Commerce Park, Barkley Square South, Fondren Southwest, Townpark, Northbrook


Ideally, you must contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your collision.

Performing quickly to safeguard your rights offers a number of crucial advantages and advantages.

Maintaining Evidence

The quicker your attorney at law and legal group can get to work on your case, the much easier it will be to collect crucial proof.

Over time, witnesses’ memories fade.

Physical proof can degrade in the environment or inadvertently be ruined.

In some kinds of cases, such as professional trucking crashes, neglectful parties have actually been understood to destroy critical proof.

Although those examples are uncommon, taking fast action to work with an attorney can help construct the greatest possible case.

Securing Your Rights

Insurer are notorious for contacting victims directly after an injury mishap.

The insurance company usually requests that you make a tape-recorded statement about the mishap and your injuries.

What you may not recognize is that they’re searching for any prospective factor to deny or undervalue your claim.

Anything you say in your statement can be used versus you.

He or she will safeguard you from these questionable tactics when you have a law firm on your side.

Getting the Settlement You Deserve

Another typical tactic used by insurance companies is the fast, lowball deal for settlement.

If the at-fault celebration’s insurance company contacts you out of the blue and provides to settle your claim quickly, beware.

They may provide you a fraction of your claim’s worth in the hope that you’ll sign a release.

You lose all right to pursue any more damages from them as soon as you do.

Having Access to Resources

You require detailed medical treatment for your injuries if you have actually been seriously injured.

You require resources to help you keep the lights on and a roof over your head if you can’t work.

The quicker your personal injury lawyer can get going, the closer you’ll be to getting the resources you require.

You have actually sustained potentially life-altering injuries through no fault of your own.

You require a powerful supporter who can handle the huge insurance companies and mega-corporations on your behalf.

At The Maida Law Firm, we deal with every facet of your case, from start to finish.

We will be there for you, addressing your concerns and supplying frequent updates about your case.

We take care of whatever, so you can rest and focus your attention on your recovery and well-being.


To determine the worth of your injury claim, your legal representative will identify all of the physical, sensitive, and monetary damages connected with your case.

You may have the right to pursue damages for some or all of the following items:

  • Unexpected emergency transportation and treatment,
  • Physician and surgeon costs,
  • X-rays and medical imaging tests,
  • Hospital stays,
  • Medications and assistive devices,
  • Physical therapy,
  • Rehab services,
  • Mental health treatment,
  • Domestic or in-home care,
  • Lost advantages and incomes,
  • Personal effects damage,
  • Emotional trauma, and
  • Discomfort and suffering.
  • Depending on the nature of your injuries and how they may impact your future, your attorney may

likewise pursue settlement for:

  • Loss of making capacity,
  • Death’s satisfaction,
  • Disability or disfigurement,
  • Future medical treatment, and
  • Future earnings losses.
  • Although numerous customers inquire about a typical injury settlement quantity in Houston, this concern is impossible to address properly. Every case and every customer is distinct.

The very best way to obtain a more accurate quote of your claim’s worth is to contact an injury attorney at the Maida Law office today.

We consider every element of your case to guarantee we recover the optimum settlement for your losses.


Under the Texas statute of limitations, you have only two years to pursue legal action for an injury claim.

If you do not file a law suit in civil court within two years of the date of the injury mishap, you could lose your legal right to recover settlement.

The law permits some restricted exceptions to this rule that could apply to your case.

To guarantee you do not lose your right to take legal action, speak with a Houston injury attorney as soon as possible.


For the most part, injury personal injury firms accept cases on a contingency basis.

To put it simply, the customer does not need to pay an up-front retainer charge or any out-of-pocket legal charges.

As soon as a legal representative recuperates a monetary settlement on behalf of the customer, the firm takes a percentage of the award as its charge.

Prior to choosing a lawyer to handle your case, guarantee you totally comprehend the firm’s charges.

Numerous firms impose a various charge structure based upon whether the case settles or goes to court.

Finally, inquire about how expenditures are managed. A few of the most typical expenditures connected with injury mishap cases consist of:

  • Court expenses,
  • Filing charges,
  • Certified copies,
  • Postage and shipping,
  • Expert services, and
  • Subject matter expert charges.
  • A lot of firms– however not all– determine their charges based upon the net settlement quantity after deducting expenditures.

Asking ahead of time will help you avoid surprises down the road.


We enjoy to report that the significant majority of our cases settle in the past going to court.

Since we are a results-driven law practice, we comprehend the significance of a well-documented claim.

  • We investigate and collect proof essential to construct a persuasive case.
  • With the realities laid out before them, many insurance companies see the worth in working out a fair settlement.
  • We do not hesitate to move forward with a civil fit if the insurance company does not extend an affordable deal or efforts to delay the negotiation procedure.

Thankfully, that’s rarely essential for our customers.

Here at the Maida Law Firm, we have a benefit.

Many of our injury lawyers previously worked for insurance companies.

This offers us with an expert’s viewpoint that other firms may do not have.

  • We comprehend how the insurance providers work and the tactics they utilize to minimize your settlement.
  • We aren’t scared to take a strong case to court and argue for justice before a judge or jury.
  • Our aggressive approach offers extra reward for the insurance companies to provide a fair settlement so they can avoid the expense and trouble of a trial.


There is no need for you to fight this battle alone.

Our personal injury attorneys are here to take the burden off your shoulders.

  • Let us fight to get you justice and fair financial compensation.
  • We offer a no-cost, no-obligation consultation and case evaluation to Houston personal injury victims.
  • You can call us any time of the day or night, and we will be there to help.
  • And because we accept cases on a contingency basis, you owe no legal fees until we recover a settlement on your behalf.
  • If you’ve been hurt in an accident caused by someone else’s actions, contact us now to speak to one of our experienced personal injury lawyers in Houston.

Houston Personal Injury And Business Litigation Attorneys

Helping Mishap Victims Move Forward

At The Maida Law Firm, we help injury victims through the consequences of major crashes. We represent mishap victims and member of the family who have actually lost an enjoyed one in a fatal accident.

You’re not alone: If your life has been affected by a serious collision, we can help.

Free consultation: Arrange a no-cost consultation with a law firm by calling 713-785-9484.

How We Can Assist
Traffic collision victims can suffer all kinds of major injuries, from bone fractures to brain injuries to spine injuries.

No matter what type of injury you are dealing with, it is our goal to help you make a monetary recovery and move on with your life.

We represent individuals who have actually been hurt in:

  • Automobile accidents: We represent people who have actually been injured in all kinds of vehicle accidents. Truck or motorbike mishap, we can help if another motorist’s error triggered a car.
  • 18-wheeler crashes: Injuries included 18-wheelers result in some of the most major and devastating injuries. We help people who have actually been hurt in accidents brought on by irresponsible truck drivers and trucking business.
  • Pedestrian accidents: Failure by drivers to pay attention to pedestrians and bicyclists can result in major injuries.
    Properties liability accidents: Harmful residential or commercial property conditions can trigger major accidents and injuries. Homeowner have a duty to maintain their residential or commercial property. They can be held accountable when they fail to do so.
    Harmful products: When a hazardous product triggers an injury, the producer can be held responsible. We deal with customers who have actually been hurt due to all kinds of product flaws, consisting of exploding e-cigarettes and malfunctioning drugs. We represent military members who have actually suffered hearing loss, ringing in the ears, and other hearing issues after using malfunctioning 3M earplugs, which were used between 2003 and 2015.
  • Wrongful death: The loss of an enjoyed one in an unneeded mishap is a terrible thing to go through. We can help you explore your legal choices in the consequences of a fatal accident that led to a family member’s death.
    We represent people who have actually been hurt in numerous other kinds of accidents, also. Please do not hesitate to call us to discover how we can help.

Get answers to frequently asked questions about injury law.


We understand that choosing an injury lawyer or attorney can be a daunting job. If you have actually been hurt and are searching for legal help, here are some reasons why you must consider dealing with our firm:

  • Unrivaled experience: We are the earliest injury law practice in Texas. We have actually been helping injury victims and their relatives given that 1951.
  • Results: Over the years, we have actually recuperated millions of dollars in settlement on behalf of our customers.
  • No recovery, no charge: It costs nothing to speak with among our lawyers about your mishap. As soon as we take your case, we do not charge legal charges unless we successfully recover settlement on your behalf.
  • Appreciated in the legal community: The personal injury attorneys at our firm have actually won numerous local, state, and nationwide awards.
  • Leaders in the community: Our personal injury attorneys are involved in expert companies and we sponsor numerous community occasions. We pride ourselves on giving back to the Houston community.
  • Free Assessment: Speak To An Attorney Today

We offer a totally free consultation to prospective customers. If you have actually been hurt and dream to speak with among our lawyers in a no-cost consultation, please call us at 713-785-9484.

  • Properties liability accidents: Harmful residential or commercial property conditions can trigger major accidents and injuries. Residential or commercial property owners have a duty to maintain their residential or commercial property.
  • Harmful products: When a hazardous product triggers an injury, the producer can be held accountable. We work with customers who have actually been hurt due to all types of product flaws, consisting of exploding e-cigarettes and malfunctioning drugs. We represent military members who have actually suffered hearing loss, ringing in the ears, and other hearing issues after using malfunctioning 3M earplugs, which were used between 2003 and 2015.

Cities We Serve:

Braeburn Glen, Maplewood North, Maplewood, Jeanetta, Barkley Circle, Commerce Park, Barkley Square South, Fondren Southwest, Townpark, Northbrook

In short, the trucking companies are accustomed to their drivers getting in accidents and they have a finely oiled machine that immediately goes to work with their scare tactics, delays, low-ball offers, and other tricks to minimize what they have to pay. Trying to face this alone can be daunting. Luckily, you don’t have to. We are here to stand up to the trucking company & protect YOUR rights.

If you or a loved one has been injured in any type of auto or truck accident, do not hesitate to give Maida Law Firm a call today to schedule a Free Consultation. Call today at  713-785-9484



Maida Law Firm – Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston

  • Have you been injured in an Auto, Truck or 18 Wheeler Accident?

  • We Help Recover Lost Compensation

  • We handle all types of cases (free consultation)

  • Wrongful Death Claims

If something or someone has maliciously and blatantly wronged a person, a lawsuit will surely arise.

  • But what if it was an accident?
  • Is there a lawsuit there?
  • Can the injured person claim for damages?

Yes! Our Attorneys can Assist You with All Of Your Auto Accident Injury Claims.

Anyone who has been injured in an accident in Texas due to someone’s negligence, recklessness or misconduct needs a personal injury lawyer. This attorney will help pursue compensation for damages, including any pain and suffering, mental anguish, physical disfigurement, physical impairment or loss of earning capacity endured due to the accident. Our legal experience and expertise can help maneuver and protect the case and avoid the pitfalls and traps set by the insurance company. A Houston, Texas Personal Injury Lawyer must be sought to increase the chances of winning this kind of case and to get the maximum amount of compensation available.

Compensation claims arising from accidents are not only brought against private individuals, but also against corporations and other institutions.

Going up against big institutions can be daunting and should not be done without the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side. It can be extremely difficult to challenge their practices as these institutions usually have a team of lawyers on their side ready to defend their every action. At the Maida Law Firm we have the experience, knowledge and resources to take these kinds of claims head on.

The Maida Law Firm in Houston, Tx offers a free legal consultation, to assess the merits of a case and determine if we can be of assistance in the prosecution and/or resolution of your claim

A personal injury or accident damages or compensation claim can be personally suffered or may be suffered by a loved one. If the serious injury was caused by someone or by a company, there are several methods of compensation.  Your personal injury lawyer should be highly experienced and widely knowledgeable about case law, jurisprudence and other up to date sources that can aid in winning a case. In choosing the best attorney or law firm to provide for your representation, it is best to look at their credentials, check their reviews, listen to feedback and find out their reputation.

Your personal injury lawyer, in general, would be well versed in handling cases that involve injury from motor vehicle collisions, 18 wheeler accidents, trucking accidents, auto accidents, premises liability, injury to the brain, product liability, accidental death, , injury to the spine, child injury, accidents in parks and pools, and the like.

The legal system is complex. You need help to navigate through it.  You need an expert, personal injury lawyer in Houston, Texas.  The Maida Law Firm can help you navigate the legal system to achieve the strongest recovery for your case.


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Personal Injury Claims & Law Suits – Maida Law Firm

An Aggressive Personal Injury Attorney Will Handle Your Case – We Mean Business
A personal injury describes an instance in which someone is physically or emotionally injured, or when his or her personal property is damaged. When this happens because of the negligence of another, you are entitled to seek compensation for your damages. Our experienced personal injury attorneys can help you recover that compensation.

If you’ve been hurt or your property has been damaged, laws covering personal injury allow you to collect money due to someone else’s carelessness, negligence, recklessness, or intentional actions. Personal injury law is also called tort law.

But you must be able to establish that a person was negligent and that the negligence caused your injury. That’s where we can help. Our attorneys know the tort laws in Texas and have helped countless clients recover damages.

How We Can Help You at Maida Law Firm
Our legal team can investigate what happened and look for evidence of the other party’s negligence. We know how to build the strongest possible case. When the insurance company sees we are ready to fight them in court, they usually end up agreeing to a favorable settlement.

Do not become a victim because another person acted irresponsibly – Maida Law Firm will hold the person who harmed you responsible. Our firm will get you the compensation you deserve for your losses. Since we understand the difficulties that individuals and families are up against after an injury or injustice, we have committed our extensive resources and skill to aggressively asserting victims’ rights.

Contact us to discuss:

If someone else is liable for your loss, intentionally or negligently What damages (financial compensation) you can expect for your case
What to do when you’re injured

Compensation For Your Personal Injury Case

Our Experienced Attorneys Will Defend Your Rights
The person or party who has caused your loss and suffering has the responsibility to compensate you. Damage’s is the term for whatever is owed to you to because of the loss. There are a few different types of damages.

Be aware that the insurance companies of the guilty party will try to settle outside of a legal case. However, your best interests are not often looked after. When you retain Maida Law Firm, our dedicated staff and attorneys will work with you to understand what you are owed in your case. We will help you get what you are owed from the insurance companies and the person who injured you.

Types Of Damages For Personal Injury Lawsuits in Houston

Collecting Damages for Your Injury
You can seek a few types of compensation: compensatory damages, punitive damages and nominal damages.

Compensatory Damages
These types of damages are meant to reimburse you for your injury. The two types of compensatory damages are actual damages and general damages.

Actual damages reimburse you for out-of-pocket expenses, such as property replacement, lost wages, rehabilitation, medical bills, substitute transportation or other things that you have paid money for because of your injury.
General damages reimburse you for losses you have not paid money for. Some examples include harm to your marriage, future lost wages, emotional suffering, and disfigurement.

Punitive Damages
The defendant may be ordered to pay the plaintiff punitive damages. These are meant to punish defendants for their actions, if they are found to have acted intentionally, maliciously, fraudulently or with gross negligence.

Nominal Damages
If little evidence of actual damages exists, the courts still may choose to award you a small amount of money to acknowledge that the defendant legally wronged you. Nominal damages only can be asked for in cases in which intentional harm has been done.

Amounts Of Damages

Let an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Get the Compensation You Deserve
Courts take several factors into account when determining the compensation a plaintiff is owed. A knowledgeable attorney with Maida Law Firm can help you make sure that your case is not settled for less than it is worth.

Some of the factors include:

Destruction of property
Medical expenses
Mental anguish and emotional distress
Loss of income
Pain and suffering
Lost opportunity
Loss of consortium

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Why Safety Shoes Are Important At The Work Place?

At the work place, it is important to consider the safety of the workers. With advancement in technology and high standards of production, work place accidents are very common. Many employees have to suffer injuries at the work site, if precautions are not taken.

Every year, over 25 percent employees have to suffer physical disability due to accidents at the workplace. In general, foot injury is very common. One of the main reasons is permanent exposure to hazardous work environment. Lack of proper foot gear can lead to dangerous results.

In some cases, the overall cost of recovery can be enormous and time consuming. So it is important to introduce safety footwear to the employees working in such conditions. They offer you with complete protection for your foot. You can look around for a quality product in local stores as well as online. Some essential advantages of safety shoes are mentioned in this article.

1. Fall and slip resistant In any workplace, employees can slip, fall or trip when not cautious. Most industries ensure they install anti-slip floors to reduce chances of tripping over. But that does not offer with better safety and security. Best safety shoes will offer you with additional protection.

  • Safety shoes that are equipped with better grip, will offer you with better traction. This helps in reducing friction and chances of falling, even on slippery floors.
  • As they offer with a much wider base, so climbing a ladder becomes an easy task. You can select from top rated brands available in the market for an affordable price.

2. Fire protection At most of the workplaces, fire is a common cause of accidents. You can get injured due to burning of inflammable industrial materials and chemicals present at the site. Safety shoes are made up of fire and chemical resistant material. They are durable and can prevent your feet from burning, metal splashes or other dangerous substances.

3. Warm feet during cold weather Places that experience cold climate can pave way to foot injuries, hypothermia and frost bites. If you are used to working outdoors during this weather, then you are at constant risk. At refrigerated environments, you have to protect your feet against cold. Safety shoes are made up of materials that can prevent cold temperatures from reaching your body.

4. Fatigue resistant For most workers, this is definitely a nagging problem. You may have to stand for long hours when working. This can strain the muscles in your body and feet. Wearing right footwear can ensure that you are always comfortable. Some of the top rated safety shoes brands offer with appropriate cushioning inside the shoe lining.

  • It offers with best balancing for your ankle and toes.
  • It offers with comfort level, even if you have to wear them for hours.
  • This factor helps in eliminating strain and fatigue.

5. Protection against electric shocks Safety shoes are practically shock resistant. They are made up of materials that are very bad conductors of electricity. This reduces the possibility of accidents occurring on account of short circuits at the work place.

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What You Need to Know About Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Many people want to know when it can be said that someone died due to wrongful death; this is basically when a loved one dies from what is perceived to be the wrongful act or negligence of another person or even an entity. When talking about an entity, we are referring to a juridical entity which may not necessarily be a person. This may be an entity that is lawfully permitted to carry on negotiations and transactions on its own without directly involving the owner; you are thinking here about institutions like corporations or the government.

There are a number of instances where a person dies from what is rightfully described as wrongful death with common examples being auto accidents, ship or boat accidents without forgetting airplane crashes. Some of the other common incidents of wrongful death are known to arise from work related injuries that lead to death due to the nature of someone’s death or their exposure to unsafe working conditions, medical negligence or the consumption of hazardous products or drinks. Some other incidences that could be included here include criminal attacks or perhaps unsupervised school and sports activities that lead to death.

As an individual you may find it difficult nigh impossible to determine whether your loved one died a natural death or there was some negligence from some third party. As an immediate family member for the deceased, you need to have a clear understanding of your rights as well as who is to blame for the death. You want to know all these things in order for you to have an idea regarding what type of compensation you need to look for because they are the pointers required by the concerned authorities.

As a member of the family of the person who has died from wrong death, you could lay claim for compensation against the entity or person who is legally responsible. Wrongful death attorneys will advice in exactly who can lay such claims. This is especially important to know because the law allows you to get compensated for the loss of earnings from the deceased as a result of the wrongful death as well as all the medical expensed you may have incurred in the process. There is also compensation in regards to the funeral lay out as well as damages related to the pain and suffering the deceased have gone through while they were still alive. There are family members who can also lay individual claims regarding the loss of a loved one and the emotional distress they went through as a result. All these claims and several others pertain to benefits that can and should be paid as a result of all cases of wrongful death. However, you still need to prove in court what applies to your case in particular; this is why you need a wrongful death lawyer.

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Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Representing Medical Malpractice Victims In Houston and Throughout Texas – An Attorney Who Will Fight For You
You expect competence when you are treated by a health professional. All health care professionals are held to standards of care, and you expect your doctor or nurse to follow them. Malpractice, which is a result of a professional’s misconduct, also arises from a failure to use adequate levels of care, skill or diligence in how a healthcare provider follows through in his or her duties. When this happens, you or your loved one is harmed. And we can do something about it.

Maida Law Firm can help victims of:

Birth injuries
Diagnosing errors
Nursing home abuse
Surgical mistakes
Hospital negligence

Medical professionals have a duty of care to patients. This means they are required to provide treatment that meets accepted standards. When they fail to meet those standards, or act recklessly, patients can get hurt or die needlessly. That type of professional negligence is called medical malpractice.

People are treated by medical professional every single day in the Houston area. They are treated at Houston Methodist Hospital, Texas Medical Center, Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, clinics, private practices and other locations. The majority of medical professionals are responsible and provide care that meets accepted standards. But when one is negligent, resulting in harm, we hold them accountable.

Helping victims of malpractice get the compensation they deserve
Medical malpractice can be hard to prove. Health care professionals and their insurance companies rarely admit negligence. And without proof of wrongdoing, insurance companies often refuse to pay for any damages.

Our attorneys know what it takes to prove medical malpractice. We take a very aggressive approach because we are determined to get results. Our legal team will investigate your case thoroughly. We will examine all medical records and interview witnesses. We will look into the medical professional’s background. If needed, we will consult with experts to help us look for signs of negligence.

The effects of medical malpractice can be very serious. Permanent disability. Pain and suffering. Being unable to work. Rising medical costs. When a medical professional is negligent, a patient is left hurting physically and financially. We hold negligent professionals responsible and make them pay.

We will seek compensation for your past and future medical expenses related to your medical malpractice injury. In addition, we will seek compensation for lost income if the injury kept you out of work. We may be able to pursue other damages also, such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of companionship and disfigurement. In some cases, you may also be able to recover punitive damages.

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When to Seek Help of a Personal Injury Lawyer?

When a person gets injured or suffers from psychological trauma because of the action of another person, company or government agency, he or she must approach a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas are experienced enough to fight any case, but generally they take up only personal injury cases.

There are many Personal Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas who specializes in such cases. They will understand your case and prepare your case accordingly. As they have through knowledge of all the laws, they will tactically try to prove your claim and provide redressal as soon as possible.

Putting a value to your claim is a tricky job. An experienced lawyer who expertise’s in injury related cases can help you with the claim amount. They must have fought many cases similar to yours, thus would know about the claim amount and how to fight the case so that you get that amount, which will help you recover from the injury.

An injured person if wants to get the claim amount he should definitely hire a good injury lawyer. These lawyers know what kind of parties are you dealing with and how to deal with them. Generally a person will contact his insurance agent or defense lawyers who may not be able understand the gravity of the situation and won’t be able to outwit the guilty party. In this situation you will spend more money and will also have to face many troubles.

Many people think that recovery claims can be very easy to get, they are clearly mistaken. It takes time to get redressal and a good lawyer will know that. These lawyers always know what to expect and deal with the issue accordingly.

The anxiety and stress related to a recovery claim is a bit of an issue. A good lawyer will help you deal with this anxiety and you don’t have to care much about the outcome of the case. By hiring a professional injury lawyer in Las Vegas you are also sending a message to the guilty party that you are serious about the case and willing to fight for the claim. This will give you a better shot at the claim and hopefully things work out you will get the amount anyhow.

So if you get injured physically or psychologically because of the wrongdoing of someone else you should immediately consult a good lawyer who is an expert in injury related cases. Discuss with him the case details and fix a claim amount. Being an expert in these types of cases he will deal with the case in a professional manner.

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Make Sure To Get The Right DWI Attorneys Houston For Proper Guidance

When you hear about someone who has been through court process or given fine for driving while intoxicated, you should advise them to look for an experienced DWI Attorneys Houston. These lawyers, who work to resolve issues for drivers who face charges for drunken driving, can help in minimizing the penalties of such charges. These lawyers know how to find out details of the driving scenario and then navigate the issues so that they get their true colors and importance. The DWI lawyer is there to guide you from the time you are charged with such an offence to the time when the trial ends.

Driving Under Influence

The charges of driving while you are under the influence of any intoxicating material can be an offence. You must not take to driving in such condition as you can lose control of your senses and driving in such situation may cause accidents. The innocent people walking on roads must not come under your wheels nor should any other transport and lives should be affected due to something you have not paid attention to. You must think of such things before you get to the wheels. The appointing of a lawyer is the next important thing after you are charged with such a severe case.

Hard Working Guide

The lawyer will find out about the situation that you are in and then tests that has been conducted by the protectors of law. The damage is done and still if there is any chance to salvage the damage – it can be done by these responsible and hardworking DWI Attorneys Houston – Maida Law Firm – Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston. They prepare all the documents to prove that the situation was not as it is represented. There are people who face DWI charges and get guidance from their lawyers to bring the serious penalties down to a minor one.

Way The Case Goes Forward

The charges for such penalties are different for each case. The lawyer cannot get a set formula for wiping off any truth. They will find the truth after research and probing and then shall prove the case in front of the law. The lawyer will first go through the documents and then shall explain the whole thing to you. She may also clear any confusion that you have. The fines and the jail times that one can expect in such issues are also explained by the lawyer. They know the process and shall offer to work on behalf of you – if the case comes for trial.

Consequences and Results

The process and penalty for DWI cases are dealt with in different manner in different states. Each state has got its own set of such DWI Attorneys Houston (visit Maida Law Firm – Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston) and they are knowledgeable to explain the whole case and its consequences to you. They will inform you that the legal authorities perform a test named BAC limits and if the results come over .08% on the day that you were arrested, you may get harsher punishment. The advocate will also guide you so that you can go for plea bargaining or if it is necessary for contingent license work for your vehicle.

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How to Deal With Getting Underpaid by Your Insurance Company

People will purchase insurance for a number of reasons. They may have a job that puts them at risk. They may have just purchased their first vehicle. They also might just be thinking about the future and how they can provide for their families after they are gone. Regardless of the reason, many people find themselves in need of insurance at one point or another. Although we always hope for the best for ourselves and others, accidents do happen and unfortunately, people need to file insurance claims. In most cases, these claims will run smoothly and provide the individual with the compensation they deserve. However, sometimes there are bumps in the road, and people will end up getting Underpaid by Your Insurance Company. It is important to know what steps to take in a situation like this, as it can be stressful and time-consuming.

Stay Calm

Getting underpaid by your insurance company can be a stressful situation that can leave you in a tough spot. However, it is best to not panic and do your best to remain calm. Remaining calm will allow you to properly execute the following steps.

Talk to an Attorney

If your company has underpaid you, one of the first things that should be done is consult an insurance attorney. Insurance attorneys specialize in issues involving insurance and can help you make the most out of the situation. However, insurance attorneys do not work for free, so make sure that you can afford one before committing to anything.

Reopen Your Claim

Most people think that once a claim has been closed, that the decision has been set in stone and can’t be altered. However, this is untrue. In most cases, you have the power to reopen an old claim, even if it is multiple years old. Although, you should consult an attorney in Houston with Maida Law Firm before trying to reopen anything. Reopening your claim get potentially get you the outcome that you were looking for.

Thoroughly Read Your Insurance Policy

Although they can be dense and difficult to understand at times, it is important to thoroughly read through your policy. These policies hold all of the details pertaining to your insurance, so it should be one of the first things that you should reference if you feel you’ve been underpaid by your company. Your policy will have details about what’s covered, what’s excluded and your duties as a homeowner. Knowing these details will give you the upper hand if you decide to reopen the claim in the future.

Getting underpaid by your company can be a brutal ordeal. Many people trust their insurance companies; that’s why it can hurt so much to get underpaid. Thankfully, there are a number of things that individuals can do after they’ve been underpaid by their company. Be sure to stay calm, contact an Insurance Disputes in Houston with Maida Law Firm, reopen your claim and thoroughly read your insurance policy. Doing these things will increase your chances of getting properly compensated.

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Accidents involving tractor-trailer trucks and passenger cars can be disastrous. They can result in serious, debilitating injuries like amputations, brain or spinal cord injury, and head injuries, or even death. Our truck accident attorneys fight for victims to get them the financial compensation they deserve for their injuries.

A typical fully-loaded, large commercial truck can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. As a driver of the smaller automobile, your life is at risk when it comes to an accident involving these large trucks. All it takes is for a driver to not pay attention for a few seconds, and suddenly you could be involved in a serious accident.

Houston, Texas, has many large highways and interstates used frequently by 18-wheelers. We have represented many clients who have been injured in tractor-trailer accidents on our highways throughout Texas.

Motorists rely upon 18-wheeler drivers to operate their rigs safely and professionally, whether they’re traveling on the interstate or rural roads. Tractor-trailer truck drivers are required to carry more insurance coverage and meet higher safety standards, including many federal regulations that other vehicles do not have to meet. Violation of these standards may impose additional liability on the truck driver or trucking company.

Even a collision with a smaller commercial vehicle, such as a pickup truck or another sedan, on major interstates and roadways in the Houston area can lead to serious injuries.

We hold negligent parties responsible
In some cases, truck driver negligence is clearly to blame for the crash. For example, the driver was drinking, texting, speeding or asleep at the wheel, that’s clearly negligence. But in other cases, the trucking company may have been acting negligently. For instance, the driver may have been given an unrealistic delivery schedule and felt speeding was the only way to meet it.

Maida Law Firm will do a thorough investigation of driving records, background checks, hiring practices, driver logs and truck maintenance to determine the source of negligence. Contact our firm as soon as possible to ensure that this evidence does not disappear. In addition to examining all documentation, we will interview witnesses and bring in experts, if needed.

Trucking companies and their insurance carriers usually want your claim to go away as quickly and as cheaply as possible. But that’s not good enough for us. Because we take the time to investigate the crash, when there’s evidence of negligence, we’ll find it. We know how to build the strongest case possible and hold the other parties accountable.

We reject lowball offers from insurance companies and take them to the negotiating table. You deserve to be fully compensated for your injuries. If the insurance company won’t do what’s right, we will take them to court.

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Car Accidents Attorneys of Houston

Professional Houston Car Accident Law Firm Can Help You!
Maida Law Firm – Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston

No Fees or Expenses – Unless We WIN!

If you’ve been in a car accident, you probably have a lot of questions. You or a loved one may be injured, and you may not know what to do or where to start. Knowing what to do in these situations can be overwhelming. One person will tell you to do one thing. Someone else might tell you to do something completely different.

What should I do after a car accident?
Make sure to get the name, address, license number, registration, and contact information of every driver involved in the crash. Exchange insurance information with the other driver, including policy numbers.

Once you’ve exchanged information, you should also:

Get details about other vehicles involved in the crash

Document the year, make, model, license plate number, and VIN number of every vehicle involved in the collision. The VIN can be found at the corner where the dashboard and windshield meet.

Call the police

Always call the police after a crash, even if it’s just a fender bender. Take down the responding officer’s name and badge number and ask how you can obtain the crash report. An official crash report can prove to be a valuable piece of evidence when trying to win a car accident claim.

Take photos or videos

If it’s safe to do so, you should always take photos or videos of the crash scene from different angles. Be sure to show damage to every vehicle involved in the accident. You’ll also want to take pictures of any tire marks, damage to nearby buildings or structures, and any relevant street signs or traffic signals. If possible, try to document the weather conditions as well.

Talk to witnesses

If anyone witnessed your accident, see if they’re willing to provide a statement. Make sure to take down their name and contact information. Witness testimony is often a deciding factor in car accident claims.

Write down the details of your car accident

While it’s still fresh in your mind, it’s important to write down all the details about your crash, including the time and location of the accident, which way the vehicles were going when the collision occurred, weather conditions, road hazards, and any other relevant information about the crash.

How do I read my Texas car accident report?
The first page of your Texas car accident report will show the date, time, and location of your crash, including county name, city name, street name, and whether or not your accident took place at an intersection or in a construction zone. This page will also have information about each driver, passenger, bystander and vehicle involved in the crash. There will also be an “injury” code box indicating the type of injury, if any, a passenger sustained in the crash.

The second page will list any charges filed against a driver, passenger, or pedestrian at the scene of the crash along with a crash narrative and pictorial diagram of the accident scene. The order of events leading up to the collision and an officer’s opinion on how the crash occurred will also be on this page. This page also contains information about where any injured victims were taken, including ambulance unit and hospital identification information. If anyone was killed at the crash scene or within 30 days after the accident, the date and time of death will be included on this page of the report.”

Page three of your crash report will have information about commercial vehicles involved in your accident. If a commercial vehicle (delivery truck, tractor-trailer, etc.) was involved in your crash, you will find the name, address and contact information for the commercial carrier. You will also find additional information about the cargo on the truck, vehicle weight and additional information about the commercial truck driver.

The fourth page of your Texas crash report explains many of the codes and terminology included in your accident report. Our law firm can explain these technical items and thoroughly analyze your accident report with you in person. The more information you have about your Texas car accident, the better.

What if the car accident wasn’t my fault?
If you were in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you should be entitled to compensation. When it comes to car insurance, Texas is a “fault” state. This means that the driver who caused the accident is generally considered responsible for paying the damages.

What is the average settlement for a car accident in Texas?
The amount of compensation you receive for your car accident will depend on the specific details of your crash. If you were injured in a collision that wasn’t your fault, you may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages from missed time at work, pain and suffering, and more.

How do I make a car accident claim?
Texas is a “fault” car insurance state. In short, this means the driver responsible for causing the accident is generally considered responsible for paying the damages. Every driver in the state is required to carry car insurance, with minimum amounts of liability coverage. (You can also choose to add additional insurance, such as personal injury protection (PIP) or collision coverage.)

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you have different options for seeking compensation.

File a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company
File a claim with your own insurance company
File a lawsuit against the at-fault driver

Do I need a car accident lawyer?
An experienced lawyer will investigate your accident and look for evidence of negligence that resulted in your crash and caused your injuries. A lawyer will know how to build a strong case and bring the insurance company to the negotiating table to reach a settlement that works for you. Often, when insurance companies see they have a strong case and are ready to fight, they will offer a favorable settlement to the accident victim.

How we can help you
When you hire an experienced car accident attorney from our Houston law firm, we can take care of everything so you can focus on what really matters – your recovery. While we realize you probably want to take time to recover from your accident, it’s important to contact our law firm immediately to protect your rights. A delay could impact our ability to gather evidence in support of your claim.

We have extensive experience winning car accident cases, including ones involving:

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
Falling asleep at the wheel
Rear-end crashes
Seat belt and airbag injuries
Our experienced attorneys will investigate and look for evidence of negligence that resulted in your accident. We know how to develop a strong case and bring the insurance company to the negotiating table to reach a settlement.

If they don’t want to negotiate, or if they try to suggest you were to blame for what happened, it can become necessary to take them on in court. Our experienced attorneys have won many court battles against insurance companies. We know what it takes to win.

In addition to past and future medical expenses and lost wages, you may be entitled to other damages. These can include compensation for mental anguish, pain and suffering and any disfigurement. Our attorneys have the experience needed to thoroughly investigate your car accident, find out how it has impacted your life, and advocate for the full amount of compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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Motorcycle Accidents
An Aggressive Houston Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to Represent You
Motorcycles are fun, economical and practical for getting around in Texas. But motorcycle riders, who have little to protect them against severe crashes, are more vulnerable to injury than people behind the wheels of cars and trucks. When crashes happen, our motorcycle accident attorneys go to work to get financial compensation for your injuries.

Even the most conscientious rider is at risk for accidents. With or without a helmet and protective safety gear, motorcycle accident victims often experience the most severe types of injuries as compared to other motor vehicle accidents. These injuries often require surgery, hospitalization, medication and physical therapy. You may also need home medical equipment and home care attendants. In the meantime, you may not be able to work while you are recovering from your injuries.

Being injured in a motorcycle accident can be a frightening, confusing and frustrating experience. You need an experienced attorney in your corner who will fight for your rights. We have helped many clients through this difficult time so they could focus on recovering from their injuries and rebuilding their lives.

Maida Law Firm will work with you to get you the money owed to you for your losses. That way, you can focus on your health and your recovery and not have to worry about whether you have enough money to pay your accident-related expenses.

Holding negligent drivers accountable
There is a bias against motorcyclists. Many people think motorcyclists like to take risks and that it must be their fault when there’s an accident. This bias exists in the insurance industry, too. The fact is, most motorcyclists are responsible and drive safely. Our attorneys fight back against this bias and work to prove the accident was not your fault.

Motorcycle accidents usually happen because of another driver’s negligence. As your attorney, we will conduct an investigation into what really happened. The driver may have been speeding, texting or was falling asleep at the wheel. Our legal team knows where to look for evidence of negligence and how to build a strong, legal case.

Usually, the insurance company will make an initial settlement offer. But it often won’t come close to covering the full cost of your accident. They may even tell you it’s the best that they can do. We don’t accept that. We take them to the negotiating table to reach a settlement that works for you. When insurance companies see that we have built a strong case, they usually end up making a favorable settlement. If they don’t, we will fight for your financial compensation in court.

In addition to medical expenses and lost wages, we may also seek compensation for other damages, such as pain and suffering and mental anguish.

As a responsible motorcyclist, you have every right to be on the road. When you are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you should not have to pay for their mistakes. We stand up for your rights.

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Personal Injury Lawyers And The Cases They Normally Handle

When a person is injured in an accident in New York, he or she is often unsure of where to turn to for help. Yes, we are bombarded with television and radio ads advertising different attorneys for all types of cases. However, if you’ve been hurt, you need an injury lawyer, who is experienced in handling various personal injury matters and can help you with your case.

Listed below are some cases an injury lawyer will handle in the course of his practice:

1. Car accidents

According to a published report, there were over 300,000 automobile accidents in New York in 2008, resulting in injuries to people in over half of those accidents. Over 15,000 of these accidents involved pedestrians being struck by a motor vehicle, over 5,000 resulted in injuries to bicyclists who were hit by a motor vehicle, and motorcycle accidents accounted to over 5,000 of the incidents reported. Due to the frequency of these occurrences, injury lawyers handle vehicular accidents on a daily basis, representing victims of negligent, reckless and careless acts by drivers.

2. Slip and fall

Winter 2011 brought record snowfalls in New York. We have all slipped and fell walking on snow and ice, trying to navigate the treacherous roads on our way home. Most of the time, we can simply get up off the sidewalk, dust off our coats and keep moving. However, for those who have difficulty walking even in normal conditions, such as the elderly, having snow and ice on sidewalks and roadways makes it even more dangerous for them to get around. Their slip and fall accidents result in serious injuries such as torn meniscus of the knee, fractured bones and ligaments and herniations to lower back. If their pain and suffering can be proven to have been caused by negligent snow removal or failure to timely and properly clean the snowy sidewalk, an injury lawyer may be able to recover damages for these victims.

3. Premise liability

Another popular field of personal injury litigation involves accidents sustained by people due to private owner’s failure to properly maintain his or her premises, residential or commercial. Examples are accidents on stairwells due to broken stairs, lack of handrails or inadequate lighting, falls in supermarkets due to spilled liquids on the floor, and cases involving falling ceiling or fixtures. Your attorney will get in touch with the insurance representative of the landlord, on whose premises the accident occurred, and will fight hard to properly compensate you for damages sustained.

4. Medical malpractice

An injury law firm may also specialize in handling cases involving doctor’s and surgeon’s mistakes, leading to injuries to their patients. Common examples of such cases are surgical errors, where an instrument may be left inside a person during surgery, failure to diagnose breast cancer and issuance of wrong medication. Your personal injury lawyer will be in the best position to evaluate such cases, reviewing all available evidence and advise you on the proper cause of action.

Remember, most on the personal injury cases are handled on a contingent retainer and you owe nothing to an attorney unless they recover damages on your behalf.

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Get a Bicycle Accident Lawyer For The Fair Justice

Riding a bicycle several times a week is good for your health as it works for your entire body and helps you to cut body weight. You can even use it as an eco-friendly mode of transportation and use to go to work. You will surely enjoy the ride of a bike on the road but what to do when you have been injured in a bicycle accident due to the negligence of another individual. In such a critical situation you should consider locating a good bicycle accident lawyer in the city of Los Angeles to assist you further for resolving the matter of bicycle accident.

  • You can hire a legal practitioner who has specialization in this field to protect your rights under the law. An experienced Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer will help you to receive the fair compensation for your physical injuries no matter severe or normal. If you think that you have suffered from the pain and stress due to the carelessness of a person, then you must knock the door of a professional lawyer to get the legal assistance and advice for your case to get the reasonable justice by the court.
  • Hiring the services of an expert lawyer will help you to prepare the legal documents to file a court case against the responsible person and also support you with the court arguments to represent you as the victim of the bicycle accident. The attorney of the offender will also try to cut your arguments to minimize the amount of compensation, but your bicycle attorney will make efforts to provide you with the compensation that you deserve for the injuries you have on the body. The attorney will tell the loss of wages, medical expenses, and other problems that you have gone through due to the accident and request the court for approving maximum compensation.
  • The procedure of court may become extended and frustrating for you if you choose to handle the case without a professional Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyer. You may not know the legal terms of law and may also not argue with the responsible party during the court proceedings. However, on the other hand, when you hire an expert lawyer, then he or she will record your statement and represent your case in the court on the basis of the deposition and provide you with the fair justice. You merely have to sit beside your attorney in the courtroom and has to answer the questions honestly that asked by the judge.
  • As a civilian, your rights are protected under the law but you may not aware with them before the accident takes place so by consulting with an expert attorney you will get a better acquaintance of the rights that you can use against an unfair incidence and get the right justice from the law. By obtaining the legal support of a lawyer, you can win the case and receive a reasonable amount of claim to recover your loss.
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Common Causes of Construction Accidents

It is rare for an accident at a construction site to be truly unavoidable. Unfortunately, negligence is often the root cause of construction site accidents. In addition, far too many tragic construction accidents may be avoided if the owners, employers and contractors etc. Take certain safety measures to secure the working environment for their construction workers.

The next best thing that can be done to reduce the chances of accidents is at least reduce the risk of them occurring.

What Are the Common Causes of Construction Accidents?

Employers are quick to allege that it was the injured worker who was negligent. While construction workers are certainly expected to exercise caution and care while working at a construction site, this does not discount the fact that the owners, employers and contractors etc. must provide their employees with a safe working environment. Suggesting a solution to a problem is easy after knowing the causes of a problem.

Some common causes of construction accidents include:

  • Preventable fires and explosions
  • Defective equipment and power tools
  • Faulty scaffolding
  • Falling debris or building materials
  • Shoddy wiring
  • Improper storing of chemicals or other dangerous materials
  • Crane accidents

Regardless of what caused your construction site accident, you should consult an experienced construction accident lawyer as you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

Construction Accidents Result in Serious Injuries:

On the job injuries not only affect the health and financial situation of the worker but also challenge the other family members to successfully deal with the expensive medical bills and treatments along with the arrangements of lost income, which may put strain on their life. Often families face dire financial crises if they’re not cautious. Construction accidents often result in serious injuries or even death. Some common types of injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injury and other head injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Back injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Amputations
  • Neck injuries

Parties involved in such accidents at any level must respond to the accidents instantly, and take actions to reduce the effects of accidents. The most essential thing is to give immediate health care to harmed employees and ensure the safety of other on site employees.

Mostly injured worker can get help from worker compensation or insurance; even can get compensation from the employer. If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a construction accident, you should consult an experienced construction accident attorney to protect your legal rights and get you the financial compensation that you deserve. With many potential aspects influencing a construction site accident, injured employees should look for experienced advice from an experienced construction lawyer.

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DWI Charges (Driving While Intoxicated)
Representing Defendants in DWI Cases in Houston and Throughout Texas – An Attorney Who Will Fight For Your Rights
If you’ve been charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI), drunk driving or driving under the influence (DUI), you need experienced legal advice to defend your rights. The strict drunk driving laws in Texas carry serious penalties, including jail time and loss of your driver’s license. A conviction could affect your future employment opportunities and will result in an increase in your auto insurance rates.

Texas law states that firsttime offenders will:

Receive a fine up to $2,000;
Be confined to jail between 72 hours and 180 days;
Have their license suspended for no less than 90 days and no more than a year.
Second time offenders will:

Be fined up to $4,000;
Serve between 30 days and 1 year in jail;
Face a license suspension between 6 months and two years.
Third time offenders (considered a thirddegree felony) will:

Be fined up to $10,000;
Serve between two and 10 years in the penitentiary;
Face a license suspension up to two years.
At Maida Law Firm, we do not condone drunk driving, but we understand that people who are arrested and charged have legal rights. And we understand that every case is unique. Police sometimes overreach, or make mistakes, in their attempt to enforce the law. We will examine your case thoroughly to ensure your rights are protected.

If you have been arrested or charged with DWI or DUI in Houston or elsewhere in Texas, contact Maida Law Firm. Don’t delay.

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Jeff • Insurance Attorney, See Full Review

I was involved in a car accident for the first time. I did not know what to expect or what I needed to do. My paralegal and attorney were knowledgeable, attentive and responsive regarding all my concerns and questions about the process whether it was via phone or email. They partner with physicians all over the city and almost all were close to home or work which was extremely convenient. I was very pleased with the manner in which they handled my case. I hope I am not involved in another accident again but if so I’m confident in Maida’s ability to represent me.

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They are very skilled law firm. Worked hard to ensure the highest level of service to me as a client and as a person. First class service. I would use their service again if needed and recommend to others

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I definitely recommend the Maida Law Firm for anyone who’s been injured in a car accident. Maggie and her team made sure I was able to fix my car quickly and then they worked tirelessly to represent me. I moved to the UK to pursue my master’s halfway through the year and despite the time difference Maggie kept in touch and was able to get everything done for me quickly and efficiently. The process was very easy and everyone was friendly, helpful, and kind. I feel very lucky to have come across the Maida Law Firm when my accident happened. Thanks again for all of your help!

Wendy Toscano, See Full Review

Sam and his team are amazing! They were there for me and my family during one of the most difficult times of our lives. They worked very hard to get us the compensation we deserved. They were by our side every step of the way and never at any point did we feel lost or in the dark about the case. We were treated like friends, not like clients. We highly recommend The Maida Law Firm!

Chastain Cox, See Full Review

I hired the Maida Law Firm after I was injured in an accident. They have one of the most professional staffs I have ever worked with. They are always there to answer questions and make sure that their clients are taken care of every step of the way. I would recommend them to anyone looking for representation for a personal injury claim.

Teniqua Williams, See Full Review

Sam and his entire staff work very hard to settle my case and was able to get me a sustancial settlement . He is very personal and caring attorney who is always looking out for the best interests of his client ! I would definitely recommend The Maida law firm to all my friends and family !

Pedro Melo, See Full Review

My situation with The Maida Law Firm was handled in a professional, efficient, and shrewd manner. I highly recommend their services, as they manage everything in a friendly and well organized way.

Donaldo Zarate, See Full Review

I was a client at Maida Law Firm. The process was simple and the results were outstanding. I would definitely refer this firm to anybody needing legal help for personal injury.

Metal Head, See Full Review

I was involved in an 18 wheeler accident in West Texas in January of 2015 while off duty working Oil Rigs, I went back to work after and shook it off thinking everything was ok, I was wrong! After days of pain and discomfort I went back home to get checked out and after lots of test and dr. visits they found I had multiple cervical dislocations.I was floored.I couldn’t return to work and was now on medical leave. I wound up in Sam Maida’s office by pure divine intervention! Had no clue what I was doing and what I needed to do!Sam was really helpful and sympathetic to my needs.

Justin Handley, See Full Review

I was a client at the maida law firm. Excellent service and very caring staff.

Kathryn Hippe, See Full Review

Sam worked on a wrongful death suit for my family, and he was amazing. We were always in the know with the progress of the case, and he went over and beyond while handling our case. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone.

Recia Donaldson, See Full Review

Thank you Sam, Maggie, Christina and the rest of the firm. You handled our situation in a professional and timely manner. Without your help, we couldn’t have received the medical attention needed to get us back on track. Thanks again.

Dimitry Payavla, See Full Review

I just want to say that my experience with the lawyer and his staff were excellent friendly service and good work thank you very much recommend it for its fine and pleasant attention. I congratulate you!

Solo quiero decir que mi experiencia con el abogado y su personal fue excelente cordial atención y buen trabajo los recomiendo muchas gracias por su fina y agradable atención. Los felicito!

Adela Rojas, See Full Review

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